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I figure I better post about the limited edition Chronos palette by Rouge Bunny Rouge before it becomes impossibly hard to find, so here goes…

Rouge Bunny Rouge – Chronos Eye Shadow Palette

As per the web boutique, RBR likens this palette to black pearls and I can see why – the palette consists of cloudy jewel tones with various degrees of pearlescence. Swatches above were taken in direct, warm sunlight so appear rather saturated, in low light they read more dusty and muted. Regardless, the complexity and clever iridescence is on par with the permanent RBR shadows.

Shade descriptions

Champagne Pewter Highlighter – Equal parts champagne and pewter, this shade is not so metallic (as RBR describes) and has a soft iridescence that I’ve used mainly for layering to catch the light.

Metallic Rosy Brown – A dusty warm mauve with a metallic finish, the most reflective shade in the palette that performs beautifully when foiled.

Aged Bronze – A warm olive with golden reflect, the warmest shade of the bunch.

Aubergine Gunmetal – A blackened plum with sparse shimmer.

Midnight Blue Gunmetal – A dark gunmetal with a silvered blue shimmer overlay.

The lowdown

The textures are beautiful, some shades are very buttery (Aged Bronze and Metallic Rosy Brown) while others have a slightly dryer texture (Champagne Pewter and Aubergine Gunmetal) but it works to our advantage and allows for textural variation – no walls of shimmer here. RBR formulations are clever like that.

I was sceptical at first, Y NO MATTES? In practice, the Aubergine shade disperses little shimmer and functions well as an eye contouring shade (although a mid-toned matte never goes astray). All shades are pigmented and require no work for maximum impact.

I will say that the tonal colour story lends itself to complex hazes and less so to contrast so if you’re seeking a strong distinction, this palette may not float your boat. I roll with it, slapping the colours on haphazardly and layering for effortless complexity.

Overall, I’ve found the palette to be a unique addition to my collection and I reach for it most when crafting grungey hazes. I also love pairing it with a statement lip, as I’ve found the palette hits the perfect balance of colour that doesn’t compete with other elements on the face. You’ll see that combo in a tutorial to come and I also have a palette to give away so keep your eyes peeled 😉

The Chronos palette is available on the Rouge Bunny Rouge Web Boutique for a limited time and retails at 55 euro. What are your thoughts? Will you be picking up this piece?



The Chronos Palette was provided for consideration, although I would have gladly paid for it myself. All opinions are my own and I am not compensated/paid for any reviews. I am under no obligation to feature any product bla bla.

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  1. Oh, girl. I’ve already caved. I like it well enough, as the finishes are very pretty and the colors are certainly fall-worthy–the shadows seem very fragile, though; I wonder if we’ll have to be extra-gentle with the new formula. Can’t wait for your tutorial!

  2. So this has nothing to do with your post (though it was pleasant to read, as always).
    Could you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make Dustin Hunter your youtuber of the week sometime? He’s been uploading again and his content is Ah-mazing.

    1. He is freaking amazing! I have never seen anyone in the beauty youtube community be so different. I am curious if Karima has seen his channel.

  3. Yesterday I ordered two RBR single e/s, and I have another one to be delivered soon. I can’t wait to receive mines. I am tempted to try other products of the brand, like the Diaphanous powder, but I don’t want to splurge on everuthing I like at once. I’ll be looking forward the looks you create with this palette!

  4. Dear Karima,

    Many thanks for your lovely review of our palette, much appreciated! Just a quick correction from our side – the palette retails for €55, which is GBP43 at the current exchange rate. Our customers can change the currency in the upper left at our Web Boutique (to US$, AU$, GBP, etc.), base prices are always in EUR.

    Warm wishes and thanks again,

  5. I bought this one!!! She is on her way to my home! XDD
    Please do a video about how to rock this palette!!
    Again, you are my fav blogger, and I’m always looking forward to seeing your new uploads on Youtube!

  6. And there went my power to resist. Riiiight out the window. Those swatches… I… whaaaat?! The texture of the RBR shadows never fails to amaze me, and I just cannot get over the richness of these colors. I’d love to see how you put a look together with this palette! Thanks for the review and pics!

  7. Been wanting to get this palette since I first heard about it. I love RBR eyeshadows. Your review is like the final push! Can’t resist anymore.

    Also, I love the new layout!! Did your boyfriend do it? 😉 AWESOME JOB!!!

  8. Nice to hear that you didn’t get a ‘wall of shimmer’ effect – that was what I saw as the main drawback of this palette. Since I already have a healthy selection of RBR shadows featuring some similar shades, I’ve let Chronos fall off my wishlist … but your review makes it feel tempting all over again 🙂

    But really, RBR MUST REALIZE from teh internetz that their mattes are singularly fantastic.
    I would LOVE to see them release some colored mattes … in palette form they could add in a glitter topcoat to avoid breaking character. Classic would be pastels for Spring, and brights for Summer, but I’d most love to see less common shades executed in textural perfection.

    The blogs would EXPLODE.

  9. Hi!
    This question does not fit in this post(haha). i want to try the kevin aucoin skin enhancer, but not sure what color to choose. i have the armani luminous silk in 7(a bit dark to me), and chanel aqua in 10 in the winter for some examples. i have read your “guide” and i think maybe SX05 but not sure.. i have some redness but kind of yellow undertones, and don’t want something with pink undertones as it can make me more red?!
    please help me 🙂

  10. Hi Karima!

    First off, you are my Gym Youtuber (the highest Youtuber award in my books) because your videos are so effortless, it’s always a pleasure watching them, regardless of how much I am panting (if this goes any weirder :/)
    I hear your raves about RBR and I want to try the brand. However, would you have any idea about how their brushes fare? I am always looking out for good brushes (brush enthusiast, like you) and I was intrigued by their line.
    Have a good day!