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Generally speaking, reformulations spur much anxiety within the makeup community but this time, it’s all good news: Rouge Bunny Rouge has reformulated their lipsticks and they are stunning. 

Both the Colour Burst Lipsticks (the opaque shades in the line) and the Sheer Lipsticks have undergone a makeover with a few new exciting shades. I present to you, the entire lineup of Sheer Lipsticks

NEW Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipsticks

Relish of Heaven // A little coral, a little strawberry, a lot awesome. Very vibrant and leans warm. New shade.

Murmurings //  A medium rosy brown. I believe this was an existing shade, I don’t own the former so cannot compare.

Perfume of his Gaze // Veryyyy unique, mauve with a greige feel. More wearable than the grey-toned lipsticks flooding the market. I own the previous formulation under this name and they are nothing alike – the older was a peachy nude.

Musings // A warm, peachy pink that has my name written all over it. Despite the brightened undertone, Musings pales down my pigmented lips a touch and as such, a perfect pairing with a stronger eye. New shade.

Jasmine Weighted Air // A vibrant fuchsia with a violet element. New shade, thrilled to see such a playful hue enter the RBR line.

Change of Packaging

Previously, the lipstick tubes were black gloss with white detail – the white detail has been replaced with a matching black detail, very chic. Otherwise, the bullets appear unchanged; weighty and functional.

NEW Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipsticks

Straight from the box, the lipstick head is shaped to a curve. I’ve seen this silhouette develop in well-loved lipsticks (strange and perplexing to me) and while pretty, makes for difficult swatching (hence the patchiness in swatches above, not a fault of the formula itself).

Change of Formula

The original lipstick line was a bit of a shambles; some shades were infused with shimmer, some more opaque than others, some glossier in finish. Life was a box of chocolates and you never knew what you’d get next.

The new range of Sheer Lipsticks is perfectly consistent: free of shimmer, medium opacity, soft sheen. I’m all about dat matte lyf so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a ‘sheer lipstick with a wet effect’. I’m pleasantly surprised because – wait for it – they’re JELLIES! Yayyyyy Jellies! Soft focus edges, cushion-y between the lips and not sticky in the slightest.

The two vibrant shades (Relish of Heaven & Jasmine Weighted Air) impart a stain on the lips that fades evenly, a blessing for lazy buggers like me. The scent of the lipstick has changed also – an unobtrusive floral aroma where the old could be described as a vanilla/crayon fusion (which didn’t bother me then but the soft floral makes for more luxe application).

I should also mention the science, huh? The formula is infused with patented Hilurlip: Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) and Rosehip Butter for anti-aging benefits. That kinda goes WAY over my head but I will say that the formula is very kind to my shredded lips.


I’ve put this under a bold heading because I receive countless questions on where Rouge Bunny Rouge can be purchased. RBR can be purchased via their web boutique! The Sheer Lipsticks retail for 28 Euro.

What’s to come?

I snooped and asked too many questions (typical). Aside from the lipstick reformulation, two new shades of Eye Kohl and the Kiss Elixir Balm (also own these three, lemme know if you want a post), RBR will be launching some new products in the new few months. SO MUCH EXCITE.

How do you feel about sheer formulas? Will you be trying any of the new Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks?


The products in this post were provided for consideration. I only feature products I love 🙂


Complete list of products mentioned

Murmurings Sheer Lipstick
Murmurings Sheer Lipstick
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. Yay Karima! Love your posts and swatches, you go in such great detail and answer questions I never knew I needed to ask šŸ˜€
    Love the way you write and the photos are exquisite. Much love from Serbia! šŸ™‚

  2. Saw another post on these, supppper excited šŸ˜€ I think they are great everyday shades, I really want Relish of Heaven (dat coral), Murmurings and Musings, I want to want Jasmine Weighted Air because I think the name is so pretty, but fuchsias look terrible on me šŸ™ Just need to save up now lol! xxx

  3. Ah, Karima – you are so bad for my bank balance! I was tempted by the new lipsticks after reading the Beauty Professor’s review, but your seal of approval clinched it for me and now Relish of Heaven and Jasmine Weighted Air are on their way to my corner of England. I’d love to see how all the shades translate on your face – maybe you could do a showcase…?
    I actually own the old version of Murmurings and to me the new one definitely looks browner and more muted, although the description on RBR’s website is the same. I’d be interested to see them swatched side by side, in the name of scientific inquiry.

