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I had some sort of strange anxiety about writing this review – how could I convey the magic of my holy grail foundation? What if my vocabulary fails me? What if this becomes a novel in which I confuse the crap out of everyone? Beauty-blogger-first-world-problems (BBFWP).

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk was my holy grail foundation for yonks… until I discovered Armani Lasting Silk. I’ve been using the latter religiously for three years and I think it’s perfect in almost every way, the fact that I continue to try other options is a matter of insanity.

What sets Armani bases apart from other foundations is that they’ve perfected the concept of light bouncing pigment. I don’t pretend to fully understand the science behind it but all I can say is: these offer that soft focus, imperfection-blurring effect that is so sought after. The exception is Maestro, which entirely missed the boat (my boat, anyway).

I figured it would be a good idea to compare Lasting and Luminous because they’re both awesome but hopefully, this would provide some clarity as to why I’ve found Lasting Silk to be awesome-er. I figure, after three years, I’m finally qualified to write this review.

These photos were taken in natural (and notoriously unflattering) daylight with no flash, no primer, no powder and no concealer.


Observe: problem areas around the nose and apples of the cheeks, where we can see some localised redness. Do your best not to observe: any bruising around the eye.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV


Lasting Silk on your the left half, Luminous Silk on the right half. Can you detect a difference? We’ll discuss it more later.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

Luminous Silk

Perhaps the most raved about Armani product- this can be classified as an oil free yet dewy finish foundation. Coverage can be sheered out to almost nothing or built up to a fuller medium.

The soft-focus quality I spoke about earlier? This has it, that’s what initially drew me in.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

The texture is a slippery liquid, a sure sign of a silicone heavy formula. Hence, if your skin is sensitive to silicones, both Luminous and Lasting are going to wreak havoc. This silicone additive allows Luminous to glide on, concealing minor textural issues and omitting the need for a primer. I hate the term ‘built-in-primer’ (hello marketing) but I guess it sort of functions that way, as most primers are comprised of silicone.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

I am normal-skinned and have found that Luminous Silk lasts a full 15 hours without a setting powder, no unsightly melting around the face. If your skin is more combination to oily, I predict that you will have longevity issues.

Armani foundation shades work like this: full numbers are more neutral and 0.5 shades tend to be warmer. I own Luminous Silk in shade #5 and while it is a decent match, I would prefer a slightly more yellow undertone (for reference, I believe I’m somewhere between an NC20-25 but don’t quote me on that).

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

One final note on Luminous Silk – it photographs beautifully. I once worked with an incredible makeup artist who specialised in television makeup and she claimed that nothing photographed better. Something about the way it diffuses light, she said. Damn straight.

Armani Lasting Silk UV

Oh boy, where do I start. It’s some sort of perfect unicorn, y’know? The end.
No, I kid.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

While Luminous Silk is veers on dewy, Lasting has a distinct satin finish. I hear some people refer to this as matte and I disagree, it never appears flat or dull.

I’m back with that vague ‘blurring’ buzzword again, as it is even more pronounced in the Lasting formulation – it makes my skin look soft and supple and almost angelic (maybe I’m getting carried away here but you get the gist).

Lasting Silk offers a tad more coverage than Luminous but still within the medium range, any blemishes require a concealer and my irksome rosiness still peaks through, somewhat. Let’s zoom in on that before and after, to get a better idea of the coverage Lasting provides.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

Lasting also has a silicone heavy formula (as discussed above) to create the illusion of pore-less-ness. Neither foundation accentuates the mild flakiness that I occasionally suffer (Mandelic Peel… looking at you).

Both formulations are oil-free but include alcohol and fragrance. Thankfully, I’ve had no issues, I assume the silicone acts as an occlusive to keep things hydrated, but ultra sensitive skins be warned.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Versus Lasting Silk UV

Shall we address the ‘Lasting’ element? I rarely set this foundation with powder (don’t want to dull the beautiful) and it never moves. Although it has superior longevity than Luminous Silk, oilier skintypes will still crave a blot and powder at some point throughout the day.

My summer shade is #5.5 which, as expected, leans warm. Shade matches between Luminous and Lasting Silk do not perfectly correspond and this is where things get tricky- this is my ONLY beef with Lasting Silk: the spf 15 can be deceiving as it applies quite a bit lighter and deepens within the first 5 minutes. I strongly recommend wearing it for an hour before committing to a shade, just to be sure that you don’t end up with some surprise oompa loompa disaster.

The SPF does produce a minor flashback (not visible in our non-flash photos) – it’s nothing major but worth noting. If I were doing my makeup for my wedding (not that I’m getting married, Dad, calm your farm), I’d reach for Luminous because I’m entirely confident that it pictures true. For other 99.99% of the time, I’m partial to Lasting (this may shock you but I generally shun photography unless it’s for some greater good, ie: makeup blogging).

Application wise, I apply both these foundations with my fingers, using a rolling and dabbing motion. I enjoy the tactile experience and greater control, but I’ve used all sorts of brushes and everything worked well. The BeautyBlender doesn’t do the foundation justice, but that’s really a matter of preference.

Final Verdict – In the instance that my wordiness has you seeing stars…
Lasting Silk triumphs over Luminous Silk for me because; I generally prefer a satin finish (the happy medium) and the enhanced DARN blurring effect. Pores, see ya later. In instances where I must endure flash photography, Luminous Silk takes the cake.

Both foundations are housed in a 1oz bottle with a pump, because companies producing foundations sans pumps are behind the times and it’s freaking irritating and get your sh*t together.

Fellow Aussies, Armani foundations are available at David Jones for $90AUD. Pricy, yes, but I was on the same bottle of Lasting Silk for almost three years (and I used it about 4 times a week). Not bad, eh?

