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So I hear you lucky US ladies had an online Inglot sale? *Weeps* I bought this full Australian price! Australians out there, check Inglot Australia for the ridiculously marked up prices. The good news: I do have a counter near me. I went in yesterday and two and a half hours later I emerged with this beautiful thing.

Inglot Swatches from my 40 palette

I pretty much tested EVERY SINGLE eyeshadow and it confirmed what I had read online- some of Inglot’s eyeshadows are hit and miss. Some are chalky and patchy and I’m glad I didn’t try buy online. In the end, I chose the shadows that had a unique colour, a good formulation and great pigmentation payoff.

Inglot has five different lines of eyeshadow within the Freedom System:
Matte, which has no sheen or shimmer.
Pearl, which has both shimmer and sheen and is my personal favourite.
Double Sparkle (or DS) is a satin formulation with microfine shimmer.
AMC is similar to DS but with less sparkle, the shimmer is few and far in between.
AMC Shine is a more metallic/frosty finish eyeshadow with a high level of sheen.

Let’s talk about the palette itself. DO NOT TRY to pry out these eyeshadows with a knife or sharp object- I gouged a purple one this morning. My best advice would be to buy a strong magnet from a hardware store (or similar) and use that to release these magnetic eyeshadows. I know Inglot insists that the eyeshadows can be removed using the magnet on the palette lid- I found this magnet not strong enough to work every time (only when it feels like it, apparently).

Regarding the organisation of this palette, this is a method to my madness:
Row 1 consists of Primary Mattes
Row 2 consists of Assorted Mattes
Row 3 consists of Neutral Mattes
Row 4 consists of Jewel Toned Shimmers
Row 5 consists of Darker Shimmer

Inglot Swatches from my 40 palette

And here are the swatches! These are done without a base- with a base the eyeshadows come up more pigmented and the shimmer (where applicable) more pronounced.

Row 1: Matte Primary Colours
318 matte
382 matte
323 matte
383 matte
320 matte
322 matte
326 matte
63 AMC

Inglot Swatches from my 40 palette

Row 2: Assorted Mattes
311 matte
366 matte
392 matte
362 matte
334 matte
325 matte
338 matte
340 matte

Inglot Swatches from my 40 palette

Row 3: Neutral Mattes
353 matte
390 matte
368 matte
319 matte
357 matte
335 matte
339 matte
321 matte

Inglot Swatches from my 40 palette

Row 4: Jewel Toned shades with shimmer
397 Pearl
15 AMC Shine
50 AMC
495 DS
74 AMC
441 Pearl
32 AMC Shine
420 Pearl

Inglot Swatches from my 40 palette

Row 5: Darker shades with shimmer
423 Pearl
434 Pearl
452 Pearl
428 Pearl
18 AMC Shine
48 AMC Shine
449 Pearl
419 Pearl

Inglot Swatches from my 40 palette

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with this brand. With it’s wide range of colours and various textures, Inglot may be MAC’s biggest competition.

I’m looking forwards to doing some FOTD’s and eyeshadow tutorials with these 🙂

Interested in a particular shade? Let me know in the box below and I’ll use it in a look.


Complete list of products mentioned

Nude Spectrum Blush Palette
Nude Spectrum Blush Palette
Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer
Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer
Matte Revolution Lipstick
Matte Revolution Lipstick
Naked Concealer
Naked Concealer
Your Lips But Better Lip Liner
Your Lips But Better Lip Liner
Extended Eye Base
Extended Eye Base
Extended Play Gigablack Lash
Extended Play Gigablack Lash
Eye & Brow Maestro
Eye & Brow Maestro
Drawing Pencil
Drawing Pencil
Instant Concealer
Instant Concealer
Vintage Vamp Quad
Vintage Vamp Quad
Aqua Foundation
Aqua Foundation
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. yay! i'm glad you are getting into inglot – i feel like ive been singing their praises for years and people are only starting to cotton on! i do wish they had more complex shades though…can't wait to see EOTDs with them!

    1. I get what you mean about the complex shades but I think their wide variety of colours makes up for it. PS: Do you see 419 and 420 in this palette? šŸ˜‰
      I need some inspiration on how to wear red eyeshadow!

  2. wow i am soo jealous- but this must have set you back a lot of $$$! I only bought 3 when I went to my first inglot shop but I got so overwhelmed and bought one that I have a very similar dupe to anyway.. boo šŸ™
    Can't wait to see many looks…. I sooo want that last blue though, that's at the top of my list haha.

  3. Oh wow this is awesome. I’ve been itching to get to an Inglot store and now that I’ve seen this I have no more excuse to waiting around any longer!

    You’ve got a lovely blog. Only just found you randomly through google. I’ll be coming back!