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Spring inspired orange eye makeup tutorial! I have two lip options for you all and lots of tips to make bright eyeshadow ‘work’ 🙂

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Final Look

This is actually a recreation of the By Terry Rouge Terrybly Pink Party look, I’ve offered a more neutral lip in the tutorial.

Blown-Out Orange Eye Makeup Tutorial

Nail Polish I’m wearing in this tutorial

Chanel Jane, topped with OPI Matte Topcoat (the nail polish equivalent of the matte, peachy 60’s lip – at least in my mind!)

Complete List of Products

Giorgio Armani – Lasting Silk Foundation in 4.5
Chanel – Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base
Dior – Diorskin Nude Concealer 002
Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
Anastasia – Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
Make Up Store – Clear Brow Gel
Guerlain – Terracotta Four Seasons Bronzer in Ebony 08
MAC – Coppering Eyeshadow
MAC – Brown Script Eyeshadow
Sisley – Black Rose Cream Mask
MAC – Prolongwear Concealer in NW20
MAC – Vanilla Eyeshadow
Pixi – Endless Silky Eye Pencil in Black Noir
MAC – Nylon Eyeshadow
Liz Martins – Select Individual Lashes (short and extra short clusters)
Rouge Bunny Rouge – Big Lash Mascara in Black
Illamasqua – Pencil in Vow (nude)
Kevyn Aucoin – Sculpting Powder in Medium
Shiseido – High Beam White (WT905)
Edward Bess – Forbidden Flower Lipstick
By Terry – Rouge Terrybly in Pink Party

PS: do you prefer voiceovers? Or chatting throughout? Let me know.


Complete list of products mentioned

Pro Longwear Concealer
Pro Longwear Concealer
High Beam White
High Beam White
Cream Mask
Cream Mask
Diorskin Nude Concealer
Diorskin Nude Concealer
Endless Silk Eye Pencil
Endless Silk Eye Pencil
Eye Colouring Pencil
Eye Colouring Pencil
Illuminating Base
Illuminating Base
Brow Wiz
Brow Wiz
Terrybly Lipstick
Terrybly Lipstick
Sculpting Powder
Sculpting Powder
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. aw so pretty love your blog so much your gorgeus and really funny! thanks for the vid, btw going to buy the viseart palette it looks gorgeus

  2. I love the clashing eye and lip – not sure I’d be brave enough to wear this outside though. I like the voiceover, but I think I prefer ‘live’ commentary – if only for the snippets of 90s dance-pop…

  3. Gorgeous look, loved it the most from Rouge Terrybly series. :)) And I bought pink party recently thanks to your review, it’s the bomb. šŸ˜€ I’m obsessed with neon pink lipsticks, so I almost passed on it cause I already have so many, but I’m soooo glad I got it, even my boyfriend yesterday commented “it’s the prettiest of all those crazy pink ones”. And if a male can see the difference, well that speaks for itself. šŸ˜€ Oh, and I LOVE your chatting, it’s much more personal and fun than voiceovers. šŸ™‚

    1. It was one of my favourites from the Rouge Terrybly looks, too šŸ™‚ I’m going to do a tutorial loosely based on the By Terry Torrid Rose look, too!
      Pink Party is definitely the prettiest crazy pink evar šŸ˜€

    1. Thanks Anne! Voiceovers tend to be a lot shorter which, considering that most people have an attention span of ~6 minutes, is convenient. I will continue to do both šŸ™‚

  4. I prefer whatever kind of commentary you feel allows you to make the best and most informative video. šŸ™‚ I do love your chatting videos, but if it helps to give points of instruction to voice them over, hey, who am I to complain.

    I do prefer the pink lip. That’s one shade I did not pick up, but now I’m wondering if it was a mistake. I guess it’ll have to go on my shopping list…along with the Shiseido powder!

