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Do you have any idea how long I’ve been aching to do this post/series?

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

No but seriously.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

Nah fo realz this time.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

Okayy okayyy…

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick – The Lowdown

By Terry Rouge Terrybly is my favourite lipstick formula to date and I don’t throw that phrase around, there is years of gravity behind this statement. It’s been a bloody long journey but I’ve collected ten of my favourite shades (all I need…for now).

The lowdown: Rouge Terrybly is a range of highly pigmented lipsticks with a satin finish and a cushion-y texture, they wear evenly throughout the day and the soft silicone slip adequately hides my lip texture and persistent flakes. Bonus: Not only do they disguise liplines and dryness, Rouge Terrybly is of the few formulas that I would actually describe as hydrating.

The formula is feather light and thin in consistency which brings me to the main critique; some exhibit bleeding of product out of the lipline. I’ve not experienced this with any of the shades but I do have a rather arduous application technique: apply to the central part of the lips with a lip brush, blot, apply again, blot and finally, with the residual amount of product on my brush, fine tune + correct the shape of my lips. It’s takes an extra minute or two and you can omit this step but I’ve found this application to result in a stain that lasts most of the day, even through eating and drinking. Yes, the bolder shades DO stain (I actually love that when paired with a formula that wears evenly) and the blotted outcome is more of a matte-stain, but you do have the option of a matte or slightly-sheeny finish.

Public service announcement to refined noses out there: Rouge Terrybly have a soft fragrance, sorta candied roses with a dash of baby powder (it took me 20 minutes to pin that, don’t laugh). You’ll be happy to know that they’re not YSL lipsticks and the scent doesn’t linger.

Ingredients for one particular shade, Bare Instinct.


By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

I have noticed some variation in formula between the ten-Terryblys, which I will detail individually. Don’t get too excited though, today we’re going to be talking about three of the ten shades I own…

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

Rouge Terrybly in 21VD #400

Legend has it that 21VD was the first lipstick formulated by by by by By Terry and can be described as an ultra-vibrant orange with a hint of coral. It also has a touch of white in the base that amps up the vibrancy; one of the few white-based lipsticks I own that doesn’t exhibit settling, texture emphasis or that revolting white line that rears its head upon wear. 21VD is a shade that screams Spring, deliciously juicy and ripe. Since orange > red (I’m not looking for any trouble here…), it was a brainless purchase.

21VD wears beautifully – fades evenly, doesn’t settle into creases, no white ring of death, not drying in the slightest. I can’t fault it.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

Too much of a good thing, I paired 21VD with a blown-out orange crease and an orange floral arrangement (coz Spring, gettit?).

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

By Terry Rouge Terrybly – 21VD #400 // That’s…why we’re here
MAC Eyeshadow – Rule // Applied with a fluffy brush to the crease for a diffused, wearable orange
MAC Eyeshadow – All That Glitters // A light bronze shade, all over the lid
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow – Corrupt // The blackest black that ever blacked. Used wet to create a wing
Illamasqua Eye Pencil – Vow // On the lower waterline, this makes orange much easier to wear on the eyes
Anastasia Brow Wiz – Medium Ash // So easy, I just wish it was slightly cooler in shade

Rouge Terrybly in Frenetic Vermillion #200

The second Rouge Terrybly I acquired and undoubtedly a favourite, Frenetic Vermillion is aptly named: a brilliant red with strong orange undertones (or more simply, an orange based red). I find red lipsticks with an orange lean to be super flattering on my warm skin and Frenetic Vermillion wins first place in that category; it’s so freaking versatile, play it up with dramatic eyes or play it down for an everyday, casual red lip. Dare I say… my favourite red of all time?

Frenetic Vermillion is all I could possibly want from a red lipstick: kind on texture, doesn’t settle into liplines, hydrating throughout wear, slippy enough to be comfortable but not so much that it migrates and wears evenly like the perfect lip-stain. My #1 recommendation for first time Rouge Terrybly-ers.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

I opted for simplistic french-chic with a nude eye sans mascara, au naturale brows (heavily brushed up), a coral tone on the cheeks and that punchy orange-red on the lips. Keep the hair casual and Frenetic Vermillion is an effortless wear it anytime, anywhere red.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby
By Terry Rouge Terrybly – Frenetic Vermillion #200 // My child
Shu Uemura – Eyelash Curler // A must for any mascara-free look
The Makeup Store – Clear Brow Fix // I want dat vogue-brushed-up-brow dammit
NYX Jumbo Pencil – Milk // A fraction blended around the tear duct and under brow as a highlight
Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer – Ebony // Mostly the coral shade dusted on the outer cheekbones

Rouge Terrybly in Funky Ruby #202

Another red but with a strong pink undertone, Funky Ruby is the perfect option for those new to red lipstick as it nears magenta. It’s also a more harmonious choice for those with cooler complexions, as the blue undertones sit beautifully on those blessed with english-rose skin.

