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I am not a morning person. People often say this nonchalantly but really: I cannot form a coherent sentence before midday. Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Sephora Australia event… scheduled for 7:30am. Begrudgingly, I sat at my vanity and thought – what can I slap on in 15 minutes and still look good?

The answer = my go-to-in-a-rush-look.

My go-to look

Probably not your typical work makeup but if we consider the context, it’s a beauty event (added pressure).

The Main Bits

My go-to look

Tom Ford – Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum & Pink Haze

I hesitate to talk about products that are not widely available but if we’re being honest, the Tom Ford Cream Shadows are absolute staples for me because a) they’re easy to blend, even when half asleep and b) they make for a fabulous one-and-done eyeshadow look.

I used Platinum all over the lid, blended into the crease and Pink Haze to add a lil extra highlight here and there. For the most part, shimmer through my socket is unflattering (heavy eyelids, yay) and that is perhaps my favourite thing about Platinum – I can apply it all over and still maintain some illusion of depth in the crease (refer to eye shot, pretty impressive!).

Chanel – Joues Contraste in Espiegle

This blush has been in my collection for YONKS and it’s still one of my favourites; a sheer wash of colour with a good dose of luminosity. If you’re not a fan of shimmer, you can safely skip the Chanel Joues Contraste but I find it handy, no need to reach for a separate highlight!

Espiegle is a soft, brightening peach that doesn’t exacerbate my naturally rosy cheeks and pairs beautifully with any warm look.

Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Jeffree

This is a bit of a cheat because I applied this after the event, although it is a very typical shade for me so I’m including it anyway. Jeffree is a vibrant but not-quite-neon warm pink that seems to brighten the complexion.

I have a love-hate relationship with long wearing liquid lipsticks, I adore the idea but in practice, they tend to collect where the lips meet and emphasise any texture (of which I have plenty).

I’ve had more success with the Kat Von D formula, I did experience a little collecting that is visible in the shots above but it didn’t worsen as the day progressed. I also didn’t have to baby my lips for the following week, as I have done with some indelible lip products.

By the way…

I believe the lashes are House of Lashes Sweet Romance, which I probably would have skipped if I didn’t TRIM MY OWN FREAKING LASHES. Accidentally, obviously.

If you’re curious about my favourite liquid lipstick formula, it’s the Guerlain L’Extrait which is so kind to texture and vertical liplines, although the longevity is on par with regular lipsticks. It seems there is a compromise with liquid lipsticks; if you want crazy longevity, you’re gonna have to deal with carpet lips (but if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears).

EDITED TO ADD: The earrings are Kailis Large Trumpet Earrings.

What is your go-to look? For whatever occasion 🙂 I’m being nosy.


Complete list of products mentioned

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Joues Contraste
Joues Contraste
Cream Color for Eyes
Cream Color for Eyes
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. I actually have a video on my go-to look for a special occasion! I go for a smudgy black/brown lash line and a warm crease with some fluttery lashes. Also, my go to lipstick for special occasions or for every day HAS to be Givenchy’s Le Rouge in Nude. You must check it out Karima!

  2. My go-to look is pretty much just a bit of concealer, mascara, blush and tinted lipbalm. If I have this I’m good. Adding 5 more minutes and I’ll do a bit of base and brows too (my brows are finally grown in(up?) and can pretty much hold their own in a crisis, but I prefer a bit of definition. Recently I’ve become addicted to RMS living luminizer; I am forever meaning to blog about it; it’s THAT good. Highly recommend!!!

