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About a month ago, I decided enough is enough. I’m gritting my teeth and enduring the waiting game known as ‘growing out the brows’. Currently I look like a member of the opposite sex but I DUN CURR, I am on a mission to Cara Delevingne-esque brows (I’m aiming for the stars, mmkay?)

As you may have gathered from my incessant posting about SUQQU Liquid Brow Pen, I am a huge fan- in almost every look, I’m wearing the 02 Brown shade. I took a leap of faith (but mostly insatiable curiosity) and purchased 01 Moss Green, despite the daunting name.

More about shade comparisons later, let’s discuss the pen itself…

SUQQU Liquid Brow Pen – A review & shade comparison

SUQQU Brow Pen has a super fine, brush-like applicator, it is not a felt tip pen. It dispenses a soft, watercolour ink and is best applied using feather light strokes in the direction of hair growth. Perfect for those gifted with decent brows as well as those of us who require more work (errrybody, really), the pen produces realistic looking hairs as opposed to a block of colour.

Personally, I avoid using this in the innermost portion of my brow as even the lightest hand gives a patchy or blunt appearance- sometimes I use a bit of brow powder to ease the transition but mostly I leave it be.

My Brown 02 pen refused to die, we were best mates for well over a year, which makes the price tag easier to swallow. Best 11 cents/day that I’ve ever spent.

The only con I can gather is that it is seriously long wearing- sweat proof, swim proof and hurricane proof. I can’t even… this gives my oil cleanser a run for the money so if you struggle with longevity, this aspect will blow you away.

SUQQU Brow Pen is available in two shades, 02 Brown (a medium, neutral brown) and 01 Moss Green, which is slightly deeper and contrary to the description, a cool greyed tone (so much so that the former appears blatantly warm in comparison).

SUQQU Liquid Brow Pen – A review & shade comparison

If your hair is quite warm or you’re a blonde, I’d point you in the direction of 02 Brown. If you’re an ashy brunette or have black brows, 01 Moss Green, no question.

I’ve found that cooler tones with very little warmth suit me best, so I prefer 02. Here are some before and afters, filled in quite heavily (and into the inner third of the brows) to depict shade; Moss Green on your left and Brown on your right. Brace yourselves for the unruly disaster that I mentioned earlier…

SUQQU Liquid Brow Pen – A review & shade comparison

SUQQU Liquid Brow Pen – A review & shade comparison

And finally, a picture of Moss Green to illustrate how it ties in with my hair.

SUQQU Liquid Brow Pen – A review & shade comparison

Yes, it’s pricy. If you’re in Japan or the UK, you can buy SUQQU in store. The rest of us poor buggers can order online at ichibankao at a premium (40USD or so) that includes postage. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it; I blame Lisa Eldridge.


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  1. K-Palette makes a cheaper yet very similar liquid eyebrow pen if you’d like to try. Either or should carry them šŸ™‚

  2. I definitely prefer 01 on you, it’s perfect! 02 looks good, but 01 is better in comparison.

    I actually love the Browlash pen, which is a very similar color to 01, but it’s $15 and only lasted me about 3 months before drying up (I used it almost every day though!), so perhaps the Suqqu is a better deal in the long run.

    1. Hey Emi šŸ™‚
      I agree, 01 is a much better match for my ashy brows. Hmm three months is cutting it a bit short…I don’t mind paying a bit extra for the SUQQU since it lasts forever but a poster below said that K-Palette makes a very similar pen to SUQQU? Could be an option to think about.

    1. It takes a fair bit of building; I probably wouldn’t wear them to this intensity but I was trying to illustrate the differences between the two shades. The SUQQU Brow Pens definitely take more time/work than regular pencils but with a bit of practice, it’s easy. x

  3. i am english and i think you are in the united states am i right???? i find your web an d comments just great and this is the best part i am an old old woman but have never ever stopped jusing make up i look forwad to reading your comments and can only say well done lovely girl You are so atractive and life will be good best wishes sheila xx

  4. Where can I find the Suqqu brown pen in London? And Sunday Riley Effortless primer? I’ll be visiting at the beginning of June.

      1. I saw on the Suqqu website that it’s available in Selfridges. Also online from them – and they deliver to Australia.

  5. Thanks for the review, Karima. I blame Lisa Eldridge too – it was because of one of her tutorials that I found your page. I’m Australian too. Did you find this product online anywhere in Oz, or do I need to import one? I love your brows! You’re very lucky to have so much – I have very sparse brows (going grey as well, which doesn’t help). I’m trying Talika eyebrow serum, which I think may actually be helping. It takes at least a month to see a real change, and I’m only two weeks in… Fingers crossed.

      1. Thanks, Karima. I’ll have a look at that website. I found it at Selfridges, London, as well (online and in store). I’m a bit afraid of something that won’t budge if I mess it up – I may need to practice with a pencil for a while first. This product seems to be for the experts! I love the Moss Green on you – the Brown did look warm against your black brows and dark hair…

  6. Thank you for the post and the thorough review. I have been trying to determine which shades would fit my hair color best but couldn’t find much information about that even on Suqqu’s site. Your post is really a savior! : ). I am also grateful for the online store you provided. Selfridges charges a hefty $40 (I live in the US) for shipping so just to order 1 item, this site offers a much more reasonable deal. Thank you so much!

  7. K Palette used to make the best brow pen and before Sephora came to australia it was available at Sephora singapore but now there is only a few left on eBay for roughly $25 but considering the price of the Suqqi i think i was getting a bargain all along.

  8. Lisa Eldridge also recommends Stila Eyebrow Pen. I currently use that in color Light as I have ashy light brown hair with blond highlights. It works well but I am interested in trying the SUQQU Eyebrow pen.

    Thanks for the great information and review!