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Friends! I hear your requests for another concealer smackdown, welcome to instalment #3 🙂 If you are not familiar with the Sham Frip Smackdown series, essentially I select a category and review a whole bunch of brands within that category so you can be a savvy consumer.

Let’s do dis.

Undereye Concealer Smackdown #3

Clarins – Instant Concealer in 01

The Clarins Instant Concealer would be my pick for those who prefer ‘a skin-like finish’, it sits very close to the skin. Uber lightweight with a medium buildable coverage that blends effortlessly. Two gripes: sucky colour range (three shades to cover the population? Nay) and it must be set with powder almost immediately or it will collect in fine lines, so I wouldn’t consider it inherently long wearing.

Shiseido – Natural Finish Cream Concealer in 2

…not what I would describe as a natural finish, it’s full coverage and looks it – I can really see product sitting on the skin. Very thick in consistency so the product can be tricky to spread and blend. It seems to have good longevity but wears not-so-elegantly, sorta cakey towards the end of the day.

Benefit – Fake Up in 02 Medium*

Super slippy and balmy in consistency with sheer coverage, I find Fake Up to be sufficient for no-makeup-makeup days (I quite like this striped and blended on the face in place of foundation) but not beefy enough for a full-face look. If creasing is a deal breaker, skip it.

Paula’s Choice – Soft Cream Concealer in Soft Neutral*

A medium coverage cream concealer that remains tacky on the skin, I foresee that oilier skin types will experience creasing instantly. The shade range is limited and all shades seem to run rather yellow so if you have significant blue/purple discolouration, it might throw some ashy tones.
I don’t hate it but I don’t love it (apologies to the diehard Paula’s Choice fans), overall I think it would be better suited to concealing larger areas of the face, particularly for drier skin types.

Viseart – Concealer Corrector Palette in 01

I was part of a shoot recently and the Viseart Concealer Palette came in handy because of the colour range and variety of correctors but a bit excessive if you’re only working on one face (your own). I tried to repurpose it for foundation, sheering the product out with primer and moisturiser but the product kept separating, too much faff and hassle. Used as an undereye concealer, it offers medium coverage that is prone to creasing. A resounding meh.

Mac – Pro Conceal & Correct Palette in Light

This palette contains a range of Studio fix shades, which can be purchased individually. This formula only adheres on the skin if warmed up first and I often whip it out for concealing significant portions of the face (pigmentation and such). The coverage is medium to full but it doesn’t have illuminating properties that I require for my hollow-y undereyes (thanks eye surgery, you asshole).

Make Up Store – Cover All Mix

Hard to the touch but surprisingly, once warmed up by body temperature, it’s not half as dry or crepey as I would have expected. If you love the idea of a corrector, this is definitely one to check out – the pink toned portion really knocks back any blue tones. Topped with the flesh shade and I achieved full coverage. Two cons: I don’t have a perfect shade match (the lighter kit caters for NC15’s and the deeper kit is entirely too dark) and judging by the *godawful* counter testers, the creams are prone to drying up so be diligent with the lid!

Charlotte Tilbury – The Retoucher in 2

Hey! This stuff is actually great, one of the better pens thus far; not as much coverage nor as smoothing as By Terry Touché Veloutee or Clarins Instant concealer but a suitable amount of coverage for day-to-day with a skin-like finish.
If I’m doing a smokey eye, I seek something a bit more but The Retoucher rivals the Ellis Faas concealer as my quick go-to. Shade 2 is perfect for my NC20 undereyes and doesn’t pull any weird ashyness.
A note regarding application: I tend to apply this prior to my base because it can disturb foundation if applied after.

Undereye Concealer Smackdown #3

Urban Decay – Naked Concealer in Light Neutral

Saved my favourite for last, the Urban Decay Naked Concealer wins first place in this smackdown and it’s darn near perfect (on my skin type and skintone, based on my preferences etc).

The coverage is ideal for smokey eyes or insomnia-induced circles and can be applied sparingly for minimal makeup days. The formula definitely sets to a demi matte finish; one must blend edges rather quickly.
Much like matte foundations, I probably wouldn’t recommend this formula for ultra dry or mature skin types (although an emollient eye cream might prove a decent workaround).

In some ways, the Naked Concealer is similar to the NARS Creamy Concealer but the former is thinner in consistency, smoothing on fine lines and far less prone to creasing. So entirely different? LOL derp.

