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A look into some of the brow products you may have seen me using; the good, the bad and the final verdict.

Eyebrow Product Smackdown

A quick overview of my brow preferences: I prefer ashy shades (hell, give me GREY!) and precision (fine points over stubby nibs everyday of the week- have you seen my brow tails? Neither have I because they’re gone).

Messy scribbles of today’s contenders, so you can compare the undertones of each. Undoubtedly the ugliest of swatches to grace the ShamFrip.

Eyebrow Product Smackdown

SUQQU Balancing Eyebrow – 01 Moss Green

Eyebrow Product Smackdown

A handy little powder palette consisting of a neutral brown, a greyed tone and a pale camel shade; I’m under the impression that the third shade is intended to be a nose contour but it is nothingness on my skin so I use it as a mixer to lighten where required. Balancing Brow palette also includes two tools: a slanted brow brush and a teeny, flattened crease brush thingymabobby. Unlike the implements frequently included in western compacts, these are not an afterthought – incredibly well-shaped, well made, durable and USEABLE! I actually favour the brow brush over my full sized counterparts!

Let’s address the green eyebrow concern, despite being labelled ‘Moss Green’ the shades are not green – the greyed shadow has a very slight cool-green cast that registers as an ashy undertone. When I’m going for a soft brow, I opt for the brown shadow alone as it’s slightly lighter in shade, otherwise I dab in each with no real rhyme or reason and the result is always a perfect, ashy brown.

The formula is very long wearing for a powder product and I frequently use a damp brush in the pan with no change in texture and no sealing issues. Overall, my favourite brow product in the powder category, you can see one such outcome here. FYI: SUQQU products are accessible to almost everyone via Ichibankaoyes the markup is significant but includes shipping.

MAC Eyeshadow – Brun

Eyebrow Product Smackdown
One of MAC’s sh*ttier formulas: dry, hard and not so pigmented – which makes it a great brow powder option! No fallout, fear of over application or excessively harsh lines. Brun is a deep, greyed brown and I’d probably recommend it to those with deeper colouring than myself as it sometimes reads a touch too dark on me.

I haven’t reached for it since I purchased the SUQQU Balancing Eyebrow (I like that I can feather the paler shades of that palette towards the inner brow) but I maintain that it’s good option if you’re seeking a moderately priced, easily accessible brow solution (dependant on your colouring, obviously and always).

SUQQU Eyebrow Pencil – 01 Gray

Eyebrow Product Smackdown
The only SUQQU product that I find is more work than it’s worth. Don’t get me wrong, the shade is great; an ashy grey void of any warmth (the perfect shade for those with naturally black brows). But the formula, oh lordy, so hard that I find myself STAMPING the product on with such vigour that my eyebrow area actually starts to look a bit irritated. Alternatively, I’ve tried using light strokes and while it works well, it takes a solid 10 minutes to achieve the depth I’m looking for- that’s a pretty laborious brow!

Additionally, the pencil point is a little larger than I’d prefer so I lose a bit of precision. So I have irritated and stumpy brows? I do have something good to say about this product though, the packaging is sturdy and has a reliable twist up mechanism. I also love that it has no lid, which is just another thing for me to lose.

As a disclaimer, I also had the similar issues with Shu Uemura Hard Brow Pencils (a favourite among many) although I’d definitely say the SUQQU pencil is discernibly harder. Some have suggested that I take a lighter to the pencil but really, when you cough up that sorta dough, fire shouldn’t enter the equation. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Medium Ash

You have to own this to consider yourself a genuine, bonafide youtuber (I might as well jump on the Sigma bandwagon now… KIDDING!). Seriously though, I do see why it’s so popular – very fine tip point and a softer formula for a quick, slap n dash option. Hopefully you can see in the product shot above that the Brow Wiz point has a much smaller diameter when compared to the SUQQU Brow Pencil – about half the thickness, perfect for creating a crisp tail.

My only critique is the shade: Medium Ash is a good depth for my medium brunette colouring but is a touch too warm for my liking. I don’t see this bothering many people as I’m aware that my preferences are excessively ashy but nonetheless, I’m searching for a grey shade in the line (maybe Granite? Can anyone weigh in here?)