Cool reds are not my first choice but I was surprised, I really adore this shade and it is just as versatile as my beloved Frenetic Vermillion. Additionally, it shares the unrivaled formula of Frenetic Vermillion (which not all Rouge Terrybly do, will become apparent in another post) and is an absolute pleasure to wear.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

I paired Funky Ruby with warm sandy-beiges on the eye for some clash n contrast, as well as some winged eyeliner for extra GLAMA.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

Surprise! Delicate red wings peeping out there! To keep it wearable, I lined the upper waterline with black eyeliner to separate the red liner from the whites of my eye and loaded the lower waterline with nude eyeliner to negate the pink-eye effect.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

I know you wanted a close up. Maybe not but you got one anyway.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Part 1 : Review & 21VD, Frenetic Vermillion, Funky Ruby

By Terry Rouge Terrybly – Funky Ruby // Look at it… glistening in the sunlight
MAC Paint Pot – Layin’ Low // Used to create a peachy sandy base
Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes – Escapade // Sadly, patchy on its own so I layered it over the paint pot for peachy glimma
MAC Brown Script + Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie // Blended into the crease and outer corner
Makeup Geek Gel Liner – Poison // Like Electric, awesome shade and terribly patchy formula. I layered red eyeshadow over it to obtain above opacity/saturation
Hakuhodo Brush J521-D1 // Best. eyeliner. brush. ever. end.
Ardell Half Lashes – #301 // My favourite half lashes for a subtle outer corner flutter
Illamasqua Eye Pencil – Vow // To separate the red liner from the whites of my eyes. A few extra touches and yes, you can pull off a little red eyeliner. Don’t tell me you can’t.
Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder – Medium // The perfect contour powder, I used the included brush to carve out the cheekbones

Andddd 7 more shades to go! Stay tuned!


Complete list of products mentioned

Half Lashes
Half Lashes
Jumbo Eye Pencil
Jumbo Eye Pencil
Eyelash Curlers
Eyelash Curlers
Cream Color for Eyes
Cream Color for Eyes
Eye Colouring Pencil
Eye Colouring Pencil
Brow Wiz
Brow Wiz
Terrybly Lipstick
Terrybly Lipstick
Paint Pot
Paint Pot
Sculpting Powder
Sculpting Powder
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. Aaggghhh funky ruby my <3 I purchased FV after telling myself it's too orange. Brian said I can wear it…and so came out my wallet. Do you have Guilty Nude? Just got it and it's the perfect apricot!!

    You look fantastic K! xoxoxo

  2. You look absolutely lovely in every color! VD is calling me and I usually don’t like coral/oranges on me.

    Do your ByTerry lipsticks tend to shift? My Frenetic Vermillion snapped out of the blue one day and 2 of my friends had the exact same thing happen to theirs as well. It can’t just be coincidence if all three of ours snapped right?

    1. Thanks, Michelle!
      I haven’t had any of my By Terry lipsticks snap, then again I tend to not to carry them around at the bottom of my handbag (they’re kept in a cool area). Then again, it’s a soft formula so I’m not entirely surprised. xx

  3. Jesus every color looks amazing on you. I love all three of these and I don’t even wear bold lips often. Only you could pull off mascara-less looks, I swear!

    1. I wasn’t much into bold lips either, but after eye surgery I couldn’t wear eye makeup so I became accustomed to seeing myself in bold lips/no mascara. It’s not as hard to pull off as I once thought šŸ™‚

  4. I feel like I’ve been waiting for you to write this for as long as you’ve been wanting to! Oh, Rouge Terrybly, my loves. My collection only numbers 3 (Terrific Rouge [a great blue-based red for pale/cool skin], Carnal Attraction [which I know is coming up, yay!], and Funky Ruby [my latest, purchased half price!]), but I aspire to more, some day.