If Armani ever discontinues either of these foundations, there will be rage. I will egg houses. I’m serious.


NB: Some of the above links are affiliate links.

Complete list of products mentioned

Luminous Silk Foundation
Luminous Silk Foundation
Lasting Silk
Lasting Silk
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this review/comparison, and I have to say, I’m certainly not disappointed. This is the most helpful foundation post I’ve ever read, and I really thank you for taking the time and effort for writing such a beautiful, eloquent post.

    I can’t wait to try these foundations out!
    Btw, GA opened a counter at Myer (Pitt st) a couple of weeks ago; I just got a sample of designer lift from there and am very excited to give it a go. Any opinions on that one?

    Thanks again, Karima šŸ™‚

    1. Hey Jen! I’m so glad you found this review helpful- it took me quite a while to compile all my thoughts!
      And I didn’t know that Armani opened a counter in Myer Pitt St! I haven’t been shopping there in agessssss so thanks for filling me in. I recall purchasing Designer Lift for my mother but I didn’t try it myself- she did say that it appeared to have a moisturising formula. I’ll have to get a sample (although Armani counters must hate me because they always refuse)

      1. Thanks to your blog I have Maestro 5.5 for summer and recently Lasting in 4.5 for the actual winter
        Lasting in 4.5 works better for mi mixed with Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer. It adds a drop of “brown” and is perfect for my light olive skin
        Maestro in 5.5 worked ok at the end of summer though is a little peach for my particular taste. I was thinking in buying it in 4.5 for winter but enphazasices my pores too much in winter what did not happen in summer (?).
        Hope the tip of mixing Lasting 4.5 + Nars laguna liquid bronzer helps. I also have the Liquid bronzer from Armani but it is too pigmented and not easy for me to be careful
        Regards from Barcelona, Spain

  2. *gasp* I had no idea they contained silicone! I guess I’m not as sensitive as I thought. I already love Luminous Silk but I have been wanting to try Lasting. The makeup artist at the counter put me off it though, once Id told her that I get a little dry sometimes.

    1. Yep, they do! It’s not like Smashbox primer, which is a pure silicone but it is definitely in the ingredient list. I’ve used Lasting Silk on dryer skintypes without any issue- perhaps try to get a sample? Do remember that the shades are not identical as Luminous, though.

  3. Thanks for the post! I LITERALLY have three sample bottles of GA foundation sitting in front of me and have no idea how to choose! How do you think the foundation compares to say Diorskin Nude? Or GA Designer Lift?

    1. I’ve not tried the Diorskin Nude and I’ve only purchased Designer Lift for my mother, actually. I should try that one, next. Let me know how you find your samples!

  4. I agree 100% with everything you posted. I love lasting silk, I’ve been using it for years. I’ve tried luminous too. I too keep trying new foundations (samples) but this one is the best i’ve used.

  5. Hi, Karima,
    I’m so confused. You’ve said that Lasting Silk has a “silicone heavy formula”, but the Armani site says that this is a water based foundation. I have read that when using a water based foundation, one should use a water based primer. I just purchased the Lasting Silk and am wondering what primer I should use. Can you suggest some primers that are suitable for Lasting Silk? I was told that Armani Fluid Master primer is suitable but I’m sure there are other primers that would work well with combination skin (and lots of imperfections) and this foundation. I’m so hoping you can help me!

    1. Hey Kaz, Lasting Silk definitely has a fair bit of silicone, it appears in the ingredient list as Dimethicone. I’ve used silicone and water based primers underneath Lasting Silk, without any issues. It’s a case of finding a primer that suits your needs, I think! I liked Hourglass Veil Primer and the Armani Fluid Master Primer.

  6. Well, your worry of having a lack of vocabulary to describe your holy grail is unfounded…pictures speak a thousand words! both luminous and lasting silk look gorgeous on you. luminous is indeed picture perfect, I love it..but definitely can see why you prefer a satin finish

    1. I think it’s tricky, because Luminous pictures so well that it’s hard to see why I prefer Lasting. It’s just a nicer finish in real life, I think šŸ™‚ x

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your awesome expertise!!! You have really cleared up some confusion for me in terms of what color to pick in Luminious Silk. Every time I go to Sephora I am so overwhelmed by the color choices but I think I know which one I’m going to get šŸ™‚

  8. I just started using Luminous Silk a couple of weeks ago, and totally didn’t realise that it was so silicone based until I read this post! Thanks for the heads up. I love it but my skin doesn’t really like long periods of exposure to silicone so I will need to keep an eye on it. I also noticed that Luminous Silk looks AHHH-MAZING with a silicone based primer (I used Too Faced Primed and Poreless), which I wear for nights out.

    Shell xx

    1. Well there ya go šŸ™‚ Keep an eye on it- I’ve found that some silicone heavy formulas make my skin irritable but this one doesn’t, I assume it’s how the ingredients interact. Interesting, I had a question earlier about what primer to use under these foundations (not much of a primer wearer myself) so thanks for letting me know!

  9. I agree with everything you said. This is a great comparison between the two. I have a similar skin tone as you do, but seeing your pictures I see great result at both foundations, so to really know which one to use I should test it .. Will see, because the only problem is the price šŸ™‚

  10. I ordered mine online a little while ago after your review since it’s not sold in my country. I got the lightest shade; 2 I think. When I put it on my face I was really scared that it would be too yellow but it spreads out nicely and it’s a really beautiful and natural looking foundation. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  11. Hi, Karima,
    Back for another question. I feel more comfortable being able to finish/set with a powder, but I don’t want to lose that fantastic optical blurring and radiance of this foundation. Do you have a suggestion for a powder that would not “dull” the beautiful finish? I was looking at the GA loose powder as well as the GA Lasting Silk compact foundation. Would you recommend either of these or some other brand? My other preferred foundations are FACEAtelier Ultra liquid foundation and Guerlain Parure de Lumiere. I don’t like a true matte look. Any suggestions you can give will be so appreciated. Thanks for this comparison! It was soooo helpful and I do love the Lasting Silk foundation!

