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You may have noticed that I’ve never posted about haircare. There is a perfectly valid explanation for this- I’m disgracefully lazy when it comes to my hair. I’m talking the “It’s been a year since I’ve had a cut” variety of lazy.

That being said, my hair has an interesting history. It has committed a sin or 12, has been blonde, an array of brunette shades, almost black and balayage-d. To illustrate, here is a brief timeline.

Way back (about 16 years of age), during my blonde stint

My Hair Routine

Back to my natural colour, featuring my incredible mother

My Hair Routine

From six months ago to current: Balayage.
Note- Balayage and Ombre hair are not the same! Balayage involves highlights (placed further down from the root) that are designed to look natural and random. Ombre is defined as every strand of hair following a gradient, from dark to light at the tips. This blog post highlights the difference perfectly.

My Hair Routine

To show my current Morticia Adams impersonation, here is a picture to illustrate my current hair length (I’m making an appointment for a cut, I pinky promise).

My Hair Routine

Products I use

This is not a “my-hair-is-beyond-awesome-you-should-buy-these-products” post but rather, “this is what I use and it fits the bill”.

I use a bare minimum amount of products on my hair. Shampoo and conditioner wise, I generally opt for Tresemme 900ml, for no other reason than the fact that the bottle is huge and I don’t need to repurchase frequently.

My Hair Routine

Styling wise, I use Aveda Phomollient before blow drying my hair. This is a herbal smelling concoction mousse-like product that adds volume and shine. Unlike other volumising products, this doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy or dirty (I detest that!).

My Hair Routine

The only other product I occasionally use is Sebastian Potion 9. This is a leave in conditioner come styling treatment and I do find it helpful to ensure my ultra long hair doesn’t start to resemble straw.

My Hair Routine

Hair tools I use

What kind of haircare post would this be if I didn’t mention the infamous GHD flat iron? Mine is years old and still going strong. I turn to this when my hair is particularly unruly.

My Hair Routine

The hair dryer I use is a Parlux model. This is my workhorse and without it, my hair would take two full days to dry. Mine has a directional nozzle, not pictured here.
And in case you were wondering, yes, I have a hot pink hairdryer. Haters gon hate.

My Hair Routine

My final tool is the Aveda Large Paddle brush. Every single time I’ve attempted to do a salon-style blow dry with a barrel brush, I’ve managed to tangle myself in my own limbs. Paired with my Parlux, this brush gives a great blow dry. Over a hundred makeupalley reviews seem to agree.

My Hair Routine

Now that you know what my entire family and their dog do to their hair, I have a question. Colour wise, what should I request in my upcoming hair appointment?
Keep in mind that it is Spring in Australia and I plan to get about 4 inches cut off. This is a plea for advice!


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  1. Hmm, if you want color advice here’s mine: Dark hair looks great on you, it makes your eyes look more intense. So get a few lowlights in my opinion. And if you have a strong reaction to my advice for dark hair then at least you know for sure what you don’t want. 🙂

    1. Hey Jasmine 🙂
      I’m not opposed to dark hair at all! I love dark hair. I’m just wondering if it’s season appropriate considering it’s going to be summer soon in Australia. We’ll see!

  2. I am so jealous about your hair, mine is a frizzy mess (I think it is because I have a lot of hair but it is very fine). Have you tried Kevyn Murphy? It is an australian brand and I really like it (only downside, I use those products up like crazy, not very emulsifying/abundant). I always wanted a Parlux hair dryer, I am just waiting till mine is .ded. I think I like your hair colour how it is now the most, it shapes your face perfectly and makes your complexion look even nicer.

    1. Don’t be jealous, mine has it’s fair share of frizz too. I also have a lot of hair but fine textured!
      I haven’t tried Kevyn Murphy, what are some standouts from the line?
      And when you get a chance, definitely get the Parlux. It’s quite amazing.
      Thanks for your opinion, Claire!

  3. oh well, your hair looks amazing in pics. I definetly will invest in a Parlux (my Babyliss hair dryer is meh). I really like KM Born Again Treatment, Hydrate Me Shampoo & Conditioner and Easy Rider (just for finish, I use very little to add texture to my hair, especially when I curl it).

    1. Thank you, that means a lot to me since hair is definitely my weak point. I’ll check out those KM products, I’m open to spending more/using more if it makes a difference. My hair won’t hold a curl, I wish it did 🙁