I’ve used this one a lot recently simply because it’s so darn easy, I’ve used it in all of my looks here, here and here (so you can see how it performs).

Make Up Forever Aqua Brow – Shade 10 & 25

Eyebrow Product Smackdown

An interesting waterproof-liquid formulation, Aqua Brow boasts seriously long wear time and I’d recommend it to those who struggle with fading brows. Aqua Brow is definitely not a slap it on and go product: you’ll need a brow brush, a few extra minutes and some patience when navigating the application learning curve. Depending on your choice of brush, Aqua Brow is also rather versatile. Using a less tapered brush and fine strokes, you can achieve a softer result (exhibit A) or opt for a tapered brush and a fluid motion for a more graphic brow (exhibit B).

In particular, I tend to reach for Aqua Brow when I’m working on people with very little brow to begin with, it seems to create realistic depth and shape where there is none. I also favour shade 10 for blondes, a neutral chestnut shade that never reads as overpowering on fair features. Shade 25 gets less love from me because, you guessed it, it’s warm. Have I established myself as the ashy brow police yet?

All merits aside, when people ask me for a waterproof brow recommendation, I inadvertently embark on SUQQU Pen word vomit. Speak of the devil…

SUQQU Brow Pen – Brown & Moss Green

Eyebrow Product Smackdown
Actually, I always recommend SUQQU Brow Pen, waterproof recommendations and otherwise. I feel like the spokesperson for this product (hello why aren’t I on the payroll?) and I’ve already done a dedicated review but here goes again: SUQQU Brow Pen has a brush-like applicator (not felt) and a very, very fine point which allows realistic hair strokes. It dispenses a fluid pigment reminiscent of watercolour (visible in swatches) and is legitimately waterproof, I challenge you to remove this in one go – it functions as a stain so you will.have.brows.for.days.

As the tip is so fine, it almost feels like nothing on the skin but word of warning: detach yourself from the mirror. It’s easy to go crazy and realise, in no time at all, that you’ve given yourself some crazy ass brows (that won’t come off, Murphy’s Law). Another application tidbit, I personally avoid using this in the innermost portion of my brow as even the lightest hand can look a bit blunt – sometimes I use a bit of brow powder to ease the transition but mostly I leave it be.

This baby comes in two shades: Brown (my pick for softer or warmer looks, third look here) and Moss Green (stop scaring them off, SUQQU! Actually a cool grey, used here) suitable for black hair, ashy preferences or stronger makeup pairings. For a super natural brow to a kick arse arch, I really can’t recommend this product enough. It is truly the closest imitation of brow hairs that I’ve encountered and one of the few products that I can wholeheartedly guarantee I’d repurchase, again and again (who needs food when you got a wholesome diet of two minute noodles?)

What are your favourite brow products? Y’all know that I’m always open to enabling and suggestion.


Complete list of products mentioned

Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrow Pencil
Aqua Brow
Aqua Brow
Brow Wiz
Brow Wiz
Balancing Eyebrow
Balancing Eyebrow
Brow Pen
Brow Pen
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. I’ve heard great reviews about the MUFE 10 and the Suqqu pens. Personally, if I do fill in my brows at all, I always gravitate towards ashy grey-browns, too. Once in a while a more beige-tan will work for me, but I have to be careful not to go too dark, since my brows are already darker than my hair. The Moss Green palette (I agree, weird name) is kind of intriguing, I hadn’t seen it before.

    1. Hey Catherine 🙂
      Absolutely, sometimes I go for beige tans and not so ashy shades, depending on the look I do. I just tend to veer towards ashy shades so I don’t look like I have reddened brows when I step into the sunlight lol!
      If Moss Green isn’t your thing, they also have a brown palette, still relatively ashy. xx

  2. have you looked into korean brands for grey pencils? i love my Holika Holika and Innisfree pencils. Holika even makes a grey brow pen! (if i’m not mistaken) NYX makes a grey pencil too, their automatic brow pencil in charcoal. i love it, stays on all day, perfect shade and consistency!

    1. Not really to be honest because I’m wary of purchasing brow stuff online (without adequate research/swatches) but I’ll definitely look into them now! I have a Japanese cosmetics store near my house (no SUQQU, boo!) and the vast majority of their brow products are very golden, which is perplexing. xx

  3. I just recently purchased the Hourglass brow pencil and Iove it 🙂 you should try it out. It’s al little pricy, but also comes with a handy spooly end!