    1. Hey Kaz,
      Are you setting your powder for longevity/control oil or just because you prefer to take the immediate sheen off the foundation?
      If you’re looking to increase longevity, I quite like MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural (which doesn’t have a super matte finish) or the SUQQU Loose Powder in Natural. Both will not dull the luster, given you use sparingly.
      My favourite ‘finishing’ powder is Guerlain Meteorites, this actually makes the skin more luminous but never in a greasy way. It creates ‘expensive’ looking skin.
      Let me know if I answered your question šŸ™‚

      1. Hi, Karima! Thanks for the very helpful reply! I was looking for a nice finishing powder that would also extend the wear time of my foundation. I share your love for Guerlain Meteorites and can’t get enough of them. Although I like the “Mythic”, I’ve been using the “Wulong” pressed powder to “finish” and am loving it. However, since Wulong is LE, I am preparing myself ahead of time for the sad day when I hit pan and must use another daily finishing powder. I was able to go the Armani counter and had the SA apply some of the GA Micro fil loose powder over my Lasting Silk. Applied with a light hand, it seemed to set the foundation just enough but was not heavy at all. It has some sparkly particles in it but doesn’t leave a glitter finish, just very subtle glow. I’ve purchased it and will give it a try for awhile to see it I truly like it. Speaking of Guerlain, though, I ventured over to the Guerlain counter to pick up the Travel Touch and ended up being persuaded to purchase the Orchidee Imperiale “The Discovery Ritual” set (yikes, quite pricey!) to help my older, troubled skin. Hope these Guerlain skincare products are as effective and wonderful as the line’s foundation and powders. Anyway, as always, thank you for your thorough, thoughtful and ever helpful reviews and comments. You’re a gem!

      2. Ooh! I never got Wulong but I heard great things šŸ™‚ lucky girl!
        I’ve never tried the GA Micro Fill Loose Powder but report back in a while and let me know how you like it šŸ™‚ I might check it out!

  12. Hi Karima,
    I find my skin similar to yours. Normal and and flaking a bit as the chemical peels are at work now. Ive been itching to try this foundation, the luminous one and your in depth review is truly highly appreciated. Im a foundation fiend myself and have found the Lancome Teint Miracle pretty great, have you tried it? Whereas some liquid foundation cause my flaking to be obvious, this Teint Miracle covers it up. And the light reflecting is great too. Kryolan Tv paint stick is great for dry skin too.

    Love, Samm

    1. Hey Sam!
      I’ve been meaning to try Lancome Teint Miracle for agesss but I still haven’t got around to it. I will put it to the top of my list šŸ˜€ Thanks for letting me know!

  13. Hi Karima,

    Thank you for this great review. You have a way with words that really points out the merits of the products you review.

    For myself I purchased the GA Designer Lift (my new HG in Foundation) and my daughter was immediately hooked up with the GA Luminous.

    So again, thank you for your superb review and you look FAB.


  14. Karima, thank you so much for this review. Upon reading your glowing praise of the Armani foundation, which I knew nothing about, (and the fact that we are nearly the same color), I took myself to the nearest Armani cosmetic counter and tried out the Lasting Silk foundation. Whew boy! It gave me the complexion I have always dreamed of. I am so jealous of people with clear complexions, but I think this gives me a fighting edge. šŸ™‚ I bought it on the spot (shade 4.75). I was so excited that I did not take your advice and let it sit for an hour, but I think it will be ok because 4.75 was a tad too light and 5 was a tad too dark. The moral of the story is, thank you!
    P.S. I also share your adoration for Rouge Bunny Rouge – that is actually how I found your blog!

    1. Hey Sarah! Isn’t Lasting Silk incredible?! There is something magic about it. So happy you found something you love šŸ™‚ Rouge Bunny Rouge is the bomb dot com! xxkarima

  15. Hello i loved your review, i have very dehydrated skin at the moment and acne prone skin. Which of the two foundations do you recommend for my type of skin?

    1. It’s hard to say what may and may not break you out- the skin is a very complex organ and everyone responds differently. I have somewhat dehydrated skin and both work well, it totally depends on what finish you prefer. Satin, go for Lasting. Dewy, go for luminous. Hope this helps šŸ™‚ x

  16. Hey Karima!
    I’m a massive fan of your blog! Thanks so much for this review, there’s nothing else on the internet that compares the two!
    I’m a shade #2 (the lightest) in luminous silk but want to try the lasting as it sounds like it’d be great for me… I have to order my foundation online though, and seeings as you said there’s a slight difference in shades between the two foundations, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction shade wise? Xx

    1. Hey Tessa! Always a pleasure šŸ™‚ I would actually recommend using the same shade if you are a 2. If you can test it in person that would be ideal, the shades won’t correspond perfectly so keep that in mind, but it should still be an okay match. xx

  17. Hey karima,
    Thanks for this nice review.I have tried the luminoius silk and liked it in fact even my husband liked it when make up artist at armani booth applied it to me.But that time i was not very much familiar with this foundation so i came home and read out lot of reviews about it and also talk to one of my friend who is a make up lover and collectively got to know these pros and cons about lumionous silk that i liked on me;it is a beautiful foundation and really makes your skin look great but only for few hours,it is hard to make it longer lasting.After 4-5 hours this look fades away and your make up will look dull so inspite of thie fact that it looks really great on your skin,better not to go for it as it is not long lasting at all.Can you please share with me the way to make it longer lasting so that i will pruchase it along with those other product that could make it longer lasting. .thanks