    For a future video, I’d love if you did a look with a 60’s nude, peachy matte lip, like you mentioned. I don’t wear much nude lipstick, but I recently got one of just that description from Burberry, and would love to see what you would do with it. šŸ™‚

    Shani x

    1. Eh you know, just experimenting šŸ™‚ If I had talked through the video it would have been 15 minutes long though :-S Not sure if that is too much of my face for youtube.
      Which lipstick is it, from Burberry? I love matte peachy shades, 60’s is one of my favourite eras. I want to do a 60’s look but it’s always about the sockets and mine suck, we’ll see how I go šŸ™‚

      1. I’m pretty sure I could have dealt with it, but can understand not wanting to have my own face on there for that long!

        I have the Lip Velvet in 301 Pink Apricot. I’ve looked up some photos of looks, but have yet tried to recreate them. I’ll do it one of these days. Maybe you’ll beat me to it. šŸ˜‰ xx

  5. Karima! Great look, I prefer the nude lip option myself but I think the pink lip interesting too. The first few seconds of the vid are pretty funny though, have to admit šŸ˜› Also your eye quirk, it’s not a big deal. You seem to be drawing more attention to it though! You look nice with/without the eye quirk so yeah, chillax šŸ™‚

  6. I love your videos! I am definitely not brave enough to wear this look, although I am tempted to try either the bright orange eye or the bright pink lip separately… am I brave enough??….. I also personally prefer you chatting away throughout your videos, as it allows your personality to come across better. Voice overs are usually very informative but only really on videos where you need to get straight to the point.
    I always try new things from your tutorials/looks and so eagerly look forward to any other suggestions! x

    1. You ARE brave enough! Bright pink lips are relatively easy to pull off, just pick a tone that you find flattering to your skin tone šŸ™‚ x

  7. Great tutorial! I love the eyes and pink the lip, but I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear them together šŸ˜‰
    I prefer videos where you talk throughout, much more personal and no music (two of the things I really like about you!). But of course: you have to choose what you like best, I will continue to watch your tutorials forever anyway! x

    1. I actually really like a bit of music here and there, but it only really works for voiceovers. During exam season I’ll probably do voiceovers (not because it’s less work but because I can spread the work over a few days), but I’ll continue to do chatty videos šŸ™‚ x

  8. Okay, just going to say it, I think the pink lip is too much on you. Don’t think you’re pulling it off yet, it speaks before you do and looks obnoxious. It’s like a little girl who wears her mum’s lipstick for the first time.

  9. Hi Karima – I love this look. Both lips are beautiful, but I am partial to the PIIIIIINK! It is, as you say, very editorial and entirely bold. There is something so confidence exuding about the pairing – it’s very sexy. I have this ByTerry pink and when I put it on, my smile goes on high beam – it’s a great color. I will give this combo a go.
    Speaking of High Beam šŸ™‚ thank you for the highlighter recommendation. I much prefer matte over shimmer – this sounds like a highlighter that is up my alley!
    xoxo sj

    1. Hey SJ šŸ™‚
      Am I crazy? It’s bold and all but I didn’t really think twice before leaving the house lol. Wear what makes you smile, I say.
      Shiseido High Beam White (also known as WT905) is an interesting product, can you try it in store? Also, what is your colouring? I think this one is more geared towards fairer skin tones. Just trying to troubleshoot here, in case I can save you a few bucks šŸ˜‰ I personally adore it. xx

      1. My colouring is about NC-Vampire. I’m practically transparent. I will stop by the Shisiedo counter and try the highlighter… I’ve been meaning to go to and try the Konpeito cream eyeshadow :o)

  10. Hi, I commented on YouTube but forgot to answer the age old question, to voiceover or not to voiceover. In my opinion variety is quite the spice šŸ™‚ you do both styles really well (wow, much admiration) so it’s great to mix it up!

    1. Hey Vicky šŸ™‚
      I appreciate your input! I agree, it’s nice to switch it up sometimes, don’t want to become too predictable! Thank you!

  11. Hi Karima!

    I’ve been meaning to post this question for a while regarding crease contouring. I’m not asian, but I don’t have the typical uber defined caucasian eye with loads of brow bone. It’s not a monolid, but rather that the area under my crease protrudes over the mobile lid. Not really hooded eyes but something similar. Do you have any tips for successful smokey eye application or general crease contouring?