  3. My go-to look is Dior BB cream, I also use TF Platinum if in a major rush (I also have heavy lids and I find this works beautifully in the crease for me), if I’m in a minor rush, I will use Urban Decay Naked and Buck in crease and Sidecar on lid. Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow, a bit of blush (Chanel Revelation is to die for) and I’ll usually use a bright lipstick color to make me look more awake, these days it’s Chanel La Romanesque but if going for a softer look I will use a combination of Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect with Tom Ford Alexander patted on top. Whew! I know that sounds like a lot but I swear I can do this in 5 minutes lol šŸ™‚

  4. LOVE that lip colour! My go to is bb, mascara, brow gel, shiny blush, bright lip and setting spray because it’s quicker than powder! I find I have to not allow myself to do eyeshadow if I’m in a rush, because I’ll get carried away and spend 10 mins blending and constructing some level of symmetry (I have uneven lids too, yay!). Wish I could look this pulled together so quickly, I can never get over how gorgeous you are! Xxx

  5. I like a lip balm stain (like Revlon honey), mascara, tightlightling, Daniel Sandler cherub blusher or a nice colourpop cream blush and glomineral luxe foundation applied very lightly with hourglass dim light as a “pale girl” bronzer applied just around the perimeter of the face.

    1. Oh oh! Does the Daniel Sandler Cherub have glitter/big shimmers in it? I bought another shade (Truth?) and it was glittery šŸ™
      ALSO, how are you liking the Colourpop cream blushes?

  6. I also really like your earrings. Is that a pearl dangling on a chain? Also, is Tom Ford Platinum cream eye shadow still available at the original price? I’ve tried to find it but could only locate it on eBay at high prices. Such a beautiful look!

    1. I added a link for the earrings šŸ™‚ They’re trumpet, suspended by a white gold bar. Sadly, Tom Ford Platinum is only available at a crazy premium, they do repromote every now and again so keep your eyes peeled!

  7. Beautiful!

    I am so boring, so my go to look consists of just these really:
    – Bobbi Brown Taupe eyeshadow (for a my non existence eye sockets)
    – La Rose Versailles eyeliner (for the perfect feline flick)
    – Chanel JC Rose Initial
    – Clinique Chubby Stick in Curviest Caramel
    – If I have more time, I would dab some NARS Galapagos on the lids and lashline

    I have a question for you Karima, I own Chanel Espielge as well and it never seem to match any of my lip colours, my natural lip colour is mauvey pink (which I am not a fan of)

    What are you thoughts on this?

    You seem to wear Espielge really well with a neon pink, which will look too much of a contrast for me.

    1. Hey Rena,
      Do you enjoy other peach blushers? It’s possible that you prefer cooler blushers in general?
      I can pretty much pair Espiegle with any warm lip colour and it just seems to work.
      Also, I can pull off the contrast of the lip since I’m a little tanned right now šŸ˜‰

    1. Not really to be honest! The closest things I’ve found are the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadows (less glossy and more shimmery than TF) or the Josie Maran Watercolour Eyeshadow (not as foolproof, a little tricky to blend).

  8. I am an ICU nurse who works 14 hour shifts, and as such I often stumble out of bed 20 minutes before my next shift. My go-to look is Studio Fix powder, a brow brush- thru and a few swipes of Rimmel brow pencil in Hazel, winged liner and mascara (there isn’t much point of eyeshadow when you are just going to sweat it off), and a bright lip (Wet n Wild Purty Persimmon, for example), which I hope distracts patients and families from my second/third/fourth-day hair.

  9. My go-to 10min look is Suqqu Brow Powder & Benefit Gimmie Brow (sometimes just the brow gel if i’ve had my eyebrows done). A By Terry Ombre Blackstar (Bronze Moon is awesome) smudged along the lash line with lots of mascara. My favourite at the moment is Guerlain Noir G. Concealer under my eyes and whatever lipstick I have in my handbag (usually a couple of different Chanel Rouge Coco Shines). I cannot be bothered with foundation everyday as I have to mix up my own shade and I am so very lazy. No foundation means no blush because I am also perpetually flushed.


    1. Hey Lucy!
      This is so funny, we share a lot of favourites! I love the SUQQU Brow Powder, the Gimme Brow and the Ombre Backstars!
      Love Guerlain Noir G Mascara too šŸ˜€ Makeup twins!