My only caveat (darn near perfect instead of perfect period) lies in the shade range, the colour selection confuses me; random leaps in depth while some undertones lean greyish.

Tl;dr version, if you can find a decent shade match, I highly recommend it.

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Are we bored of undereye concealer smackdowns yet? If you’re still keen, leave some undereye concealer recommendations in the comments and maybe I’ll have a fourth instalment for you 😉


* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest when I review products 🙂


Complete list of products mentioned

Corrector, Contour, Camouflage HD Palette
Corrector, Contour, Camouflage HD Palette
Soft Cream Concealer
Soft Cream Concealer
Fake-Up Undereye Hydrating Concealer
Fake-Up Undereye Hydrating Concealer
Natural Finish Cream Concealer
Natural Finish Cream Concealer
Naked Concealer
Naked Concealer
The Retoucher Concealer
The Retoucher Concealer
Instant Concealer
Instant Concealer
Dream Lumi Concealer
Dream Lumi Concealer
University Palette
University Palette
Creamy Concealer
Creamy Concealer
Pro Longwear Concealer
Pro Longwear Concealer
Diorskin Nude Concealer
Diorskin Nude Concealer
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. Yes, I love these! Thank you Karima! I do have a few I’d like to get your opinion on since I’m still on the hunt for the perfect concealer…
    Jane Iredale concealer
    Bare Minerals Bare Skin concealer
    It cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
    I hope to see a #4 some day.?

  2. I love your reviews! But since we’re discussing concealers, can you compare tarte, Bobbi Brown’s serum concealer, givenchy teint couture, and cle de peau’s please? I’m new to concealer and have been using Nars’ and Chanel’s. For some reason, my dark circles look even darker with concealer on (I don’t know why). Thanks in advance.

    1. What is the color of your dark circles? You probably choose the tone that enhance the color of your dark circles, rather than counteracts it. I don’t have any dark circles at all, so no personal experience, but I would go to some professional brand counter, which have a big choice of tones for concealers, or I would buy a palette with different tones (BB, Mac, Makeup for ever, etc) to experiment with tones at home in a day light. Alternatively, if you have a color wheel that shows the color resulting from mixing two other colors, you can also use it to find which color, when mixed with your dark circle color, results in your natural skin tone.

    2. This happened to me. Because I wasn’t choosing a shade that counteracted the darkness, the area would turn ashy and look worse. It wasn’t until I tried it cosmetics bye bye under eye in medium (it has a peachy color) that they were covered up. So you need a corrector first. Although if they’re not that dark the UD naked skin concealer counteracts a bit and conceals very well.

    3. Hey Ruth,
      Like the two posters below, I agree that you could potentially be using less-than-ideal shades, which can enhance circles. I’d say don’t go too much lighter than your natural skintone (half a shade at most) and pick a concealer with a peach undertone (if your circles are blue/purple).
      The wrong undertone can often give an ‘ashy’ cast that exacerbates discolouration πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Karima! Concealer that I find absolutely perfect for me (looks natural on my skin tone, no crease. no drying, no need for setting powder, spf) – Erborian BB eye (only 1 tone available, but it is a ver ynatural neutral tone). I also like a lot the Trish Mc Evoy concealer in terms of formula, which is similar in formula to Erborian, but Trish has only 3 shades of it and Erborian better suits my light neutral skin tone. I also have Cle de Peau and find it very drying (and I have oily skin) and accentuating lines, also way too thick, color result much lighter than in tester, wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. Try the new Bobbi Brown serum corrector and concealers they are great very easy to work with and dont crease on my sahara desert skin. g

  5. YES! I’ve been waiting for your opinion on the Naked Concealer! I was quite disappointed after all the hype around the NARS concealer and then found it to crease and actually get a little cake-y if applied too heavily. πŸ™ When I saw your review of it I was like, “YES! Finally a discerning review!”. *Now* I think I might believe the hype about the Urban Decay. THANK YOU!! And keep more of these coming if you can rustle up some more options πŸ˜›

    1. “When I saw your review of it I was like, β€œYES! Finally a discerning review!” +1. LOVE Karina’s thorough and well researched, articulate reviews! :))

    2. Hey Michelle,
      I much prefer the UD Naked to the NARS Creamy Concealer – obviously very dependant on skin type but the latter just looked heavy on me. The UD Naked sits nicer on my skin πŸ™‚

    1. I was going to ask about these, too. Paula’s Choice loved them for color choice and ingredients – I’d like to know how they sit and wear relative to all of these others.