    I love each of these looks! Thanks for the inspiration for ways to take these beauties out more often!

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  5. These are gorgeous!!! I almost skipped because I can’t frickin afford them though haha. Completely fascinated by your application technique, need to try it – I love the look of the soft edge!

    1. Nooo Christina, don’t skip! A red lipstick is a red lipstick and I’m pretty sure you could create comparable looks with what you own (I’m just partial). xx

  6. This post is absolutely gorgeous Karima! The wait was worthwile. I haven’t tried yet any By Terry lipsticks but…who knows…maybe I’ll give it a try… Did you ever tried CK One pure color lipsticks? They are my favs so far!

    1. Thank you, Vesna! Pinks are next šŸ˜‰
      I haven’t tried any of the CK line actually, I’ve heard mostly mediocre reviews but I’ll check out the lipsticks (I think the is a counter in Sydney). xx

  7. I love these looks! My favourite looks are your more graphic/modern makeup looks, I really liked how you styled Frenetic Vermillion #200. I also really like the Burberry eyeshadow look with pink lips, your cool tone pink lip looks, and the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage look. You are such a “makeup stylist” with how you pair everything! Thank you!

    1. I’m a big fan of graphic looks, too šŸ™‚ Sounds like you favour the ‘pretty grunge’ look? Which is one of my favourite pairings šŸ™‚
      Styling makeup and coming up with pairings is the best part! x

  8. All three looks are amazing, really!!!
    The second one, however, is beyond fabulous, that red is just so incredibly flattering on you!
    Want, want, want!
    Now that you created a lemming, my problem is how to catch it!!!
    You mean I need to pack a suitcase, take my passport and choose a suitable By Terry shopping location? Ok, if you say so… šŸ˜‰

    p.s. I must try the red liner thing: it’s brilliant!

  9. I’ve always been a little scared of orange based reds (even though I’m warm toned), but that Frenetic Vermillion… WANT! Too bad I can’t get BT products here…
    Love the three looks!

    1. Orange based reds are the best! Love that fiery look. If you can’t get By Terry, another great orange red is NARS Heat Wave, it’s more matte so it really stays put. xx

  10. Funky Ruby looks like an absolute dream of a lipstick, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to justify purchasing something so exorbitantly priced…though reading your review makes me think twice. It really IS nice.
    Quick question – how do these compare to the Givenchy formula? I absolutely adore that one, and it’s much cheaper (still not what I would call “cheap” though – this is my down-to-earth self speaking, sorry ;)). Thoughts?

    1. Hey Alex,
      It is a big pill to swallow! FYI: Funky Ruby was on SpaceNK for 50% off so check that out if you’re interested in this shade. The Rouge Terrybly is a similar formula to the Givenchy Le Rouge, one distinction I’ve made is that Rouge Terrybly seems to have slightly less slip- but they are quite similar. xx

  11. These are my fave lipsticks too. :)) Can’t wait for the pinks – I was stupid enough not to buy cherry cherry when I was in the US, and now I’m gonna have to order it online, but I want to see them all swatched together in case I “need” other shades too. šŸ˜€ Please hurry, I literally refreshed your home page 30 times in the last few days, lol. šŸ˜€ Btw, I really love your blog, we have very similar taste and loads of fave product in common. Keep up the good work! :))

    1. Hey Petra! I’ll do a roundup post once all shades are completed so you can see the whole family of swatches šŸ™‚ It’s so cloudy in Sydney and I’m waiting for the sun to come out so I can take product pics! But the post should be up in the next day or two šŸ˜‰ x

  12. Hi Karima! Long time lurker of your blog here. šŸ™‚
    The By Terry Rouge Terrybly is one of the lipsticks I’ve always wanted to try but the hefty price tag prevents me from doing so. I love your swatches here and I’m particularly eyeing Funky Ruby as the first shade I’ll be going for.

    1. Hey Nikki!
      Double check if Funky Ruby is still on sale at SpaceNK (not sure where in the world you are) because it was 50% off! Much easier price to swallow šŸ˜‰ xx

  13. Does 21VD or Frenetic Vermillion contain shimmer?! Those are some gorgeous looks that you have paired with the different shades!

