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If you’re looking for New Years Eve inspiration, you have come to the right place! Here is a roundup of my current favourite hair and makeup tutorials – whatever your inclination, I have a resource to suit 🙂

Makeup Tutorials

For the brown smokey eye addict…

God I love Sharon Farrell, but you knew that already. In a sea of smokey brown eye tutorials, hers is a unique and unexpected take on the classic. Perfect execution.

For the pink lip lover…

Unearthing one of Lisa Eldridge’s older tutorials – a pink lip that is more edgy and less barbie, one of my favourite pink lip combos. I’d be curious to know, what is your favourite Lisa Eldridge tutorial? Leave me a comment!

For the vamp vixen…

If you’re craving sultry impact, Makeup by Gio has a dark lip, dark eye combo that is undeniably sexy.

If glitter is your poison…

Watch Nikkie create a neutral eye with a gilded bronze eyeliner. A grown-up way to incorporate glitter and NO DAMN FALLOUT <3

For a pop of colour…

Desi integrates an unexpected pop of aqua into a basic smokey eye. The result is a high impact eye that is primarily matte – ideal if you can’t be assed with glitter OR high shine shadows tend to exacerbate any creepiness on the eyelids.

For a downright pretty look…

If you’re jaded by the masses of bold not-so-wearable looks that flood youtube at this time of year, Chloe’s neutral glam tutorial is universally flattering and quintessentially beautiful. With a face like that, it’s not a tough feat!

Hair Tutorials

If you love curls but CBF…

Dood, are you subscribed to Kayley Melissa? I adore her channel – truckloads of hair tutorials that are totally achievable (I’ve recreated many and I’m a hair idiot). This tutorial outlines three quick techniques to achieve fabulous curls, my favourite is #3 (fast forward to 4 minutes, 14 seconds). I always manage to curl the same piece 200 times and omit large chunks of hair, this method resolves sectioning issues.

For Old Hollywood hair…! She is painfully beautiful *heavy breathing*

This video was one of the 318 sources that I used to create the hairstyle in my Old Hollywood Makeup Tutorial… except I seared my arm and tangled myself in cords.

For the easiest undo evar…

Confession: Essie and Aslan are my guilty pleasure. I can’t even. This tutorial is a heat-free undo that requires nothing more than a headband, it’s essentially the same hairstyle that I wore in my Holiday Makeup Tutorial for Foodies. If you have a ridiculously long mane, like myself, you’ll need to tuck pieces in sections. Regardless, it’s a 3 minute updo that looks far more complex than it actually is.

5 minute Beehive…

Okayyyyy shameless plug! I watched countless beehive hair tutorials and condensed the knowledge into this stupid easy alternative. If you can muster a french twist in place of the bun, it’ll look even more authentic (kudos and teach me, plz and ty).


Link me your favourite hair and makeup tutorials below! I’m always on the lookout 🙂


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  1. Thanks for collating these! Hair idiot here also – so I’ll check some of those out. By the time I’ve done my make up I just CBA’d (CBF’d – *snorts* haha!). Lisa Eldridge’s recent Audrey Hepburn in Funny Girl. Sigh – just Audrey.. what’s not to love!? *Gushes*

  2. that look by sharon and the one by lisa are some of my absolute favorites
    I actually have them bookmarked ^^
    as for my favorite lisa eldrige tutorial

    I could not make the list any shorter
    the woman can do no wrong and has the face of a goddess
    enjoy ^^

  3. I love anything Lisa does; I’d like to be a celebrity, JUST to have my face graced by the likes of her. However, people tend to overlook the incredible videos on her channel done by GUEST artists Charlotte Tilbury (bold red lip) and Mary Greenwell (Cate Blanchett looks). Had it not been for Lisa’s channel, I wouldn’t have discovered two mega talented women and three of my favorite looks.

  4. Blog ate my comment. Booooooo! Anyhoo, I’ve got several favourite Lisa videos, including…

    * easy smoky eye with colour
    * easy summer everyday makeup (the one with her using Soleil Tan de Chanel/Bronze Universel as a makeup base)
    * makeup history series
    * Biba-inspired makeup looks

  5. And about my Lisa Eldridge’s favourite tutorial, I think it’s probably the last one, the Audrey Hepburn’s one… So good, beautiful and actually funny!
    She’s just amazing, I adore her! Elegant, classy, she’s like the Queen of makeup tutorials! 🙂

  6. thank you for curating these amazing videos for our viewing pleasure! some fantastic new discoveries!!
    i love Sharon Ferrell too but hadn’t seen this particular video – i love it! xo sj

  7. My favourite Lisa Eldridge video is probably the one I watched when I first discovered her: The Royal Ballet makeup tutorial. It’s very decadent, dreamy and probably unrealistic for everyday wear, but I’ve always had a soft spot for ballet.

  8. Happy New Year from Italy Karima! My all time favourite Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial is her Cheryl Cole inspired video, such a lot is condensed in it and every word counts! Brilliant video, but so are yours. I truly enjoy them and your lovely accent X

  9. I think I am a bit late with this one but I just wanted to mention couple of Youtube channels that I truly enjoy. Most of them you have mentioned in this post, I follow Lisa and she is my guru, I adore Nikkie and her tutorials and the way she talks on camera, I love Sharon’s smokey eyes and I really love your channel because you give interesting ideas.
    One more channel that I’ve discovered last year and fell in love with is Harry Makes It Up by Harriet Hadfield. Here’s her New Years looks in a video: Simple and gorgeous, I rectreated all of them on myself. I think she’s a future star, I love her style a lot.
    And for the hair tutorials I often lurk into this channel: But what she does with her hair is not for those who like it simple, it takes a bit of effort and a bit of time. And the result is… I wish I had her skill! 🙂