    1. I actually did own the Hourglass Pencil and gifted it to my aunt because the pencil wasn’t fine enough for my preference (and she has great brows to begin with, so doesn’t need the precision). Did like the fact it had a spoolie, though! x

  4. I have Granite, and I think you’d prefer it over Medium Ash. I have a similar aversion to warm eyebrows (I always end up buying black eyebrow pencils because all the browns are too warm) and it’s a great greyish colour. To my eyes, it seems like Granite would be most similar to your Suqqu brow pencil in 01.

    1. Hey Hannah!
      Do you have any idea if Granite has a different formulation to the other shades? (speaking off Raeview’s comment below)
      I can’t seem to find great swatches of it online and I’m wondering if it’s much darker than Medium Ash, since I quite like the depth of that shade.

  5. Thank you for this very helpful post, Karima! I own almost all Suqqu brushes (A-MA-ZING!!) and you made me want to try their brow products! I have very sparse brows so it’s always difficult for me to find something that looks natural and lasts all day long. My current favorite is The Shiseido Brow Compact Powder but as I said earlier, I may give Suqqu a try (okay, it’s just because I looooove trying new things! Haha!).
    Oh, and please, please, please, don’t jump in the Sigma bandwagon!! Lol. Your channel is in a league of its own, just like Lisa Eldridge’s IMO, another Sigma guru/sales person…? God, oh no!! ^_^;

    Anyway, enough stupid talking, you’re free to do whatever you want!!
    Love you!! xx

    1. Oh LOVE LOVE Suqqu brushes. I just bought a second Cheek Brush, cheeky me. The SUQQU Pens are great for sparse brows, as always I would highly recommend them 😛
      If I ever become a Sigma spokesperson, you’re free to slap me. Although I do like the look of the F80, I’m pretty satisfied with my Japanese brushes 😉

  6. It was no surprise to read that the suqqu brow pen was your fave. It is very difficult to find good ashy shades. I’m currently using the Tom Ford brow sculptor in taupe. It’s not very warm, but I do wish that it was a bit ashier. I’ve been wanting to check out the suqqu brow pen and I would probably go for the moss colour as well. I love how much you’ve been updating recently 🙂

    1. Hey Sarah 🙂
      Hmm that’s interesting, I was intrigued by the Tom Ford Sculptor but if it’s not particularly cool, I’m not sure I need it. SUQQU Brow Pens have a painful price tag but they do last me more than a year so I think it’s a worthwhile investment.
      I have been posting more frequently, hey? I’m on a roll 🙂 xx

  7. I love your brow posts. You have become my go-to blogger for all brow advice!

    My left brow has a small patch of white hairs (something that happened suddenly and out of the blue a few years ago when I was in my early 20s) and they drive me crazy! I’ve been getting my brows tinted, but it is so expensive and I don’t always have the time. Do you think the Make Up Forever Aqua Brow or the SUQQU Brow Pens would be pigmented enough to be used to cover white brow hairs?

    I loved your post yesterday! Thank you for sharing such a personal story.

    1. Hey Meave!
      I think the MUFE Aqua Brow would better cover the white hairs because it actually coats the hair, whereas the SUQQU Pen creates the illusion of hairs on the skin (if that makes sense?)
      Just comes down to whether you can get a good shade match in MUFE.
      I’ve got such incredible support from the post I did yesterday, the internet can be a beautiful place 🙂 xx

  8. YES ashy brows please! The Suqqu powder & brow pen look so good, someday I will try them.

    My current favorite brow item is the Browlash pencil & pen (it’s two sided). Both sides are great quality – though the pen dries out too quickly – and a fantastic greyish brown color. I have a variety of powders/pencils/liquids I use though, more depending on my mood than the look I’m trying to achieve.

    Also, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who finds the Shu hard pencils just to hard – I often end up irritated skin under my eyebrows when I use it, and if I use a light hand it just takes too long!