      1. Have you used/tried the original Bobbi Brown Corrector in the pot? Less expensive, works great (I’ve not tried the Serum so can’t compare).

    2. Many votes for the BB Serum concealer and corrector! Interesting! Will try it out and report back, I didn’t love the original BB concealer/corrector formula but hopefully the new one will be up my street πŸ™‚

  6. Hello Karima!
    My favorite atm is the Naked Concealer as well! MAC’s Light Boost pen is for my no-makeup but light coverage days.

    what color in the Naked concealer do you use? I’m struggling to decide which is least ashy on me and we have veryy similar skin tones! <3 <3

    1. I would love to know as well since I’m also very similar in skin tone. Also, do you find that the shade of UD naked concealer matches you very well? Or is it one of the shades that leans ashy? Thanks!

      1. Hey Abir, hopefully my response below answers this question πŸ™‚ For the most part, it doesn’t run ashy on me but that is dependant on how dark my circles are on the day. x

    2. Hey girl πŸ™‚
      I use Light Neutral, if my discolouration is really bad on a given day, I might add some peachy corrector beforehand because that shade runs quite neutral. FYI, I don’t go much lighter in my undereye concealer – if you like a super brightening effect, go Light Warm.

  7. I’ve been so tempted to buy the Urban Decay Concealer and I think this review sealed the deal for me. I usually use my secret camouflage mixed with a bit of foundation because it can be a bit drying. The UD will be my next purchase! I love these smack downs!

  8. Hi karima! Love your smack down articles πŸ™‚ I have skin that is quite similar to yours (in terms of skin type) and I really really like the maybelline fit me. It’s so good for the price! It doesn’t crease (once you settle it with powder) and lasts quite a long time. Maybe someone has already mentioned it but if not then – yaaaassss girl get it and try that one!

  9. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all your reviews! Have you tried estee lauder highlighter pen yet? I’m currently using it. I like it, not bad at all. Definitely doesn’t crease on my under eye area nor accentuates my fine lines. Could you please do a review on the Burberry luminous concealer pen? Thank you.

    1. Ya, I’d love to see Karima’s takes on those as well. I find the Burberry one to be similar to the RBR one in terms of texture and coverage, but it runs a bit more salmon-y, at least in my shade. The EL sounds good…might try this. Thanx!

  10. Hey Karima, great post as always!! What do you think of Tarte’s Maracuja creaseless concealer and Cle de peau concealer stick?? I always hear how great they are but haven’t tried them. I use UD naked concealer when I want good coverage, otherwise I like using first aid beauty’s eye duty triple remedy, it’s a tinted eye cream that provides some coverage and brightens the under eye area, I love it! xo

  11. Hi Karima! Have you tried putting a little bit of Le Blanc de Chanel in the under eye area? For me it works wonderful. I still need to put some other concealer (Eve Pearl is great, if you have not tried it you should), but Le Blanc de Chanel takes half of the darkness away, so I need to use that much less concealer.

    Also, when I have time and I want the under eye area to be perfect, I will start with Mac ‘Pure Orange’ β€”Β now, I have fair skin and when I asked for it in the store the saleswomen looked at me like I was out of my mind. But, but it really does work. The trick is to apply just a ‘translucent-veil-ful’ β€”Β think of it in terms of the sheerest, really sheerest watercolor layer. The magic part of the whole thing is that since it is such a bright color it knocks out the purple/grey undertones like no one’s business and since you used so little of it, it does not add any texture on the skin. It is like a free pass in terms of texture. Then of course you have to add a flesh toned concealer or illuminator over it because orange is orange, after all. However, with this kind of application there will be no blue/purple shining through and there will be no texture buildup. By the way, I am the texture and crease nazi (and you seem to be too πŸ™‚

    I absolutely love your videos! If you were in Paris at any time, please let me know. I would love to meet you and we could do a grand Paris-makeup exploration tour πŸ˜€


    1. Hey Noemi!
      I love this comment! Thank you for taking the time to post πŸ˜€
      I haven’t tried adding the Le Blanc to the undereyes but I definitely will, it makes sense. Love the idea of colour correcting sans texture, is the Pure Orange part of the prep and prime pen range?
      I’ll definitely let you know if I’m in Paris, a makeup-exploration tour sounds AMAZING!