    1. I’ll be devastated if Murmurings has changed colour :'( I hope Irreverance is the same in the Colour Burst range, it’s also a favourite. I would love to see the new kohls, Karima! šŸ˜€ Or some looks with these, I loved your By Terry Terrybly series so something like that would be wonderful..xx

    2. Hey Louise,
      You’ll see them on my face in future tutorials, I just didn’t want to delay this post in order to get face shots (that could take a month lol). Wish I could swatch compare Murmurings, maybe someone else on the internets could pitch in here!

  4. Hi Karima, how does Relish of Heaven compare to Word of Mouth? In terms of colour, I mean. Relish looks positively MOUTHWATERING!

  5. Thanks for this! They’re still not in stock on the US site šŸ˜› I was waffling between Relish of Heaven and Jasmine Weighted Air, but after seeing the swatches I may actually end up with Musings…

    1. If you like a brightened nude shade, Musings fits the bill perfectly šŸ™‚ RoH and JWA are bolder shades that stain, so if you like a bold then maybe get one of those… for science šŸ˜€

  6. Relish of heaven…be still my heart.
    Karima, did you ever do a post on the morphe palettes? I was just curious what you thought of them. I’ve heard that the singles are better quality than the palettes, although Jaclyn Hill’s palette is supposed to have the same quality as the singles.
    Also, you should check out Nars audacious lipsticks in Angela and Fanny. The colors are unbelievably gorgeous and I had to buy them because I could not find dupes. There’s something very unique about those two.

    1. Hey Abir,
      I still haven’t had the chance to properly form opinions on the Morphe palettes, although I’ve heard the same things as you. The Jaclyn Hill palette looks gorgeous but I’m not sure I’m ready to scratch and climb over people trying to acquire it šŸ˜›
      I’ll check out those NARS lipsticks, thank you!

  7. Eeeeep! Thanks so much for getting your swatches and thoughts out so quickly to us Karima! I am most excited that RBR FINALLYYYYY, after waiting for yearssssss…. is offering their matte eyeshadows in refill format. I ordered the two I was missing along with Perfume of his Gaze and Jasmine Weighted-Air. Cannot be happier to hear that the new Sheer Lipstick formula is shimmer free across all shades! Quite frankly, I was close to just getting them all, but I’ve somehow managed to exercise some restraint. As motivation for future orders with these new upcoming mystery products and what not…

  8. Hi karima, your posts and videos are my new favorite makeup sites. The tutorials are so pretty. Tips and reviews are really helpful and detailed and always seem right on the mark. Thanks! The bad thing is that I now want to buy more products and brands that didn’t know about before. I was just looking up rouge bunny rouge because you recommended the powder and I have never liked powders. Now I really want it. The other days I was researching it and by coincidence saw that haute look had RBr for sale. I ended up buying 5 eyeshadows that I didn’t realize that I needed. The powder wasn’t on sale so I am still thinking about it. But anyways thanks for the helpful and entertaining videos!

      1. The shadows arrived yesterday. I was very excited. This morning I tried them for the first time on my eyes. I was feeling a little guilty for getting more eyeshadow, but I love them. I’m glad I did it. They seem to stay on better than my other shadows, go on a little more smoothly. It is almost the end of the day and they don’t seem to have faded at all – which is normally not the case for me. The colors really show up on my eyes. Some of my other neutral shadows look really pigmented when I swatch them on my arm, but look kind of muddy when I apply to my eyes because I have medium skin. But these don’t. They blend in really well and look really pretty and elegant. And the colors, when you first look at them, look similar to other neutrals that I own, but they seem to be a little more complex and sophisticated when applied. I can’t put my finger on it. Thanks for the great suggestions! I already have a wishlist for more colors.

  9. I had never tried this brand, but thanks to your post I ordered some of the Rouge Bunny Rouge products including Murmurings. I absolutely love the long-lasting lip pencil (I got Roald) and the lipstick. Thanks for your review!!!