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As you may or may not know, Illamasqua recently created the petition “Australia, Fight for a fair beauty price”. This initiative was implemented to raise awareness of the exorbitant prices that Australian’s must pay for cosmetics.

Illamasqua has dropped their prices by 35%!

20,000 signatures later and Illamasqua is now walking the walk- dropping their prices by an average of 35% in Australia.<

What’s that I hear you say? Cosmetics are expensive everywhere? Yes, but not quite like this.
Today I discovered a price comparison of what Illamasqua used to cost in Australia compared to post-price drop. The full list of price comparisons can be found on Diabolus In Cosmetica(an amazing up and coming blog) but here is just a few shockers:Powder blusher WAS $42, it is now $28
Liquid Metal WAS $44, it is now $26
Lipstick WAS $39, it is now $25
Kabuki Body Brush WAS $100, it is now $60

Perhaps the most pathetic part of all this- Illamasqua was actually quite reasonably priced before the price drop. Now, it’s basically on par with some of our drugstore brands.

It’s time for an Illamasqua haul, don’t you think?


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  1. yaay. So happy the petition worked! I have never seen an illamasqua counter- not that ive been able to shop round too much lol but if there's a counter in Perth I'm going to stock up big 😀

    Just wondering if you bought anything from MAC when it was in target or if you knew it wasn't genuine?