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All the beauty procedures and treatments I’ve tried and which I would recommend! Everything from pastel hair, at-home IPL hair removal, Invisalign and more 😉 I would love to hear what YOU have tried, let’s chat in the comments!

Kudos to Victoria for this video idea, check out her version here.

PS: Lip colour is Colourpop Pacific 🙂

Nail polish I’m wearing in this video

OPI Bubble Bath


I go to Face Plus Medispa and I typically get the Enzyme Peel. My facialist is Sam and she is AMAZING! You should ask for her 😉

Braun Silk Expert IPL

The Braun Silk Expert IPL is available from The Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman, Myer and David Jones. You can read more about the science here. This video is sponsored by Braun, I only feature products I love 🙂


The salon I go to is Edwards and Co. I asked exactly what I have done when I get my pastel ends…
K Blonde in Lakme to freehand, still leaving natural in-between sections to give more dimension and taking it a little higher around the face. Freehand was processed for 45mins.
Rinse and apply Lakme semi 9/00 + 10/22 + 0/00 to even the base, left on for 5mins.
Rinse again and apply Wella pink dream + clear dust (50/50 ratio) and left on for 20mins.
Once processed, Olaplex #2 was applied for another 20mins, shampooed and treatment followed after to keep porosity strong.


Laser For Broken Capillaries

I go to Dr Naomi in Sydney. The laser used in called the Quadrostar PRO 577 laser, which is used for treating both diffused facial redness, broken capillaries and spider veins. This laser has a wavelength of 577nm (nano meters) which is the optimal wavelength for red facial veins as the absorption in blood is much greater. They use two hand pieces to address both prominent broken capillaries (mine were around the crevice of my nose) and diffused redness.

Depending on the person, there may be some downtime (I had none whatsoever).


I go to my local Professionail and ask for thin, short acrylics (rounded shape, in case you’re wondering!).


My dentist is Dr Saade and I’m having Invisalign through Dentist & Co. Highly recommend the whole team!

Eyelash Extensions

I went to Love Those Lashes in Sydney. To watch my video all about lash extensions, click here!


PHEW! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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  1. The only things I’ve had done have been to my hair. I had a brief stint as a (dark) redhead about a decade ago, I’ve had highlights done (the kind involving an old school frosting cap… meep!), experimented with Sun-In back in my late teens/early twenties, and many years ago L’Oreal used to have these hair dyes that dispensed like mousse that I tinted my hair with (once a near-burgundy colour, another time closer to plum).

    Nowadays I’m contemplating going a little lighter. I’m currently a slowly greying brunette, but when I was a tiny!Shelly, I had dishwater blonde hair…which I kinda miss.

    1. Oh! I also wore braces (the wire kind, with the thingies on the front of my teeth) for two years. I kinda sucked at wearing my retainers regularly afterwards, though, so one of my top teeth shifted.

  2. I’m especially interested in facials. I have some blackheads that nothing I have tried will work on. I found a local spa that is willing to do blackhead extractions. When I get around to calling them I will report back. 🙂