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Nude nail polishes are my ultimate chic accessory – I adore everything from a bridal appropriate nude to a mannequin-hand nude (I might be alone on that one… it’s very FASHUN). Here are my current top 5 nudes, a little something for everyone.

5 Chic Nude Nail Polishes

I swear my cuticles look neat in person, my camera is an a-hole. From thumb to pinky…

Marc Jacobs – Fluorescent Beige

Fluorescent Beige is one of the more unique nudes on the market, it can be described as a dusty mauve infused with vibrant pink micro shimmer that lends an slight lilac tone. The shimmer is very muted; only in direct sunlight can one catch the sparkle but it’s a clever touch.

5 Chic Nude Nail Polishes

I think this one would translate well on a variety of skintones as it’s on the deeper side of the nude spectrum. Opaque in two coats, I only wish it had a wide brush but that’s a matter of preference 🙂

OPI – Tickle My Francey

An oldie but a goodie, Tickle My Francey registers as quite a greige nude on my hands, I adore a stone grey undertone and a good dash of mauve makes this one more wearable. A very chic, off-beat nude that is opaque in two coats. Wide brush too, woot!

YSL – Beige Leger

At first glance, Beige Leger resembles Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige but it’s a dash warmer and not at all lilac. My favourite of the YSL offerings, this one can sometimes look mauvey and sometimes more cafe au lait… To me, it reminds me of an expensive pair of pumps although that’s an entirely irrational analogy.

While some nudes strike me as fluffy and a waste of time, Beige Leger is rich in tone and looks fabulous on an array of skintones (warmer skintones in particular, where cool toned nudes can resemble frostbitten hands). This formula is absolutely exceptional: super smooth, self levelling and potentially a one-coater (although I do tend to apply two coats). The brush is uber wide, one swipe and you’re good to go!

OPI – Coney Island Cotton Candy

Coney Island Cotton Candy is one of the old-school OPI shades, I’d call it a peachy nude and it’s the palest of the bunch. Super sheer formula – a lot of reviews I’ve read complain that it requires 4 coats to achieve full opacity and I totally agree! I generally apply two coats and let some of my natural nail shine through but if you’re looking for complete coverage, this shade will likely p*ss you off.

If you have a lot of pink on your paws, Coney Island Cotton Candy might read a bit yellow on you but those with warm undertones will appreciate a peachy alternative in a sea of sheer pink polishes. If you’re not one for mannequin hand, be wary – at 3 coats it can veer in that direction.

essie – Not Just a Pretty Face

A spinoff from the stock standard pale polish, this essie number is the nail equivalent of a warm pinky nude lipstick. It is slightly brightened; a flattering pick when my hands are lookin’ a little grey. Not Just a Pretty Face is sheer (although less so than Coney Island Cotton Candy), I find two coats retains a whisper of the natural nail below and three coats achieves full opacity, as worn in the shot above.

It’s a no brainer shade, particularly if you have a soft spot for salmon pinks.

What are your favourite nude polishes? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂



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  1. Tickle My France-y is one of my all time favorite shades.

    Also, I just came to say that reading your blog is one of the little joys I have in life. Never change πŸ™‚

  2. Essie Demure Vixen is a nice “almost nude but more interesting” shade that is very office appropriate with a little pizazz…it looks like it might be similar to the Marc Jacobs polish you mentioned. I also like Essie Sand Tropez, OPI My Very First Knockwurst & OPI Samoan Sands.

  3. I cannot get enough of Essie’s Nude Beach. No matter how many polishes I have in my collection, I always, always come back to it. (It’s still a year away, but I think it will be my polish on my wedding day.)

  4. It used to be Chanel Jade Rose, but I finished the bottle and it was limited edition. OPI Samoan Sand is almost identical, minus the subtle shimmer, so it’s my perfect nude at the moment.

  5. I love Almond by Barry M, is a nude with grey-lilac undertones, so pretty! Specially with my super yellowish skin, it looks awesome. Essie’s Sand Tropez is also awesome.

  6. i must say i’m really picky about my nudes, i like full coverage cremes and detest sheer or jelly finish. my favorite nudes are OPI my very first knockwurst (i absolutely adore it, a perfect one-coater wich flatters my skintone) and tickle my france-y, sephora by OPI non fat soy half caff (although its almost-twin, OPI dulce de leche, with which i’m tragically in love, clashed with my skin tone so badly i had to give it away). i also like bourjois 10 days nr. 14, which is slightly more on the pinkish side, but comes out pretty nude on my hands.

    1. I love a one coater so I’ll check out OPI my very first knockwurst! Dulce de Leche looked too cafe au last / brownish on my skintone :-/ I still wear it occasionally.

  7. I’m with ya on luuurvin MJ fluorescent beige…I’m so rotten – bought it as a Xmas present ten couldn’t resist trying it. I gave away a purple MJ one instead!
    The YSL Beige Leger is definitely up there with fave neutrals of all time. Your expensive (yet classic) pump analogy is spot on.
    Not a fan of the peachier, yellowy shades -they just don’t work well with my skin tone. Others worth checking out are Lady by Dior, Hen Party by Butter (has a blue-ish glow), Rose d’Exception by Givenchy (with a LOVELYVWIDEBRUSHYESSSS) and the grey in the bottle but somehow warmer on the nail Auspicious by Jinsoon…very unique and beautiful shade. Gentle by Dolce & Gabbana is lovely, and Incognito by Dior is a classic. I’d be interested to know what your fave summery reds are, on the opposite end of the drama spectrum! Xx

  8. Hey Karima!
    I remember you trying out the MUFE HD foundation a few videos back. What’d you think? Also, any ideas on a colour fix for the following would be greatly appreciated! For background, I currently have the MUFE in #140, and while the *shade* is correct, the tone is clearly too peachy for me, as I’m fairly yellow (or maybe olive).


    1. Hey Mel,
      I really like the MUFE HD, shade 120 is about an NC20-25 with quite an olive undertone. The formula is not terribly dissimilar to the Koh Gen Do Aqua (I kinda prefer the KGD, a little lighter in texture).

  9. “My camera is an ahole” made me laugh so hard! It gave me a funny mental picture of you all pouty at your camera who’s going around being a dick.

  10. Love the colors Karima! Some of my favorite nudes include: Givenchy #2 Beige mousseline, Marc Jocobs Enamored, Dior Incognito (more pink still love the color) and Rimmel 377 Chic Chick πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you so much for the Marc Jacobs recommendation! I bought the Fluorescent Beige and just bought it to the nail salon with me a couple of days ago. It got oohs and aaahs from my manicurist. . . she said she was going to go right out and buy it after our appointment :). I have been on the hunt for non-corpse nudes forever and haven’t found one I really liked until now. I think the YSL is next on my list.