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Sharon Farrell and I discuss products that are ACTUALLY worth all the hype! Both drugstore and high end makeup included, what are the products you think are worth the hype? Let’s chat in the comments below 🙂

Check out the video on Sharon’s channel – Reacting To Old Embarrassing Photos… Prepare yourself for some second-hand cringe!

We’ve also filmed a video about Products NOT WORTH The Hype, click here to watch that 🙂 Of course, go subscribe to Sharon’s Channel if you haven’t already because she is the bomb 😉

Nail polish I’m wearing in this video

OPI Live Laugh Carnaval

Our Lip Colours…

I’m wearing Colourpop Trap and Sharon is wearing Jeffree Star Masochist (out of stock everywhere, sorry!)

List of Products Mentioned

Beauty Blender – Original Sponge (buy here)

Jeffree Star – Velour Liquid Lipsticks (buy here)

Anastasia – Brow Wiz Pencil (buy here)

Charlotte Tilbury – Filmstar Bronze & Glow (buy here)

Maybelline – Age Rewind Concealer (buy here)

Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow Singles* (buy here)


* Denotes products sent for consideration. Some links are affiliate links.

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  1. Yeee! Thanks for this!

    Products definitely worth the hype (and penny!) for me not listed in the vid:

    Suqqu brow pen (moss green). Just got this in the mail after dishing out for the cheaper Stila brow pen. Suqqu is muuuch finer, and the cooler color looks way more natural.

    Still on the brow kick-THAT SURRAT BROW GEL. What did I do before this?!

    Lastly, Chanel blushes. I’ve tried many other blush brands high and low (although I’ve got my first Milani arriving tomorrow), and I still keep reverting back to Chanel. The colors, the sheerness, and blendability just win me over. Also, I love the pleasant rose fragrance in them.

    On a different note, thank you for all your hard work you do here! This blog is one of the best things on the internet. Seriously.

    1. Btw, maybe you’ve already mentioned this, but how did you do the pink tips in your hair? Like, how did you explain it to the hairdresser? They’re amazing.

  2. Hey Karima! I’m poking in here and off topic… have you/can you try the new 6 pan Viseart eyeshadow pallets and also the brow/matte shadow pallet? Love both you and Sharon! I found her through you and she is now one of my favorite you tubers. All the love โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

  3. I second the SUQQU Brown Pen. I despise a warm brow, even though my hair is a warm brown. If I don’t lean towards an ashy brown they almost look like they’ve just been waxed or something? So the SUQQU is perfect. I also have the Surrat Brow Pomade and agree that it’s awesome. I have to say though, I am also a massive fan of the good old ABH Brow Gel. I remember when I first got it feeling how special I was for owning a product from ABH…LOL. As far as eye shadows go, I would have to say the Natasha Denona shadows are deserving of the hype they get. They’re at a high price point, but to be honest I happily pay it because the product is just so damn gorgeous. Last, but not least, the Rae Morris Ultimate Cheekbone because without it I wouldn’t actually have any. Thanks Rae Morris.

  4. Hey Karima!
    So there’s this product from the brand DECIEM, specifically the branch called NIOD, that I’ve heard quite a bit about on YT. I’ve tried a couple of their products and love them, but there’s one that’s piqued my interest called (from the site) “Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%” which is “serum-textured but contains a wide array of light refracting prisms, tone and hue correctors and topical photo-finishing technologies to offer even radiance within seconds”
    Now, my skin is definitely not nice enough to give this product a fair shake—so I thought of you because your skin is incredible, and you seem to be as curious as me about sciencey makeup things!
    Anyway it’s just a thought!
    P.S. you rock xo

    1. Hey Sara,
      Shelly below is correct, this is a placeholder for a new feature coming soon! Very exciting!
      To answer your question, the Bye Bye Undereye is rather sticky and thick in consistency and very brightening. The Urban Decay Concealer is more satin and sets entirely.
      Hope that helps!