      1. Yaaay, Karima, I just noticed that you replied!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much, it made my day πŸ˜€
        The Pure Orange by Mac that I use is not a part of the prep and prime pen range. It comes in a pot and the product name is “Studio Finish Skin Corrector,” and the shade name is Pure Orange.

        Have a lovely day! πŸ™‚

      2. P.S. I have to say that playing with Pure Orange under the eyes can be a bit tricky, because it is so easy to overshoot it and then things look crazy. However, if you find the right balance, it gives you the most natural and amazing effect.

  12. I own most of these but my HG product, which I have repurchased time and time again, is the Loreal Lumi Magique Touch of Light Highlighter pen in Dark. I am NC25 skin tone and have never purchased anything in dark before, however this is has the PERFECT salmony colour that completely rids me of the bluey, purpley tones that seem to get together under my eyes (thanks kids). Best of all this stuff is INVISIBLE on my skin and doesn’t accentuate fine lines. I use it everyday without fail and if I’m sporting a heavier makeup look I’ll layer the Urban Decay Naked concealer over top. My only gripe with it would be how quickly I seem to click through these things, particularly with the $29.95 price tag.

  13. NO SUCH THING as too many concealer smackdowns. As I’m still looking for perfection, I appreciate your helping me wade thru the contenders, as you have very similar taste to mine, based on past reviews. So TANX, gf! Keep em coming! Have you tried Becca’s corrector yet? I’m a fan for those not nearly enough sleep days (ok pretty much daily). I do like sparing touches of Amazing concealer mixed w LM concealer (alone too dry, hate it) or the MAC palette, for pinpoint concealing. Have you tried the teenie weenie Zoeva detail brush for pinpoint? Rather stiff, but fine for, well, pinpoint! I’m still a fan of the RBR concealer pen for the under eye area. Oddly, I didn’t care for the Naked concealer when I tried it…found it a bit heavy. My fave dual purpose highlighter/concealer is still the Chanel in the tube w the doe foot applicator (why do they call it that when does have hooves, for God’s sake? GET REAL.). Just had to chuck it as it’s far outlasted it’s recommended expiration date…what can I say…can’t bring myself to throw away nearly full items that still work and smell fine. Sue me. Love ya Karima! Hey how about your modern take on the Lisa Eldridge look for Glamour a few years back ( So gorgeous. I’m so over winged liner with everything…nothing personal, ya gotta do you, and for me, I’m looking for something pretty and easy that will wear for 15+ hours. Still looking… Xxx from Stateside. You totally rock.

    1. I haven’t tried the Becca corrector yet, I’m hearing some mixed reviews (very emollient, apparently?). I can see how some could see the Urban Decay Naked as heavy, especially if the RBR-pen-type floats your boat (quite natural, that one).
      Also I don’t throw things away till they’re: smelly, changing colour or changing consistency so I’m with ya on that one!

  14. Hi Karima!
    There can never be enough of any of your smackdown series. Of any product! Even if I’ve already tried a particular product, I am still intrigued to hear your pro/con list of it. You’re so thorough and educated on the properties of each one. Looove you! I recently purchased a new serum type of concealer from BareMinerals called BARESKIN (complete coverage serum concealer). It was in the little kiosks near the checkout at Ulta (whyyy can I not look at those things??! That marketing tactic is genius. But I digress..)
    It is sheer, but packs a punch of color. Does not crease nor settle into my 40’ish fine lines. The shade Fair is also a tad bit brightening on my NC10-15 dry skin. Maybe it’ll work as well for you? Hope you are well. Cheers from NY!!

  15. Hi Karima, I was wondering how you achieve the effect of sharp shadow silhouette like the pictures on your post, is there specific lighting you use or is it simply using natural light?

  16. I’m a fan of the Clarins concealer because I have very dry skin and I only need a little of it for proper coverage. I’m a fan of the formula.
    The downside is the packaging. If you don’t intend to keep it in the vanity drawer – expect leaks, a dirty cap and maybe concealer on the fingers. I need to be careful when squeezing out the product. I take my concealer with me during the day to re-apply it. Once in my purse, it’s unpredictable.

  17. Love your honest reviews! Have you noticed that the UD concealer darkens as it dries down? I’m wondering if it’s just me.