  10. I am so happy to read that you enjoy Guerlain lipstick- I am a huge fan of their formula. šŸ™‚ My go to is always foundation, a bit of powder, mascara and a lipstick. At least these are my absolute necessary products. I always use what is currently in my make-up kit, brands do not matter.

  11. Oh my… love that Kat Von D lipstick on you šŸ˜€

    For me it has to start with a good base, as I am not blessed with naturally flawless skin. So, start with perfecting my skin and rest depends on time left:
    1. MAC Prep+Prime in radiant yellow or Le Blanc de Chanel depending on the occasion
    2. Long-wearing foundation, Lancome Teint Idol Ulltra
    3. Nars Casino Bronzer
    4. A pinked toned blush, usually I reach for Chanel JC Rose Initiale
    5. A subtle highlighter or I just skip it altogether sometimes
    6. And how can I forget talking about my under eye dark circles, for which I trust MAC Prolong Wear concealer
    7. MAC MSF Natural to set everything in place
    8. Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Emerville + Winged liner (if time permits)
    9. 2-3 coats of Black mascara
    10. A long wearing lipstick – obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Lovely lately

    Now… this is too much for a rush.. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

    1. Quick question: does the MAC Prep+Prime in Radiant Yellow actually counteract any redness? I feel like those yellow tints are often too sheer to make a difference on my skin šŸ™

  12. I am with you – totally not a morning person! Will happily stay up till 3am the get up at midday if I could!
    Sadly, I get up at 5:30 to get to work by 6:45 (45min drive) so it gives me 20mins to primp!
    My quickest looks have been done using:
    NARS proprime for the eyes (otherwise bye bye eyeshadow)
    MAC satin taupe all over the lid and in the crease
    Whatever pencil eyeliner and mascara I’ve got going
    Dior pore minimising primer
    Chanel Vitalumiere loose powder foundation (I don’t bother with high coverage foundations as they’ll all rub off on my surgical mask after the first case or two – ditto with lipstick)
    NARS Dolce Vita blush or Hourglass Mood Exposure as a blush/contour

    1. 5…30? For this event I woke up at 6 or so and I KID YOU NOT, I almost passed out while they were giving speeches. I had that “umm… is there a chair around here because I’m seeing stars”
      I’m a wuss šŸ˜›

  13. Karima!!! I cannot tell you how amazing you are. I often fall short of words to describe this feeling. You are ana amazing orator, writer, makeup artist as well as an amazing person. I hope I could write like you, or be at least 1% as good as you are. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, art and talent online so that disadvantaged people like me can access you from millions miles away. xx

  14. Not tried any cream eyeshadows yet but I do love using shadow sticks for an everyday look. A bit of tinted moisturizer, liner, lipstick and I’m out the door!
    Btw, I’m new to the blog so I don’t know if you’ve already done this post, but a liquid lipstick smackdown would be so helpful! xx

    1. +1 on the liquid lip smackdown! I’d also love to see what skincare products you and others reach for, not just for the performance, but also for the sheer pleasure of using them. What are the ones you use just because they feel so freakin’ great? Ex…love Sisley black rose cream mask, Chanel Le Lift creme (smells ahhhhmazing…wish I could afford to bathe in it), Bobbi Brown extra moisturizing balm, Rouge Bunny Rouge lip balm, and Eve Lom balm cleanser.

  15. How the HELL did my favourite Youtuber trim her eyelashes by accident O_0?

    My go-to look:
    – A combo of Benefit Porefessional and Smashbox Photo Finish green primer
    – Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 100 Ivory (waiting till Koh Gen Do 002 is back in stock on Beautylish)
    – Sleek Storm palette: matte dark brow in the crease
    – Max Factor mascara False Lash Effect
    – Catrice brown eyeshadow or NYX Taupe blush for countouring
    – Milani Luminoso blush
    – MAC Fix +