    1. Hey Shipra,
      You have a few options, you can use a primer underneath the Luminous Silk to help enhance the wear time. You can also use a translucent powder after application to set the foundation, which should help a bit. Otherwise, check out Lasting Silk, similar finish but wears longer.
      Hope this helps šŸ™‚ x

  18. Hi Karima, I wanted to ask you this as I have commented on a post of yours before and you actually replied, and were extremely thorough… a rarity so thank you!
    I really want to buy the lasting silk foundation, it sounds great, I wondered if you could give me a quick comparison of it against Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, in terms of coverage, finish and longevity… and whether it’s good for winter flakes which Chanel doesn’e seem to be. I really hope you can help! Much love from Glasgow xxxx

    1. Hey Clara! I make a point of always responding in detail to blog questions, so ask away!

      The Chanel VA and Armani Lasting are actually rather different. The Chanel VA has a more liquid consistency and is more matte than the Lasting Silk. The Lasting Silk has a silicone heavy formula which does a better job of smoothing out texture of the skin and filling in pores. The finish of Lasting Silk is what I’d describe as semi luminous, it’s not tacky but it has light reflecting properties that brighten the skin. In terms of longevity, I think both exhibit decent lasting power.

      In terms of coverage, Lasting Silk does have a true medium coverage whereas the Chanel VA has a sheer-medium coverage, I’d say.

      Lasting Silk is definitely more forgiving on flaky skin than VA, this was my main beef with the latter.

      Overall, if you have oilier skin and you’re looking for a sheer-ish coverage, Chanel VA seems like the more suitable choice. For slightly dry to slightly oily skintypes looking for a true medium coverage, Lasting Silk would be the way to go.

      I hope I’ve covered all the points but if I’ve missed something, let me know!

    2. Thank you so much! I will definitely run to selfridges come pay-day… just wanted to ask if it flashes back in photographs due to the higher spf? Xx

      1. Hey Clara,
        I experience minor flashback from Lasting Silk. I wouldn’t wear it to a big event (wedding, prom etc) but for most nights out, it’s fine. x

  19. Hi, Karima,
    Back again for an updated post on Lasting Silk. I first tried it in May and have now made this my “go to” foundation for daily use. I love it! Although I am “in between” shades, I don’t mind having to purchase two shades (even at the price) because I truly love the ease of application (I use my fingers), the coverage (not at all heavy) and the staying power. It also goes without saying that the “optical blurring” effect is a miraculous gift from the heavens. I now use the GA Micro Fil loose powder to set (light dusting after applying the Lasting Silk), and I finish with a setting spray (UD All Nighter or Skindinavia Bridal Spray). Seriously, my makeup does last all day! I can’t thank you enough for your original post/review…if it weren’t for your blog, I wouldn’t have tried this foundation and it would have been my great loss. I’m in my mid-50s with hyperpigmentation problems and combo skin– even with all of this baggage, Lasting Silk makes me look (and feel) so much better. Thanks again for your terrific blog!!!!

    1. Hey Kaz! Thanks so much for updating me on your findings, I find this feedback really helpful. This comment really made my day, I’m so so pleased that you loved it as much as I do šŸ˜€ It’s great to hear that my reviews are helpful <3
      Much love, Karima. xx

  20. Hi, Karima, I’m back to tell you I couldn’t help myself – I went back and got Luminous Silk (#5). I wore it for my husband’s company’s Xmas party, where I knew there would be a lot of photos. šŸ™‚ It looked great! So thank you very much for putting me US$120 in the hole. No, seriously, thanks so much for the review!

    1. Hello again, Sarah!
      Luminous Silk is my #1 pick for photos šŸ˜€ So glad it worked so well for you! Not a problem, always willing to endorse a great purchase šŸ˜‰ xx

  21. The Armani SA behind the counter at Selfridges in London said to me today that lasting silk is being DISCONTINUED… Just as I’d fallen in love with it : ( : (

    1. I’m still investigating this! If it is in fact true, I’m going to buy ten bottles and put them in the fridge šŸ™ Is that insane? I don’t even know.

  22. Oh Karima! I bought the Lasting silk tofay in 5.5. Im asian and need my foundation to be hella yella (err yellow). My skin is combi with normal/dry cheeks and a nose that will be denmarks largest oil source. I think I am my colour ranges from just below mac 20ish in the winter to mac 25 in the summer. Do you think I bought the right shade? Also, do you still feel like the bottles lasts forever(years) without going bad? I rarely use foundation and think it’s just such an expensive buy concidering I think it’s too dark for me now (spring is slowly coming around so maybe it will match me come summer), and I dont even wear foundation on a daily basis. Omg this comment is such a mess, I hope you are not totally confused now. But since reading this post 100 times I decided to buy it but am now a bitttt…. Worried that I will regret. What are your thoughts on this horrensous comment?

    1. LOL this comment made my day. I’m also an NC20 to NC35 (but you may be more golden that I am, I’m a little olive) and I use 4.5 You may be better suited to 5.5, my best advice would be to put a spot on your chest and check it in a few hours (see whether it blends into the rest of the chest). I had my first bottle of lasting silk for three years and it was perfect, so as long as you store it in a cool dark place (even the fridge, honestly) it should last a long time. Hope this helps šŸ™‚ xx

    1. Drugstore or otherwise? I haven’t found a dupe. If you’re looking for a medium coverage, silicone heavy, satin finish foundation then Bourjois Healthy Mix fits the bill. Similar attributes but not a dupe. xx

  23. Hi Karima, i am back with a new question. After yuor kindly reply i have serched and gound the shade of foundation more similar to my color ( i have neutral undertones whith a little tendecy to pink) in Nars montblank.