    1. Ooh I haven’t heard of this Browlash pencil and pen? FYI: The SUQQU Pens do not die, I used my first pen for well over a year.
      And yes, I think I tend to favour softer formulas because my skin is rather delicate. I’m also impatient 😛

  9. Karima! Thank you for this.
    I have a really hard time finding the Suqqu pens to deliver to the USA, but I am still on the search.
    My current favorite is the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. It looks scary, and the range of colors is not ideal, but word on the street is that they are coming out with 3-4 more shades in the near future.
    It is the most water resistant formula, EVER, and can look quite natural and clean if used very very sparingly, as it is very pigmented.
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Hey Lana,
      As I mentioned in the post, Ichibankao will ship to the US if you don’t mind the markup. The prices all include postage and the postage is reliable and quick, so I keep purchasing from there.
      I’ve looked into the Dip Brow pomade but yes, none of the shades are grabbing me right now so I’m anticipating the new shade additions. It seems like a similar concept to the MUFE Aqua Brow. xx

  10. Thanks for this great post, Karima! Me myself and I alter between a Sephora ashy brown eyeshadow and MUFE Aquabrow 25. Have heard great things about Benefit Gimme Brow too!

    1. Hey Lily!
      I have tried the Gimme Brow! I’m actually going to do a smack down of brow gels at some point, too. I love the applicator but I think the fairer shade isn’t suited to me (despite the fact that my brows aren’t that dark) as it sometimes reads a bit ashy? I guess it’s a touch too light or something. xx
      Edited to add: Ashy as in white/dusty

  11. I gasped when you said you’d jump into the Sigma bandwagon – NO!!!! I’m glad it was all a joke. I really want to try Anastasia’s Granite color since I have (literally) black eyebrows. I am currently using the brow powder in Dark Brown but it’s still too warm for my brows. I really, really want to try that SUQQU pen because you have always raved about it (and I trust your opinion 100%) Sorry I couldn’t help much in the brow department. Xo

    1. Haha totally joking 🙂 Would never do that to you guys. If I ever purchase the Granite shade, I will definitely report back. And the SUQQU Moss Green pen is a good match for black brows 😉

  12. Ashy brows 5ever!!!! If you can get it MUFE Aqua Brow in 35 ashy grey goodness. Unfortunately I have to wait until my next trip to Vegas or LA and hope they have it (only places I’ve seen it). I’ve been using a combo of my current aqua brow shade (I think 25… just to use and be done) and the Hourglass brow pencil. I actually really like the Hourglass pencil but it could stand to have a finer edge. The combo has been working well for me surprisingly.

    1. Hey Jessica!
      MUFE Aqua Brow in 35 is quite dark amiright? It seems that they grey shades are always too dark for my colouring :-/ I did own the Hourglass pencil and I loved the shade but I agree, the pencil could stand a finer edge. I ended up giving it to my aunty who LOVES it.

  13. Forgot to mention that my old go to was the dark greyed brown purple shade from the Beccs Enigma palette. Looks odd in the pan for brows but if you have dark brows it’s beautiful.

    And am I the only one that does flash photo tests of brows to make sure they don’t show up warm toned??

    1. That’s a great test of whether a brow product is too warm! I also like to go in direct sunlight and determine whether my brows look auburn. Swatch comparisons are also helpful here 🙂 x

  14. Haha I so lol’d at the sigma joke!! I haven’t tried any of the products mentioned except for the shu and I get why you didn’t like it. Took me a while to get used to it but i can do my brows in seconds with it now, especially after getting it sharpened at the store! I have seen a stila brow pen… You haven’t happened to have tried that one? Suqqu’s price tag is quite horrifying!

    1. Hey Debbie 🙂
      Sorry to Sigma to make a joke at their expense but REALLY, dang. So much Sigma on youtube.
      I used the Shu Pencil for a solid year because I enjoyed the shade and I got it sharpened at the store but then I discovered SUQQU and the rest is history. My skin is unusually delicate/thin so my issue lies there.
      I should purchase the Stila pen for SCIENCE. The SUQQU price is horrifying, I agree, but that thing refuses to die so price-per-wear ends up being less frightening.

  15. Stila Stay all day waterproof brow pen looks similar to the Suqqu pen. It has a fine feather like tip, and it is like a light watercolour. I use shade medium, and it is ashy with a green wash. It is also very light and build able. I wonder how this would compare to the Suqqu pens.