  16. There’s no such thing as a 10 minute look for me! I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, lol and I need a good solid 20 minutes for my face.
    -Primer: Philosophy be present
    -Foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin or MAC Studio Fix or Lancome Teint Idole or Revlon Colorstay
    -Under eye corrector: Benefit Erase Paste
    -Concealer: Urban Decay Naked or Maybelline Master Conceal
    -Powder: Essence All About Matte
    -Brows: ABH Brow Wiz and ABH brow gel
    -Contour: Girlaktic Bronzer in Cabo
    -Blush: any of the Balm blushes or Wet n Wild blushes
    -Eye primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
    -Shadow: any amalgamation from random Urban Decay pallets I have laying about with a little Makeup Geek thrown in for good measure
    -Eyeliner: Jessie’s Girl or Maybelline gel eyeliner or Rimmel
    -Mascara: Jordana Lash Xtreme
    -Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter or Loreal Pro
    -Lips:anything from Loreal lipstick to Mac to Jordana to Bite Beauty to Clinique Superbalm

    I’m a makeup junkie and I refuse to defend myself!

    1. GURL, I support your 20 minute makeup look! No need for defending here šŸ˜‰
      Is the ABH Brow Gel strong hold? I want something hard core to keep my hairs up, the want to point downwards šŸ™

  17. Wonderful look! You look stunning.
    My go-to look takes waaay too much time and this is because of my acne. I still can’t seem to cover all my blemishes, I don’t seem to have the technique down quite yet. If you could do a video demonstration on someone with dark spots, that would be amazing!
    For me, I have to spend 15+minutes on my base to get it to look somewhat presentable. At this point I have to give up concealing because I spent too much time on it already.
    – Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk (this is light and doesn’t break me out. I spend a lot of time doing thin layer by thin layer.)
    – Make Up Forever HD Concealer (for some reason, I still can’t cover everything with this? Does anyone have any recommendation for dark hyperpigmentation?)
    – Tarte Smooth Operator Powder (so lovely)
    – Motives palette, a pretty beigey bronze shimmer over the lids and a champagne highlight on the inner corners
    – YSL babydoll mascara
    – a quick eyeliner flick only at the ends of my eyes with Lancome Artliner
    – theBalm lip stain (gives such a pretty pink colour to the lips!)
    – of course, Anastasia brow wiz for the brows!

    1. Yayyy love Lasting Silk šŸ™‚ In terms of your concealing, how would you describe the undertone of your pigmentation? Is it red or purple or brown? You might need to colour correct a little to adequately conceal certain tones.

  18. Love the look Karima! My go-to-look is a bb cream (love benefit big easy) or tinted moisturizer like jouer matte moisture tint. Mascara, cream eye shadow stick like Mally (try them, I think you’ll like them :), my favorite is called saddle shimmer), lip balm (eos) and lip liner on top for a little color.
    Always look forward to your videos and blogs.

  19. My go-to look: cool toned smokey eye. Which is funny because I have an olive complexion and love my warm eyeshadows. However, I’ve recently realized whenever I need to look put together quickly, I do a quick gray/blue smokey eye and I love it!

  20. Hi Karima! I love watching all your reviews. You use all the types of products i love! I’m currently going through a bit of a foundation crisis! I have olive skin and find soooo many foundations are pink based. I love satin to dewy finishes and find Mac face and body amazing for sheer natural looks but for more evening /sophisticated looks high end brands are pink based or have a really small colour range. I saw Nars have released a new Luminous all day wear foundation, have you tried it? Chanel velvet was another I heard to be great. Do you know any others? Would love to see a review on this.
    Love what you do! Mel xxx

    1. Hey Melissa!
      NARS has a few cooler yellow/olive tones, so that might be a brand to check out. Chanel Velvet is matte, so it doesn’t fit your satin/dewy preferences and also, Chanel doesn’t typically do olive tones.
      What’s your depth in MAC? I might be able to recommend some olive foundations.