  24. Sorry it posted before i writed my question. After reading yuir review i want to buy Giorgio Armani lasting and luminos silk, one for everyday use and the other for photos related event. Which color do you recommend? I have read in temptalia of luminos silk 3.75 but i can’t find this color enywhere. Ultimately can i use water based make up base (Rmk base) with this foundations?thank you

    1. Hey Romina,
      Mont Blanc is around an NW15 if I remember correctly. I think shade 3 in Luminous silk should work pretty well for you, it’s a full digit shade so it’s more neutral toned. Buying foundations unseen is very risky though so I’d try to get a sample, if you can. xx

  25. Hi karima, I’ve combination skin (oily nose, dry cheeks), which would you recommend out of the 2 for me? Also my shade in nars sheer glow is deauville. I believe I’m a 4 in luminous silk. What would my shade in lasting silk be if that were the case? Thanks so much!

    1. Hey there šŸ™‚ It depends on the extremity of your oily nose/dry cheeks but in this case, I’d go with the Lasting Silk because it’s less likely to slide off your nose. I think 4 in Lasting Silk would be the way to go here, if Deauville fits you well you’re likely neutral or slightly cool so you’d want to go with a whole number from Armani, 2 will be a touch light I think so 4 would be the closest match. If possible, get a sample šŸ™‚

  26. Karima, this review forced (FORCED!!) me to go and test out the Lasting Silk. I already owned Luminous in my summer shade and while it’s too dark for me now, I use it to mix with just about everything because even mixed the effect is beautiful. Lasting is even better for my combination skin, though, and I don’t know why I never thought to try that one instead. Afraid of matteness maybe? Anyway thanks for the recommendation, it’s my new fave and I’m done with the foundation hunt.

    But, since paranoia is part of how I function, I’m now super duper afraid Armani will discontinue Lasting Silk, because A. they don’t sell it in Sephora, only Maestro, Luminous, and now their (crappy, imo) CC Cream, and B. it doesn’t get at all as much press as the rest of their foundations, so I’m afraid they’ll have a collective stroke and pull the plug. If this happens (let’s hope not) and I go pick up a couple of bottles for backups, how long do you think the unopened bottled would keep without going bad? I’ve had Luminous for at least 2 years and there’s no sign of textural or scent change, separation, etc.

    1. Hey Adriana,

      I just discovered that I haven’t replied to this comment, so sorry!

      I’m glad you like the Lasting Silk! I’m in the same boat, it seems to be better suited to my skin type (when compared to Luminous Silk, although I love both).

      I’ve heard a few rumours going about that Armani may be discontinuing Lasting Silk (I would cry!) but I heard from a SA recently that they’ve heard no such thing.

      If you bought backups and kept them in the fridge, I imagine they would last a very long time (my bottle lasted 3 years and it was opened and unrefridgerated!).


  27. Hi Karima!
    I’m SUPER pale with a lot of pinkness in my skin that makes any yellow based products look horrendous on me.
    I finally found a foundation that matches (Dainty doll liquid foundation in 001, it’s actually off-white) but they just discontinued it! I have purchased Face Ateliers Zero Minus foundation which is a white mixer to lighten foundations and i was just wondering what pink based foundations you would recommend? Also if you know of any pale concealers i would be very grateful.

    1. Hey Lucy!
      I’ve always found that Guerlain Foundations lean cool/pink, sadly they don’t run very pale but with the right amount of Zero Plus, you could make it work. Lasting Silk in 4 in neutral leaning cool, so that might be an option too. Estee Lauder is also notoriously low on yellow options, I find their shades to be peachy pink. Hope this helps šŸ™‚ x

  28. Great post and blog! I have decided I will not cheat on my HG lover Lasting Silk for Luminous Silk, haha. I’m a work, but I can’t wait to get home and start watching all your youtube videos! xxx

  29. I know you posted this a long time ago, but would you mind telling me which shade of the LUMINOUS silk you’re wearing here (if you can remember?) Thank you

    1. Hey Alex! I swatched it in store today and I don’t think it’s geared towards my skin type; drier than the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (which already has the tendency to make me look dry). I think I prefer moist silicone formulas as opposed to dry silicone/dry oil formulas. xx

  30. Hi Karima!

    This review is fantastic. I really appreciate your in-depth description and suuuuper duper close up photos of your (gorgeous) face!

    I also recently purchased the luminous silk foundation during a trip to NYC, as no stores near me carry it. The sales clerk matched me to shade #5, and I, like you, wished it were more yellow toned to suit my skin. Now I am left with a full bottle and feeling scared to use it for fear of oompa loompa face! You mentioned wishing your shade #5 was a bit yellower…did you ever find a suitable shade replacement with a yellower tone?

    Thanks a bunch! xxx

    1. Hey Jennica šŸ™‚ Glad you liked the review!
      Currently I use shade 4.5, it is more yellow than 5 (and a touch lighter) as the half shades tend to be yellower than full shades. That being said, I’d describe it as neutral and the Lasting Silk range appears to run warmer. 4.5 in Lasting Silk is significantly more yellow than the corresponding shade in Luminous Silk and fits me much better.
      Hope this helps šŸ™‚ x

  31. Hi Karima,

    I am new to your site and boy am I happy to have found it.

    I have always fantasized about owing a bottle of Lasting Silk but the problem is in my country there is no armani counter hence I can go to get a shade matched.

    Therefore, I hope you may help. I am asian. Mac a NC18-NC20. What shade in Lasting Silk do you think will best match my skin tone?

    Also you did mention something about Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, is it worth the investment as it is really expensive.

    Thanking you in advance for your help and advice.