  14. OMG 21VD *feints* I want it so badly now. It looks so stunning on you (not that anything doesn’t). I actually really like the look of white-based lipstick colours. I feel like they brighten the face up really well and the colours are always clearer, if that makes sense – i.e. no murkiness.

    BTW your pictures are magazine editorial worthy IMO.

    1. I also love white based lipsticks! Love that pastel block of colour, pity they tend to be hard to wear :-/ If you have any awesome white based lipstick recommendations, I’m all ears!
      And thank you, my photos have come a LONG way lol. xx

  15. I neeeeed Frenetic Vermillion! The shop assistant in my local Space NK the other day was wearing the most amazing By Terry shade and then I remembered you posted this series so came here to find out which one it was. Definitely FV. Also that eyeliner brush – perfection on a stick.
    Do you use an eyeshadow primer? Do you have any recs? That peachy look is magical but it would never stay on my super-greasy lids for more than an hour and a half.

    1. Hey Georgie šŸ™‚
      You should have asked her what she was wearing! I chase people down the street to ask about lipsticks, no shame šŸ˜€
      That eyeliner brush I recommend to everyone, it’s a lifesaver for tightlining and precise flicks!
      Yes I almost always use eyeshadow primers unless I’m using a long wearing eyeshadow base. In that peachy look, I used a MAC Paint Pot (Layin Low) which I find to have good longevity but if you have issues with eyeshadow wear, you could layer it over an eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion for oily lids, NARS Pro Prime and Too Faced Shadow Insurance for normal lids).
      Hope this helps šŸ™‚ x

  16. Hi Karima,
    I really really really love your blog posts! Are you taking all the product photos under sunlight? I always find that makeup looks ten million better under the sunlight. I even put all my makeup by the windows and just admire the color and the loveliness of them. Am I crazy? ;P
    I love orange lipsticks so much but can’t find a way to wear it chic and effortlessly. Bought MAC Morange (love the neutral orange) and haven’t wear it once. Don’t know if it’s because I’m from Hong Kong so when I wear orange I feel very yellow… Yellow face yellow lips.

    1. Hey Sindy!
      I take my photos in daylight but not direct sunlight (which can be a bit too warm). I actually think it’s a good idea to put makeup on in natural light, gives the best indicator of shade!
      If you’re having issues with orange lipstick because you feel as though your undertones are too yellow to pull it off, you might want to go for an orange based red (like MAC Lady Danger of even By Terry Frenetic Vermillion). It might also be that you’re just not used to seeing that colour on your face šŸ˜‰ I sometimes wear bold colours around the house and after a while, I get comfortable with how it looks on me šŸ™‚
      Hope this helps! xx

  17. Thank you Karima for the suggestion, You look absolutely lovely in every color! i have bookmarked your site and will come to you again…

  18. Hi there! I know this post is somewhat older but I’m hoping you can still comment on it. I purchased Flirty Rosy a few months ago and it was my first lipstick of this range. It wears so beautifully, creamy, pigmented, lasts all day.. everything you said. However, it SMELLS of old crayons. Wondering if this is normal or did I receive old stock? I want to order more but I am hesitant because it really makes me wonder if this lipstick even has a scent or if it just went bad. One thing I have noticed is the rancid smell dissipates after a few moments of wear thank God so I can definitely still wear it. Thank you for any insight you can give me. Dana

    1. I just purchased one of these lipsticks from and it smells rancid. They were very good about me returning it and are sending me a new one. No way, this is how it’s supposed to smell. Don’t pay $50 for a stale lipstick, you should exchange it if you can.

    2. This seems to be a problem with the By Terry formula. I got one in 103 Plumping Nude from Beautylish that also had a horribly rancid smell (the pink one I got was fine). I emailed Beautylish about it but never got a response šŸ™ Apparently I’m now stuck with a stinky $50 lipstick. I’d like to try a red, but no way am I spending another $50 on something that might smell like rotten fish.

      1. The same just happened to me šŸ™ i bought 302 hot cranberry and it smells 30 years old lipstick, disgusting. i can’t return mine either, what a waste of money. People, never buy by terry online, this is really weird problem. I have about 100 lipsticks, including other from by terry and this is the first time i bought arancid lipstick from a shop šŸ™ i am pissed.

  19. Thank you so much for this recommendation! I just purchased Frenetic Vermilion, as suggested, and I cannot express how beautiful and easy to apply this it is! Literally a life changer. I must own them all ; )