  21. My morning autopilot f-the-world I’m sleeping in routine is as follows:

    1. After applying my base, I take whatever blush, bronzer, contour, and highlighter that I used on my face and I use them on my eyes too. I use my highlighter gently on the lid and densely in the inner corner. Then, I put my bronzer in my crease and I put my contour shade in the outer corner. Last, I take my blush and put it ever so gently over the crease/brow bone with my Hakuhodo G5533 (which is the Suqqu Cheek of all the eyeshadow brushes . . . no jokes).
    2. I choose a nude-ish lip with an undertone similar to my blush.
    3. I bathe myself in mascara until I am late to work.

    100% arse-proof!

  22. What a stunning look! It really flatters you.

    My go-to look that never fails to beautify me is warm brown matte smokey eyes with light warm peachy pink lips. The following are the stars of the show:

    – Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage – warm silky mattes that blend effortlessfly and don’t look like chalk on the eyelids (like some mattes can) – the perfect eyeshadow palette for this look.

    – NYX Apple Strudle Butter Gloss – a great fuss-free, reliable and low-maintenance lip in a shade that really flatters me. All lipsticks dry my lips out or make them peel, so I opt for pigmented glosses when I can’t be bothered to peel off my lip flakes all day (gross, I know).

    – Becca Beach Tint in Dragonfruit – I love the Beach Tint Formula. It’s so easy to blend in and sits on the skin more prettily than powder blush, not to mention the shade Dragonfruit is stunning.

    And then of course we have our staple base/primer/brow etc. products.

      1. Yes! Yes! You SHOULD do a Cocoa Mirage tutorial!! I’d love to see a tutorial where you take something like Cocoa Mirage and create a few different looks with it.

  23. I tend to get out of bed 30 min before I need to leave the house. Consequently, my daily makeup is usually a really thick swipe of eyeliner, mascara and Cargo OneBase wherever I’m feeling I need it,

    Bit off topic, but have you tried the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder? We seem to have similar skin types and attitudes towards powders. I’m pretty interested in this and would be interested in your opinion, if you have one.

  24. natural finish foundation, light powder, a crap load of blush, mascara, maybe dark eyshadow as liner and a vivid lip color
    it always looks fresh and youthfull

  25. Hey Karima! I absolutely love your videos and blogs. I’m very happy I discovered you :)The way you apply your make up with such precision – it’s very impressive! I learn so much from you. Anyways! This is such a beautiful look and the Tom Ford Cream Shadows just magically appeared on my never ending wishlist. It’s my birthday very soon so.. who knows? Quick visit to London Selfridges soon šŸ˜‰


  26. Hi Karima! I was wondering if you could recommend any beautiful, but less powerfully pigmented blushes? I feel I do need a little blush to look alive at the moment, but too much pigment is just too overwhelming. I have a similar depth in skintone to you, perhaps a little paler. Are the Rouge Bunny Rouge blushes good for this, or Burberry maybe? I must admit I’m swayed by how beautiful their colours look…xxx

    1. Hey Carla,

      Burberry and Chanel blushers are rather sheer (but buildable). Rouge Bunny Rouge blushers are actually rather pigmented, although they do offer some soft tones that might interest you. If you don’t mind a bit of shimmer, the MAC Mineralize Blushers are quite sheer and definitely foolproof.


  27. how on the Earth you trimmed your eyelash?! haha , you still look very pretty though. i seriously scrawled back to see if i can find out any difference, but your lashes look fine (even with the fake lashes).
    Nice article, i’m definitely going to try some of these products.

    Thank you for sharing.


  28. Love your blog and videos. Have u tried By Terry Cover expert foundation? I took the plunge and ordered #7 vanilla beige..a little dark and not enough yellow even though it’s suppose to be yellow undertone or at least from what I’ve read and seen from other bloggers reviews. I’m about NC 20-23 but with a little olive thrown in there too. Recommendations?

    1. Hey Cassie,
      I haven’t actually tried the By Terry Cover Expert. If you’re looking for an olive-ish foundation in the NC20-23 range, I highly recommend Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in 213.