    1. Hey Yvette,
      I’m always hesitant to recommend shades because it’s impossible to recommend over the internet and I wouldn’t want you to waste your money. That aside, if I had to approximate your shade, I’d say Lasting Silk in 4.5 (this veers around the NC20 mark).
      I’m not a huge fan of the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer (unless I’m mixing it with concealers to make foundation) but it would depend on your preferences and I’d try to get a sample or small size first, before committing. Hope this helps šŸ™‚

  32. I enjoyed this post so much! God knows how we end up in all these blogs, but I always appreciate the surprise of finding a talented yet insane raving/ranting obsessed beauty blogger rather skillful with words, with da wits and a sharp sense of humor like yourself. Love it. I was just trying to figure out all the numbering thing out of the Armani foundations, so thank you and now will proceed to snoop on the rest of your blog.

    1. Hey Andrea!
      I’m so flattered! Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed the post šŸ™‚ The Armani shade system is relatively simple: linear (lightest to darkest) and the 0.5 shades run yellow while the full numbers lean neutral.
      Welcome to the shamfrip šŸ˜‰ x

  33. Hey Karima!
    I’d really liked your revieuw on the giorgio armani luminous silk foundation, now I want to buy it but I don’t know my colour. I’m in 1w2 sand on the estee lauder foundation so i’m thinking about the shade 4 or 5.. What would you recomment?

  34. Great review and love your dash of humor. It was very helpful in selecting which GA foundation to get. Have you tried the GA Lasting Silk UV Compact as well? If so, which shade do you use? The Nordstrom here doesn’t carry all the shades so it’s hard to guess which one works. Thanks and you are beautiful btw!

    1. Hey Mel šŸ™‚ Glad you found the post helpful. I actually don’t use the GA Lasting Silk compact, I’m not even sure that they offer that product in Australia! Sorry I couldn’t be more help! x

  35. Hi Karima,i liked your post so much,it is very detailed
    I just need little help with shades,i’m mac nc15 in studio sculpt,and have nars sheer glow in siberia,but is too light for me now,im torn between 2 or 3 shade in luminous silk,if you can tell me the difference? Tnx :-*

  36. Hey Karima!
    I recently went to the GA counter in Myer and got matched to the luminous silk (feel in love with it). This was before I came across you on youtube. After reading this review and seeing that you loved the lasting silk, I’m starting to fall in love with it just from hearing it .
    I noticed you mixing the Chanel Le Blanc and GA Lasting Silk in some tutorials, so I’m just curious as to why you do that. You’ve sort of convinced me to try out this combo too (I’m a very easily persuaded person). Does this combo make the foundation colour lighter?


    1. Hey Viv,

      I mis Chanel Le Blanc with foundations to make them more luminous and to lighten the shade (mixing can lighten half a shade to a full shade, depending on ratio).

      Try get samples if you can!

  37. Hi Karima!

    I’m at the end of my Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation and decided to do a bit more research before re-purchasing when I stumbled upon this! I’ve been a long-term user of Armani foundation also and completely agree with the longevity of a single bottle (I’ve used 3 bottles in three years). I was hoping you could help me out a bit though, I have been through two bottles of Luminous Silk #5 and one Maestro (same shade) and loved all of them. Maestro is completely watery in comparison but I don’t hate it because, as you mentioned about Armani foundation, it blends super easily, so though the coverage is nowhere near Luminous, I felt it gave me a naturally-perfect look and didn’t need to prime (but again not the right foundation for those with problem skin).

    I was all convinced after reading your piece that I should buy lasting silk but I’m wary of what you said about it not matching up (shade-wise) with luminous. Do you find that you are a ‘darker’ shade of lasting vs luminous? My skin does not really change with the times and as such I don’t think my ‘summer’ shade would vary from my ‘winter’ much at all. Are you able to elaborate a little on the shade difference? As I mentioned I’m a true #5 in luminous/maestro and though I can always go into the city and talk to the Armani counter,I felt like I’d get a better answer (without the pressure to buy something quickly) from you.


    1. Hey Zandalee,
      To answer your shade question: I have a 4.5 in both luminous and lasting silk, the luminous runs deeper. If you’re a 5 in luminous, you may be a 5.5 in Lasting.
      The best idea, swatch both on your chest and walk around for a few hours. Then check the swatches in natural sunlight.
      Hope this helps šŸ™‚

  38. hi karima šŸ˜€ I’m going to marry in july but i haven’t found the right foundation yet and maybe you can help me. I have dry to combination skin (more on the dry site) with flakiness around the nose and on the forhead, sheer little hairs on the cheeks and jawline, and my nose gets easly red (sometimes i look like rudolph ;P) and fine lines. the problems I have with foundations is that they often are too drying, enhancing my flaky areas around the nose and the hairs on the cheeks (>.<") and my skin is looking dull although I applied a good moisturizer before. The more dewy foundations often get slippery in summer. If I apply a to rich cream before it becomes slippery too. If I don't it gets dry. At the moment I haven't found a solution that works for me! I'm searching the perfect foundation for me that makes my skin looking luminous with a light coverage (I like it more natural looking so that my freckles are showing through) and that obviously photographs well (because of the wedding pictures). I hope you may can give me some good advices.
    thanks, andrea

    1. oh I forget to mention that I was thinking in fact of one of these two ;D that’s why I’m writing under this blogpost. but I’m not sure and because I don’t have a armani-counter nearby it would be difficult to get my hands on samples to see if they work for my skin. I think that maybe both could work for me (hopefully) and I was leaning towards Lasting silk because of the blurring effect, forgiving on dry patches and longevity. but if it causes flashback maybe luminous silk would be better for me. hmmm.. the wedding begins at 2 pm (open end) and the ‘main’ wedding-pictures would be taken by daylight so without flash. but in the evening/night there surely will be flash-photography and therefore flahsback. Oooh such a difficult decision! (0o0″)

      1. Hey Andrea,
        You really don’t want to risk any flashback for your wedding, I would suggest Luminous Silk between the two. You might also want to check out MAC F&B, the coverage is buildable and it’s very kind to flaky skin.

