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A quick update on what became of the Japonesque 35 well lip palette that I purchased in a recent haul.

Before (purchased from

Lipstick Palette Update

After (partially filled, getting there…)

Lipstick Palette Update

Lipstick Palette Update

But Karima…Why did you mash your lipsticks?!
Wait! Let me explain!
Lipstick depotting isn’t for everyone. If you like to touch up on the go, or feel nauseated at the thought of mashing a ByTerry Lipstick, then lip palettes may not be for you.
On the other hand, I had countless pots of  lipsticks that I accumulated when working in the cosmetics industry (okay, I may have gouged a few Hourglass lipsticks from their bullet homes). The lip palette is functional for me but more importantly, it’s such an inspiration to look at.

Lisa Eldridge is also partly to blame, I’m sure she is the catalyst of the ‘lipstick mashing movement’. Run along and view her lip palettes.

On another note, disregard my turbulent scribble (caps? lower case? Apparently I couldn’t decide).


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  1. These palettes are so beautiful to look at! I’m not sure I’d be one to do that (well, maybe with most of my MAC & drugstore lipsticks) but it sure seems practical!

  2. I wish there was good way to take a bit of lipstick off the bullet, but have it still look nice & be useable – so I could have the lipstick in the tube and the palette! I’ve tried slicing off the end, but I don’t like how it leaves the bullet.

  3. I could not bear the thought to mash up my lipsticks 0.o a whole tube does not fit in the palette, right?? But I can see how this would be more practical, especially for a MUA. You have such a nice collection of lipsticks, and I love your handwriting hehe, mine is shocking!

    1. Hello darling 🙂
      The right side of the palette has bigger wells and a full lipstick could fit there. I understand that most people think I’m crazy (my best friend called me up and said ‘I read your blog post, are you crazy?!’ LOL). My handwriting…oh lord 😛

  4. I like to do this once my lipstick has reached the tube and I can’t swipe it on anymore. I dig out the rest and put it in reused gloss palettes.