    1. I was actually just saying that I ought to purchase the Stila pen for science, I’d love to offer you guys a more accessible/affordable dupe! Will check it out in store 🙂 x

  16. I remember you got the Benefit’s give me brow, you didn’t like it? YSL makes an eyebrow pencil called ash (004) that you might like. The Clé de Peau Eyebrow Pencil in 204 is very grey as well, you might like that one too.

    1. Hey Mariela!
      I do like Gimme Brow but the shade I have (the lightest shade) reads a bit… white/dusty on my brows? It could be too light, but I think the next shade darker is significantly warmer, I’ll have to look into it further. I’ll check out your recommendations, thank you! x

  17. I think you would love the brown wiz in granite, its the only brow product I’ve found that looks genuinely natural (I am also a pale brunette with a fiery hatred for warm brow products). It looks pretty darn close to the suqqu pencil you have, maybe a touch darker.

    1. Hmm this is where my issue arises, I like grey shades but they always seem to be a bit dark/jarring for my colouring. It seems as though makeup companies create grey pencils for the deeper colourings. Pity that I can’t swatch Anastasia in Australia, they don’t stock it here! x

  18. I love the Granite powder, but I do not recommend the Granite brow wiz. It is strangely more waxy than the other BW pencils I own. It also doesn’t look very natural in sunlight, but that may be more pronounced because my brow hairs are so fine. It would be best on naturally full, thick brows that only require a touch-up. I’m just as picky with ashy tones, and Cle de Peau’s Eyebrow 204 is still the best pencil out there. I’ve tried all the affordable Korean dupes, too waxy. As much as I love Hourglass, don’t bother with their eyebrow pencils.. all dark, warm tones. I can’t wait to get my hands on the SUQQU pens (next month) to see how they perform on fine, sparse brows!

    1. That’s so bizarre! I guess Granite has a different formula to the other Anastasia pencils? That’s for the warning!
      I’ve seen you talk about the Cle de Peau, is that one rather dark? I’m looking for a grey YET midtoned pencil and apparently, that’s rather hard to find.
      I’m excited to hear your thoughts on the SUQQU Pens! Please do a review 🙂

  19. I am all about the ashy brow products too. I may have to check out Brun. I tried Omega, but it isn’t dark enough for me. I’m currently using CoverGirl’s Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in #215 Grey Khaki. It is the absolute perfect color for me, but the formula is soooooo soft. I swatched the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Granite last weekend and it is straight up gray. It’s the most appealing of the colors in the line, but I wasn’t sure enough about the color (especially under fluorescent Sephora lighting) to fork over the money for it. I’m curious about the Dip Brow in Taupe that is supposed to launch later this year. Right now I’m just not feeling like there’s a great match for me in the Anastasia line.

    1. Brun is a lot darker than Omega, but it’s worth a swatch 🙂
      I’m concerned about the Anastasia Granite being a bit dark, because although I like ashy shades, my colouring is rather medium. I am keeping an eye out for the new Dip Brow shades though because, I concur, I don’t seem to have a perfect match in the Anastasia line right now.

      1. I switched from the Anastasia Brow Wiz in dark brown (too warm) to ebony – you could give ebony a try instead of granite (if you haven’t swatched/tried it already – I realize this is an old post!). Granite is oddly darker than ebony (I would’ve thought the reverse based on the shade names). Granite is pretty close to plain black whereas ebony is more of a cool dark grey.

  20. Hi Karima,
    First time writing. I got the Suqqu moss green pen at your recommendation and I really like it though I use it sparingly because it can read a little too dark. I love the formula though and so have been searching for other similar pens high and low. I want to also add my commendation of the Stila brow pen. I went for Medium and it is even more of a perfect color for my brows than the moss green. It is just as ashy but a shade or two lighter which, for me makes it the perfect combo of brown and grey. I can overdo it fairly easily with moss green but not with the medium shade. It has now become my go to. If you get the chance, I think you’ll be quite pleased.


    1. I was hoping someone would weigh in on the Stila Brow Pen! It sounds perfect for my needs, I might pick it up and do a comparison post. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

  21. I’m on my second Kevyn Aucoin precision brow pencil in brunette, recently just purchased Mac’s Mystery eyeshadow which seems identical to Brun. My first time using a shadow to fill my brows as I’ve always stuck to pencils. Been dying to try out the Suqqu pen since I first heard about it from Lisa Eldridge! I guess I’ll go for the moss colour with dark brown brows.