      2. mmh your right. thank you very, very much for your kind help! <3 (*' v '*)
        ..and for all your videos&posts.. I simply adore watching&reading you ;D

    2. Hello, I’m not too sure how it works in photographs. But for dry, flakey skin the YSL teint touche eclat foundation is beautiful. It does not stick to dry patches, rather it just glides over the skin and it leaves the most beautiful, glowy finish. The coverage is about a medium, but it’s very lightweight and natural lookin. I find the lasting power to be pretty good too.

  39. Hi Karima. As a new subscriber, I’ve been loving your tutorials! I’ve using luminous silk for about two years in 5 for Winter and 5.5 for Summer. You’ve stirred my interest in lasting silk now, but wondered which you like better, that or Ko Gen Do since you’re using it in a lot of your recent tutorials? Is KGD 213 similar to LS 5? Thanks, Cheri

    1. I like them both for different reasons, the KGD is a little lighter so I like it for day. The luminous silk is fabulous for any sort of filming or photography work šŸ™‚
      KGD in 213 is a similar depth to LS in 5, but much more olive as opposed to golden.

  40. Hi Karima,

    I think I found a person who can end my misery in searching for the right shades for armani and ellis faas. Fingers crossed, it may be you!!~ No pressure .. so sorry if i’m haha. I live in a place, I can never test out foundation in person.. so online is only option. What does 0.25 and 0.75 means in Armani foundations? I’m in between NC15-20, deauville/ceylan in nars (this is because .. i listed two hard to distinguish those two for me when I apply it to my skin), bourjois 51, neutral to slightly yellow undertone, I like wearing my foundation just a tad lighter. Should I get 3 or 4 in armani luminous silk and lasting silk? or in betweens? (like the.. 0,25..0.75). Do you know anything about Ellis Faas Skin Veil foundation? Should I be getting 101 or 102 on that foundation? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hey Dan,
      I’m really hesitant to match people online, it’s near impossible! Have you looked at these swatches of Luminous Silk? They depict undertones pretty well

      I think Luminous Silk in #3 would be equivalent to a NC15, so it depends if you are closer to NC15 or NC20.

      I don’t have a match in Ellis Faas, they were all too peachy for my olive skin so I can’t help you with shades on that line.


      1. Hi Karima! I know it’s been super while back but I thank you for replying back to me. Ever since I have discovered this page, I been watching your youtube videos and it was such a pleasure!

        I have purchased this foundation in 3 and guess what? I have learned that (through multiple emails back and forth with sephora) shade 3 is lighter than shade 2! I dont blame you at all for that, no one would have guessed it. I have not seen the comparison of shade 3 and 2 myself but according to the emails from Sephora, it is apparently lighter. I hope it will be helpful for others to find their right shade in the future!

      2. I own both and I’m a NC15. I’m a #3 in Luminous (you are likely to be a #4, which i slightly darker) and I own the #4 in Lasting Silk. In Ellis Faas foundations I have the lightest shade, s101, I think? So you might be a 2.

  41. Hi Karima,
    After reading your post, I tried Luminous Silk Foundation and Lasting Silk Foundation. I prefer Lasting Silk too! Its satin finish looks amazing and shade 4 is a perfect match for me. I am an Asian and I have tricky undertone. I feel that I have neutral undertone with a touch of olive or yellow undertone(not sure about that). I wonder which shade should I go for in KGD aqua foundation. While Lasting Silk Foundation works so well on me, I still want to have something with better ingredients so I could use everyday because I have acne-prone skin. I am also interested in KGD moisture foundation that I do not know have you tried it before. Plus I just purchased Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation in shade 002. I have not received it yet. I know it might be too yellow for me (well, I guess 101 will be too light for me and 102 might be too dark for me). What I hope is that it better not turn orange on me(this might happened to me when I using something with strong yellow undertone). Just really need a medium to full coverage foundation with beautiful finish for special occasions…

    Really love all your posts and videos! There are always so cute and helpful!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. If Lasting Silk in #4 is perfect for you, SUQQU Frame Fix in 002 will likely be the right depth but more yellow.
      KGD Aqua in 213 is perfectly olive but a shade deeper than Lasting Silk in 4. I’m not sure that KGD Aqua has a lighter shade in an olive hue, but if you find out – let me know!


  42. Thank you for posting this! It was exactly what I was looking for. The internet abounds with reviews of each of these, but this was the best comparison of the two.

  43. Hi Karima šŸ™‚ I just bought the Luminous Silk in the shade 5. I am so pale but unfortunately in my country the palest color is the shade 4. I dont know why i didnt get the shade 4 but i really wonder if theres any HUGE difference between these two shades? like is shade 4 is much paler than 5? I know i can see it in the picture above, but still i want to know the difference once they blend in. Please help me šŸ™‚ thanks! and love you :))

  44. Hi Karima, I have quite yellow/olive skin as I’m half South East Asian. Does the Armani Lasting come in darker shades or stops at #5.5??

  45. I love that you reviewed Luminous Silk so thoroughly! I’ve wanted this foundation for so long, but I don’t know what shade to get! The closest Nordstrom that carries Armani is 2 hours away, and that’s a long drive for just some samples. I currently wear MUFE HD in N115 and Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in 002… Any tips on what shade I may be?

    Thanks so much!

