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It’s actually labelled a hair conditioner but I treat it as a mask – potayto potahto. First, storytime: I was collecting my PR post some time back and I kid you not – I received enough shampoo and conditioner to serve all of Sydney and possibly the outskirts of Melbourne. This is highly unusual, what on EARTH is going on here?

Derp. I had totally forgotten that I’d agreed to judge the shampoo & conditioner categories for the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. I began furiously washing my hair (deadlines yo) and between the suds, one product rose above the rest. I bring to you… the hair mask to end all hair masks.

The hair mask to end all hair masks…

Oribe Gold Lust Conditoner and corresponding Gold Lust Shampoo – so pretty, I feel they don’t quite belong in my shower. Admittedly, I was most excited about this duo as Oribe makes my favourite texturising spray and it’s near impossible to find in Australia (just TAKE my moneys dammit!).

As I lathered and slathered, I caught whiffs of Oribe’s signature scent – crisp, modern and created by French perfumeries (naturally). It’s very pleasant to my nose but as you know, I’m all about the performance. I let the Repair & Restore Conditioner (or quasi-mask) do its magic for about 3 minutes, Oribe suggests a minimum of 1 minute, before rinsing. My hair air-dried and I went about my business.

The next morning, Adrian was off to work and ran his fingers through my hair; WOW, your hair feels soft! So I jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror, DAMN my hair is soft! Whose hair is this? I haven’t had locks so soft and silky since I was 11 years of age (I started bleaching early, let this be a warning). I couldn’t stop touching it: no frizz or tangles, my hair shined like those cheesy hair commercials and I felt no need to heat style at all. Another thing I noticed and this isn’t often the case, the conditioner performed best when paired with Gold Lust Shampoo (which I liked alone, but the conditioner is the star).

My mop is very fine in texture, often rich products give me pancake hair but not this time, it was all bounce and volume. I won’t pretend I understand all the extracts and sorcery science, but if you speak that language, you can find the lowdown here. Terms I do recognise: paraben-free, sulphate-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

Wonderful. Awesome. I’ll take 20. What was that? The conditioner costs 46pound


That’s the thing about PR product, it’s all fun and games till you fall in love and find yourself paying 90AUD on a hair conditioner. If you’re in the United States, it’s practically a steal at ~50USD (I’m being facetious, btw). C’est la vie! Redken All Soft has been trumped, I will be faithful to the Oribe Conditioner (kindof-a-mask-thingy) from now on.

I can’t say with certainty that you will love this product as much as I do, but if your hair is dry/bleached/processed/crazy long, we have a lot in common.

Have you tried anything from Oribe? I will add your recommendations to my wishlist 🙂


NB: Both products mentioned in this post were provided for consideration. I only feature products I love 🙂

Complete list of products mentioned

Gold Lust Conditoner
Gold Lust Conditoner
Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo
Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. I love Oribe, I live in Miami and have been getting my hair done at his salon for 16 years. All the products are amazing, the stylists are great and he’s a genuinely lovely person.

  2. Royal Blowout! I find most hair products disappointing, for the most part they under-perform. This product does work, hair is smoother, more manageable, blow out takes less time and the end result is better. My hair is on the coarse side, but this is a very light mist so I think it would work for fine hair like yours too.

  3. I’ve actually stopped shampooing! I just do a gentle cleanse with a silicone free conditioner and my hair has never looked better! My curls are so bouncy πŸ™‚ But those bottles are so very pretty…

  4. That’s some seriously fancy conditoner!! I don’t think I could bring myself to spend that kind of coin on a hair product πŸ™ makeup and skincare yes, but conditioner? I think I’ll have to pass on this one as lovely as it sounds πŸ˜‰

  5. I have long hair, can I please too be hair products judge, haha! :)))
    Love the way you write your posts, not only informative but very funny and joyful too. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Karima! I adore Oribe products. I’ve been going to a fantastic new stylist over the past year and he is 100% instrumental in getting my hair to grow both longer and healthier, all while continuing to highlight, lowlight or Sombre effects. He’s originally from Portugal so he has naturally fantastic taste! LOL.mjust teasing..but both he and his hubby have lived all over the world, and he truly is stylish!

    Anyway, he has turned me on to the world of Oribe (much to the dismay of my hubby). I had a sample pack of the Shampoo and Conditioner for Brillance & Shine and plan on buying full size bottles next time I’m there. He uses it on my hair every time I go to the salon. It’s absolutely fabulous. (Not so much on the checkbook, though). His train of thought is that you wear your hair everyday. You spend tons of money on clothing for special events that may only get worn once. Why not invest in your hair care the same way? I am a believer! The hubby will just have to deal! Ha! As I get older, I’m trying to pay more attention to skin and hair care.