  18. I guess I’ll have to by the UD Naked concealer now! I find under eye concealer by far the hardest product to get right, so I’m always keen to see what you’ve got to say on the matter – there can never be too many smackdowns on this front! I got given a small sample of the By Terry – Terrybly Densiliss concealer a while ago and I am obsessed with it!!! Only downside is the epic price tag – at $87AU it kind of breaks the bank (from Mecca anyway – if you know where I can get it cheaper I will be forever in your debt!). I know it’s meant to be an anti-aging product and that seems a bit excessive at 23 years old, but because of that it doesn’t settle into any under eye lines and plumps and moisturises. Which despite my religious use of eye creams it appears I need already πŸ™ I’ve started using the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer which was recommended to me as the best dupe for the By Terry since then with some success. But definitely one worth mentioning if you can bare the cost!

  19. Karima! Bought the UD Naked Concealer y/d and I can honestly say that I loovveeee it. Bought the Ellis Faas one first after The Eldridge recommended it and it lasted me 2 years! Yay! πŸ™‚ The UD one is much better though, much thinner in consistency and the shade really matches my skin (Med-Dark Warm). Thanks for all your hard work πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Karima. I recently bought the UD naked skin concealer in medium light neutral but it seems to not be covering my dark circles at all. I tested in store with the assistant putting in on me at it looked fine. But when i got home to test it out…you know how the story is
    Could it be that I should have gotten a lighter shade?
    Help ??

    1. And I need to add that I’m pretty new in makeup. So far I have not been able to find a concealer which would work on me. They always have failed at covering my dark circles. And I’m not keen to building coverage as it always creases and gets cake-y. Not sure if I should invest in an orange corrector.. Not so keen to add too much product under my eye.

    2. Hey Nadia,
      It’s hard for me to say because the concealer provides coverage, so I’m not sure why you’re having this issue. It could be that you need a lighter shade, you might need a peachier tone or perhaps it’s in the application.

  21. Hi, I just found your blog this week and have been watching almost all your videos – they’re just fantastic! I love your personality and watching your videos makes my day better ^^
    I just wanted to recommend an undereye concealer : Erborian BB eye. There’s only one colour but it goes well with their BB cream (not the ginseng one, the other one – nude?) and it does not go inside fine lines, or dry the undereye, which I really appreciate. The coverage is sheer but I think it’s great for everyday makeup.
    I really love your smackdowns by the way πŸ™‚
    P.S: also pardon my engligh, I’m French so I know the way I built sentences is not always right ^^

  22. Hi Karima,

    I love watching your videos – you have an awesome sense of humour.

    I would love to get your advise on under eye concealers. My major issue is covering up a blue-green vein under my eye and around my chin. I think my skin is so thin you can see through it. I’ve tried using Laura Mercier secret camouflage with no luck. I’ve also tried colour correcting but that doesn’t really help covering it. Any suggestions without making those areas look so heavy with make up?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hey Anna,
      What colour corrector did you try? How are you applying the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage? That consistency should completely conceal a thread vein so it’s possible that application could be improved.

      1. Thank you so much for responding!

        I’ve tried the Giorgio Armani one in number 2, has a salmon-y colour to it. I use a concealer brush (by LM) to apply Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and then I pat it down with my fingers to blend. It’s not a thread vein, it’s a big chunky one, as big as the vein on the back of my hand. Hope you have a solution! Otherwise I think I must just embrace the vein :/


      2. Hey Anna,
        I would have thought the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in the peachy shade would work well, I wouldn’t blend it much though – just pat directly over the vein.
        I’ve said this before although it might have been a different person – Angelina Jolie has a large vein in her forehead and I’ve always thought it was beautiful πŸ™‚

  23. Hi Karima

    I love your website and thank you for sharing your passion with makeup with us. Your wonderful post and honest opinions are very much appreciated.

    On the subject of Under Eye Concealer, during my years long pursuit of the perfect under eye concealer, I have tried many products. From the top of my head, contenders are as follows
    Clinique-Line Smoothing Concealer
    Lancome-Long Lasting Concealer
    Marc Jacob-Full cover concealer
    Marc Jacob-concealer pen
    Shiseido-Natural Finish
    Shiseido-Perfect stick
    Benefit-Fake up
    Bobbi Brown-Corrector and concealer
    YSL-Touche Eclat Pen
    Maybelline-Age Rewind
    Maybelline-Mineral power
    Urban Decay-24/7 concealer pencil
    Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
    Bare Mineral

    I am 42 years old with purple/blue undereye dark circle, as well as a slight sunken/hollow-ness under my eyes. After years of searching, I have finally finally found Cle de Peau. It is pricey but a little goes a long long way. I have used the stick concealer for 7 years now, during these 7 years, I have tried different brands concealer (mainly I wanted something that is easier on the pocket), but eventually kept going back to Cle De Peau. One stick normally last for more than a year for me. I use it for my undereye area and spread it thinly around the nose and cheek area to use it like a foundation. I am a full time working mum, speed and efficiency is top of my priority, so dual function products that last the whole day is priceless for me.