  46. Hello! I know this was a blog from aaaages ago, but I need assistance šŸ™‚ I am an avid Luminous Silk #6 wearer, but I need to start using a concealer. Help?! What is the best shade to match? I want something that is equally good quality! Thanks

    1. Hi Jacqueline! I want to purchase Luminous Silk for my wedding and I think I could be a shade 6. What’s your shade in other foundations? Thanks!

  47. Would you happen to know if Luminous Silk shade 3 and Lasting Silk 2 are somewhat similar? I’m very light NC15 yellow olive.

    1. Hi, this may be a bit late but I own #2 and #4 of the Lasting Silk UV and have a sample from the Luminous Silk in #3, #3.75 and #4. My best match is the Lasting Silk UV in #4, which is sometimes just a tad too dark for me. My best match in the Luminous range is #3 (very similar to Lasting #4, but a hair lighter).

  48. Fantastic review! I hate that there are literally no stores around me that sell this so I can’t get rematched. I had been wearing 5.5 (matched at the airport so is my summer shade) I’m now a lot lighter and this is far to warm. I think I may need anywhere between a 3.5 – 4.5 my nars shade atm is Santa Fe do you happen to know which shade in AL silk that would be comparable to?

    From my research online the Armani website shows me at a 4 or 4:5.

    Any advice would be fab

    Thanks šŸ™‚

  49. Hi Karima! How major is the flashback on Lasting Silk? Im Combination Skin and I think best suits me with regard to the formulation but im suppose to use it during events. im afraid that the flashback is very visible on lasting silk

  50. Hi Karima,
    Love your post and videos! My skin is light neutral and was recently matched to GA lasting silk in #4. What would you recommend as my match for GA luminous silk?

  51. Hey Karima!

    I’m having quite a hard time finding a foundation that matches Lasting Silk in 4.5. I’ve noticed that you have worn this shade in your videos and was just wondering if you’ve found other foundations that are comparable to its colour.

    Thanks so much! šŸ™‚

  52. Hey there,

    I am very confused which shade to choose, I was told by the girls at the G.A store that 5.5 is my shade but I forgot to notice if it was luminious silk or mastero or anything else. I have no way to get back to the store now couple of reasons so here goes my question. Does the shade vary according to the name it is under. For example now that my shade is 5.5 so I can purchase anyone of the range [luminious silk, or lasting, mastero] ? or would my shade varry for each of these .
    Can u please help

  53. Hi Karima!
    So I noticed that you use Lasting Silk in 5.5 here, but use the shade 4.5 in your Youtube videos. Is it because of seasonal change?
    Like you, I’m also 213 in KGD Aqua (which I bought because of you :p). So I am trying to guess whether I should go with Lasting Silk 4.5 or 5.5. Thanks!

  54. Question: I was 5.25 in Lasting Silk — perfect match — and now it has been discontinued. I have oily skin. What would the closest match be for me? Should I try 4.75 Luminous Silk or should I try matching 5.0 and 5.5 or 5.75 of Lasting silk?

  55. Hi!

    I agree with Lasting Silk – I have never tried a more beautiful foundation!

    Since it’s summer, I want to ask – have you tried the Lasting Silk compact? If so, is it as good as the Lasting Silk fluid?

  56. You are an absolute star! Best review I’ve found for either of the two haha

    Do you know if seperate sun protection under foundation also produces the flashback? I’m trying to decide between the two but I’m about to head off on a holiday where sun protection for my pale self will be necessary but flash photography in the evenings is unfortunately almost guaranteed haha.

    Also, does luminous mattify/satinify well with powder?

    Now to find a match for my awkward super pale but very much neutral toned skin! (Been matched both NC and NW by Mac and in a 15 and a 20 – no one seems to have a clue hahaha)

    1. Hey Emily,

      Yes, certain SPF in primer, moisturiser and other products can produce flashback even when applied under foundation. Probably not the answer you’re looking for but I would recommend a different foundation for evening (you’ll likely want to reapply sunscreen throughout the day anyway).

      Luminous Silk does mattify nicely with powder and for your shade match, swatch #4 šŸ™‚


  57. From your photos, I think the luminous looks better!

    I recently purchased the luminous (it’s now 95 dollars). While the no 4 is ok in the middle area, I find that it doesn’t match the skin colour on the forehead and chin. Should I go back for a second colour match? hmmmm

    ƍ got a request. I’m quite clueless when it comes to makeup. Would you be able to do a tutorial on what minimum tools and makeup a newbie should invest in?

  58. NEED help!
    Hi Karima. I am writing because I don’t have an Armani counter where I live so have to buy ut online. I need your help because I am exactly your shade (NC 20-25) and have succesfully bought other foundations following your colour match (Koh Gen Do for instance). Which is the best shade in the Lumnibous Silk for you? I once bought 4.5 (too peachy…) and 5 (I have made it work but still runs a little peachy/too neutral/not olive enough for me). Does number 4 work for you? Thank sooooo much

  59. Hi Karima, I’m in Melbourne and can’t for the life of me find an Armani counter anywhere! Any ideas/suggestions as to where I could try a tester or get some samples before committing to a shade online? It looks like Sephora doesn’t sell these anymore?! Thanks!

  60. Hi Karima

    I love the finish of the Armani foundations but they have awful colours for darker tones. I have been researching for a while to find something with a similar finish but better colours. Thus far I’ve been unsuccessful so I’m asking my holy grail YouTuber haha. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!!!

  61. I have been using Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk for about 8 years or so. This wonderful foundation was discontinued by the Armani company. I am SO bummed about this. Luckily I found on EBay and bought several. I think I am going to buy even some more. The Lasting Silk makes my skin look amazing and I just adore this foundation. I found the Lasting Silk on a website called Cosmetic Now Australia. They have the foundation for less than what it used to cost retail.