    Back on topic…
    My other 2 Oribe favorites, of which I do have the full size bottles are: Oribe ImpermΓ©able Anti-Humidity Spray and Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray. The latter is sprayed from mid-shaft to the ends. It transforms second and third day hair into amazingly soft, touchable and looking freshly washed. The former does just what it says. On high humidity days, spray this light but effective hairspray on dry hair, flip head over to spray the roots, massage in lightly. Your hair will look as smooth and cool as a cucumber while the rest of the population has hair that looks like frizzy balls of cotton candy. Haha!!

    I adore your articles and videos. I’ve watched your foundation routine so many times that I’ve lost count. I can barely see you applying any product to your face. It always looks flawless – it helps when it starts out flawless, though! You are smart, witty, beautiful and adorably nice? #girlcrush! xx

    1. It’s true though, hair has as much impact as makeup or outfits (in my opinion, anyway) so it’s worth some time and attention.

      I’ll take a look at those two recommendations… these comments are going to send me BROKE D:

      Thanks for your kind words <3 <3


  7. I think you should try CHI’s Infra Thermal or Silk Infusion treatments.. they are less pricy but do a fantastic job to keep ypu hair smooth, soft and hydrated. I asbolutely recommend them. The reults are amazing.

      1. I’ve tried all kinds of natural oils in my hair and they never work. My hair is extremely bleached, coarse, dry, chemically processed (keratin, Japanese straightening), and thin. So I may need go check out this line, but the price tag hurts my heart. I’d probably go with the oil; however SpaceNKUSA is having a 20$ off 75$ purchase. So may be worth checking out for the U.S. subscribers since SpaceNK stocks Oribe.

  8. Karima, I love both your blog and your videos. Your writing style sounds exactly like how you speak and it is very comfortable and easy. This conditioner sounds amazing and just what I need… maybe one day I will force myself to splurge on it! Maybe. πŸ™‚

  9. Crap. I really need to STOP READING THIS BLOG. I just got back from shopping, and have about 5 samples of GA Lasting Silk in my bag.
    I better go relax by wearing one of the THREE FREAKIN FACIAL MASKS I just, um needed.

    What can I say? It’s been a rough day. My puppy knocked over my brand new Jo Malone diffuser. Now my bedroom carpet IS my new diffuser. I broke my new bottle of RBR Silhouette when I capped it after using it. Note to self and to anyone else who loves RBR fragrance…use care with these beyootiful bottles, especially when you refrigerate them. They are a bit fragile. On the bright side, my bedroom, kitchen and laundry hamper sure smell classy now. And RBR were immediately all over getting me a replacement bottle. Rock on, Rouge Bunny Rouge! Fantastic products, fantastic service.

    Come to think of it, that hair mask might complement my new Fresh rose face mask perfectly…

    Xx you crack me up. your taste, your ability to articulate a funny, honest and concise review, and your warmth are standout. Outstanding. Freakin’ fabulous. Whatever. Looking forward to your next dose of enabling… <3

  10. That sounds amazing!
    I have both the Texturising spray and the Apres beach spray. For my hair type, wich is thin, brittle and gets greasy just by beeing looked at, the texturising spray is ok, but not really so great that it was worth the pay. The Apres beach spray was a real let-down. It gives me the weirdest hair. Almost like what (what I think) dreads feel like after being taken out being unwashed for a year with dead things in it. Really unflattering, and just not for me.
    But there most be something to the products, because hairdressers and stylists all over the world seem to love it. And how else could Oribe take so much $ for their products?

  11. I <3 me some Oribe.
    Have you tried their Maximista Thickening Spray? You spritz it on wet hair before air-drying or heat-styling — it gives that great volume and movement straight from the beginning, and for those of us with limp, fine hair it adds body and grip without weight – similar to the performance of the texturizing spray. Also like the texturizing spray it's really buildable – I use just a couple sprays for everyday hair, or more for bigger volume and hold. (Though if you use a lot it starts feeling less 'touchable' … like with a beach spray or texture powder.)

  12. I’ve never actually invested in Oribe b/c the prices are so daunting. After reading your review, I’m considering buying it. Do you think that the conditioner would work for extremely thick hair? Sorry for the late question!

      1. My hair is very coarse, yes. I also have a LOT of hair, so I might have to use it large quantities, so I guess I’ll pass. :/ Thanks for your suggestion!

  13. For me, Oribe is synonymous with expensive hair…expensive in every sense of the word. πŸ™‚ In terms of performance, all the products I’ve tried so far (the signature shampoo & conditioner, dry texturising spray and superfine hair spray) have been up there with the best, but in the end I couldn’t justify shampoo and conditioner because I have such long hair and would have ended up spending a fortune. So now I just stick to the styling products. And truth be told, I like the Superfine Hair Spray even more than the acclaimed Dry Texturising Spray. The Superfine is my holy grail, cannot-live-without hair product…it has great hold without being sticky and it smells wonderful (like lychee?)…not a whiff of that godawful cheap alchohol smell so ubiquitous among hair sprays that you think that’s how hairsprays are meant to smell. Expensive, yes, but one bottle has lasted me over a year, so I think it’s well worth the price. And believe me, once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back.

    Anyway thanks for a great review and I look forward to your next one. πŸ™‚