    Cle De Peau does not settle into the fine lines around my eyes, it provide excellent coverage. It is also the only concealer I have use thus far that can be used on top of powder as a touch up and covered blemishes perfectly. I dab the concealer using my finger around my undereye area after using eye cream and I found dragging or rubbing the concealer compromise its smoothness. I set it with Cle De Peau face powders and I am ready to go.

    I highly recommend Cle De Peau as well as its face powder. Superb coverage, smooth and does not settle into the lines. I touched up once a day using the face powder to “freshen up” the concealer and that is all.

    This is my 2 cents worth.

    Thanks for doing what you do Karima!

    Lots of kisses

    1. I tried the Cle De Peau years ago and it wasn’t my cup of tea (I typically prefer more fluid consistencies) but thanks for your comment! I’m sure it will help many others!

  24. Hi Karima,

    I’m very much a makeup newbie, and your honest concealer smackdowns have been a godsend!

    Speaking of concealers, I’ve seen one of your videos called β€˜Speed Makeup & Hair’ (aka the perfect β€˜OMG I gone done fucked up and prioritised the snooze button over doing makeup again’ routine). In it you used concealer instead of foundation, and I had a few newbie questions relating to this technique:

    1) Does the concealer you use in place of foundation need to match your skin tone exactly, or do you pick a colour that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone?

    2) In the video I mentioned, you used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish after using concealer. I was wondering if it’s possible to just use a translucent HD powder instead of the Skinfinish?

    As far as concealers go, in my limited experience I really like the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. I just wish it was available to buy in different packaging… I’m not sure if the puffy top applicator is helpful, or if it’s just a kinda unhygienic hindrance.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply, Karima! Also I can’t thank you enough for uploading that Speedy Makeup video… I’ve never been great re applying foundation (cake-y/streaky mess central right here), and for some miraculous reason the concealer-only look worked a treat!

        Just another quick question… are there any drugstore concealers out there that work well with this concealer-only look? I’ve tried the Maybelline Age Rewind (which worked beautifully), but I’m curious if you’ve tried any drugstore concealers with this look?

  25. Hi karma I would be extremely grateful if you could do a smacked own on eyeshadow primers. I’m 45 and have very dry, creepy lids, or perhaps you could recommend a good one.
    Thanks for all your fantastic thoughts and reviews

  26. Karima — I respectfully disagree with your review of Paula’s Choice soft cream concealer as a one size fits all perspective. You state you “foresee” people with oily skin having a problem? But did you have someone with oily skin try this product? I have oily skin and slight purple coloring under my eyes as I am extremely fair skinned. The reason it has a yellow tint (as many under eye concealers do) is that yellow is a complementary color to purple. Which means it cancels out the purple leaving the color of your skin appearing neutral. It does not crease for me; I set it with a light powder. This product is creamy — as the name implies — and like any creamy product, you apply in moderation and pat gently in place. If someone is using this product so heavily that it looks yellow or feels tacky they are not using it correctly. It’s not plaster.

    I use many of Paula’s products not because I’m brand loyal, but because they work for me and give me the result I’m looking for. I use other cosmetic brands for different areas because those work better. I have been using this concealer for over 10 years and it is the only one I’ve found (for my oily skin) that won’t slide, dapple, or streak. I don’t think it would work for everyone and you are correct in that there is a limited color palette for this product.

    To add more creditability and depth to your reviews, I challenge you to to take a more empirical approach: have a representative sample try the product (dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, olive, dark or pale skin – just to name a few.) πŸ™‚ I would love to hear what several different people experienced with these products.

    Thank you for sharing your experience,

    1. Hey MG,

      Based on my experience, products that crease/slip on my very dry skin exhibit a greater propensity to crease/slip on oilier skin types. I encourage commenters to share their own experiences with a product in the comment section so that we can all be better informed.

      I have one face, limited time and one pot/tube of a given product so while an empirical approach would be ideal, it’s simply not realistic. Hope you can empathise!