    1. I used Kevyn Aucoin eyebrow pencil a lot, back in the day 🙂 Love the fine point, but it was still a bit warm for my liking. MAC Mystery is very similar to Brun but it has a better formula, so works well for eyeshadow too. SUQQU pens are worth the investment IMO, although some are saying here that the Stila Brow Pen in Medium is a good bet, too.

  22. Hi Karima! Great post! I really NEEEEED the Suqqu pen. It is also a good excuse to pick up a few brushes in the same order :o).

    I’m glad you said that about the Shu pencil… I actually get really good results from that pencil but it IS too hard and takes too LONG. No thanks!

    I have tried the Geisha Ink Liquid Eyebrow Liner in hopes of finding a cheap dupe for Suqqu. The very *first* time I used it, I had fantastic results. I was so excited to tell you about it. But now, it does nothing. At all. I can barely see it if I write with it on my hand. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I feel confident I didn’t let it dry out. :-/

    Thanks for the smackdown! LOVING the frequent posts :o) YAY.

    1. Hey SJ 😀
      That would be a monster SUQQU order, pictures plz if you ever bite the bullet!
      Yeah, I can’t do really hard pencils :-/ Skin too fussy.
      And noooooo! I’ve had that Geisha Ink Eyebrow Liner in the back of my head for ages! Sounds like it dries up quickly? Not worth it, considering that SUQQU Brow Pens serve me for a solid year.
      BOO. I are disappoint. x

  23. I recently purchased the Benefit’s “gimme brow” and I have to say I really like it! For lack of a better description, it’s a mascara for the brows. To me the medium colour is quite ashy but not sure if it would be ashy enough for you 🙂 And totally off topic but wanted to mention it anyway; I finally got my hands on the Kevin Aucoin (did I spell that right?) sculpting powder on my last trip to London (we have nothing in Belgium 🙁 ) and I absolutely utterly live love love it! Thanks for the tip!!

    1. I picked up Gimme Brow, too! I’m going to do a separate smack down on tinted brow gels because I own a fair few. It was an ashy enough shade for me and I love the tiny applicator but sadly, I think the shade might be too light because it made my brows look a touch dusty 🙁
      And Oh oh! So glad you like the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting! It’s one of my all time favourite products 😀 xx

  24. This is exactly what I needed to hear!! SUQQU, it is. If both you and Lisa E. say it’s good then it must be damn good and by golly I am getting it!

  25. Hi Karima,

    If you don’t like the Hourglass pen then steer clear of Tom Ford! It happens to be my fave but took me ages to get used to the applicator, ridiculously xxy but I’ve used it daily for around 18 months and I’m around the halfway mark

    Also for your brow gel smack down get your hands on some Ilamasqa Sealing Gel, use a small drop with a spoolie and run through your brows. Life changing and no more gross tubes of gel contaminated with foundation/who knows what

    Now off to buy the Suqqu pen because of you…

    Jasmine x

    1. Hey Jasmine!
      So the Tom Ford Pencil and the Hourglass Pencil are similar? Applicator too large for my liking, I think 🙁
      I have Illamasqua Sealing Gel but never thought to use it on my brows! Will totally try that.

  26. We don’t have access to Suqqu here in the U.S. 🙁
    But what I’ve been using for my brows that is quite similar is the Stila Brow Pen. Same fine brush applicator but the coloring is different. I use the lightest color (light) and find it perfectly fills in my black brow hairs. But I would love to be able to try The Moss Green color by Suqqu.
    Great post!

    1. Hey JC 🙂
      Unless you are adverse to buying online, you do have access to SUQQU via (as I mentioned in the post). However, if you’re totally satisfied with the Stila Pen, you might not need the SUQQU Pen! At some time, I will purchase the Stila Pen and compare the two. xx

  27. Love the Suqqu Brow Pen in Moss Green!

    Big fan here Karima, I’ve been buying most of the products that you recommend and I’m absolutely in love with all of them! Thanks!

  28. Sorry, I’ve only tried Granite! Personally, I love it, but I haven’t tried the full gamut of eyebrow pencil favourites yet. I’m working on a swatch post for it, I’ll let you know when I put it up 🙂

  29. The search for the perfect brow product is what made me interested in makeup. I am also all about the ashy shades. By the way, do you know which MUFE Aqua Brow shade might work for someone with black hair?

    1. MUFE Aqua Brow has two shades that I think may work for black brows/black hair, 35 and 40. Look up swatches to determine which undertone/depth you prefer. xx

  30. Hi,

    I am very happy that I stumbled upon your blog. I shall be subscribing to your YT channel also! Thank you for a comprehensive review on the brow products. I have but one question, with regards to the SUQQU Eyebrow Balancing Powder which shade is the lightest of the two kits? 01 Moss Green or 02 Brown? I’d be extremely grateful if you can help. Thank you.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hey Charlotte 🙂

      I’m glad you like the blog! I can’t say for sure which of the two kits is lighter but I suspect it is the Brown palette, judging from what I’ve seen.

      Hope this helps 🙂 x

  31. Hi Karima, I’ve recently been using the maybelline colour tattoo cream shadow in ‘permanent taupe’. Weird I know but the colour is ashy and it stays put for EVER. And for the drugstore price I think it’s great. X

  32. Hellllloooo Karima!
    I’ve been using MAC brow pencil in Spiked for about 15 years (seriously). It was the best thing I could find for so long. However, today I picked up Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette. I thought I was going to choose Medium Ash, but, I also thought it was a tad warm for me. Brunette is definitely ashier and not much deeper. The texture is good, as well. It might be worth a shot! I may get Medium Ash just to blend with Brunette… I’m not sure. Ugh… This is possibly more difficult than rocket science. :\

  33. I use a straight up grey eyeshadow from Mac (Copperplate or Coquette for slightly warmer makeup days) for my brows because well, South-East Asian with thick but sparse and fine-haired brows means anything not grey is too warm. I think the darker Benefit Gimme Brow would work better on you if you find the lighter shade ashy. I use it and have no real problems with it been too warm (it’s a fairly cool toned taupey brown).

    Would you ever do an update on searching/testing brow products when you try more things? Finding a great cool toned brow product is difficult, especially in Australia where it’s not always possible to test things in person. I really value your input into finding great products 🙂

    Thanks for the link to the website to purchase Suqqu. I’ve wanted to try things from them for ages but didn’t know where to get it from (definitely the face brush and cheek brushes when I have enough disposable income that spending more than 500 bucks on two brushes doesn’t make me break out in a cold sweat)

  34. hello! thanks for your wonderful blog! just wondering if you have ever tried clinique brow shaper in charcoal. i just wanted to know how it compares to sukku, cause i too hate red and/or yellow undertones in eyebrow products?

  35. You should definitely check out the Kanebo Kate eyebrow pencil N! It has a really fine tip like the Anastasia one but the formula is harder than the brow wiz but it’s not as hard as the Shu Uemura one. I use the shade BK because I have black hair and its a really nice charcoal grey shade. I think that BK and BR-5(ashy dark brown) are aimed towards darker hair. Another added plus, its a drugstore brand(yay!)

    I personally find Japanese and Korean brands tend to really nail that really natural ashy grey shade in most of their darker brow products but for the love of instagram brows(lol jk) AVOID their brow gels/tints. They ALWAYS have a golden/copper tone to them. BTW totally agree on the Sigma thing, its unbelievable how many YouTube gurus promote them. But I have to admit, that’s a pretty darn good marketing strategy on their part.

  36. What a great informative site! Thank you! Have you ever tried the the Stila water proof brow pen in medium? It sounds very similar to what you are describing but it is half the price of Suqqu in the states. I’s love to know how the two products compare.

    1. Yes, I have! Medium is cooler than SUQQU Brow Pen in Brown but lighter than the Moss Green shade. The nib is stiffer than the SUQQU, so you have to have a lighter hand.
      Hope that helps 🙂

  37. I don’t see this product talked about ever but Clinique brow shaper in charcoaled is another excellent option in terms of ashy brows. I’m Asian and I find most brow products are too warm and Clinique is gray which is such an awesome product for Asians and those of us who like ashy brows