  12. First, you look flawless as usual. Second, do you have any favorites for eyelash glue or individual eyelashes? I’ve never worn false lashes, but I’ve been building up the courage to try individuals, and your tips in this video came at a perfect time.

    And just to weigh in on the voice over vs non discussion taking place above, I really like both types of videos. The voice over is a lot sleeker (I especially liked how you switched up your intro!), but the non is a lot more personal (like talking to a friend you’ve missed). Either way, your website, advice, and effort is much appreciated.

    1. Hey Valeria šŸ™‚
      Thank you, too kind! The only eyelash glue that I use is Duo (I prefer dark but the clear tone is best for beginners). Ardell individuals are a good choice for a beginner, my favourite individuals are the Liz Martins but they’re more voluminous so they can be trickier.
      Additionally, I will say that strip lashes tend to be easier to apply IMO. Maybe try something like the Ardell 301’s (half lash) until you get the hand of it?
      I did switch up the intro! I quite like the new one, I think I will keep it šŸ™‚
      Thanks for your thoughts!

  13. I love the editorial pink lip! I’ve been meaning to get my hands on one of the By Terry lipsticks and this video just made them gravitate to the top of my shopping list (ahhh Karima, you are not helping with my makeup spending ban!)
    Also, I personally prefer it when you talk through videos but voiceovers could probably be a good option for videos that are shorter (I like longer videos though, give me MOAR I always say haha) x

  14. This makeup look excites me beyond all words ESPECIALLY with the pink lip. Like I just can’t, you have zapped my ability to can. And I mean that in the most loving way possible. A+.

  15. Hi Karima,

    Wow! So simple, but sophisticated. Looks lovely on you!

    I heard bad things about the new packaging from Kevyn Aucoin Scupting Powder, but I wonder is the quality of the powder itself the same?


    1. Hey Lily,
      As far as I know, the new Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder has less product and no brush, but the packaging is still functional. Additionally, I’m pretty sure the product formula has remained unchanged. xx

  16. Ahh Karima… Must you give me another reason to love you more? You’re my absolute favourite YouTuber and am so glad you’re starting to get the audience and love you deserve šŸ™‚ I love this tutorial, so bright and bold and it amazes me how you can pull off just about anything… I do, however, prefer your chattier videos. Your personality just shines through. Love this video nevertheless. Have a great day <3

    1. Aw too kind, Winona <3
      Bright colours are funny, I think if you feel as though you can pull it off, it becomes a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, if you know what I mean?
      I'll be back to my chatty videos after exam season šŸ™‚ I feel as though I can barely talk! LOL.
      Hope you have a wonderful day, also šŸ™‚ xx

  17. To answer your question – I’d prefer that you do whatever you feel is best at whatever given time, whether it’d be doing a voice-over or not. It’s your lovely YouTube channel, and I wouldn’t feel right to dictate to you how you should be. I know, that may sound corny, but there it is. šŸ™‚ BTW, I left you a shoutout on my blog – hope you don’t mind. Cheers! xx, Yve.

    1. I’ll continue to do a bit of both, I think šŸ™‚ Keeps things spontaneous!
      I just checked out your blog, totally awesome! Veryyy chic layout <3 So flattered, a genuine voice is my main priority, always šŸ™‚

  18. OK – I know I already commented on this, but I just can’t help myself :o)
    I think this makeup look is GENIUS. I mean that. If it were ME wearing this amazing pink lipstick (which I own), I would do a neutral eye. I worn that look many times – it’s very nice and I’ve been happy with it. But YOU, YOU, Karima said “bold lip — needs a bold eye!” And it just elevates both the lipstick and the eyes to a whole new level. It creates so much interest and makes each color shine more than they would individually, if that makes sense.

    Anywhooo – hope exams are going great. We all miss you :o)
    xoxo sj

    1. Aww SJ <3 This comment brightened my day!
      Sometimes, more is more for me LOL. Since you own the lipstick, maybe try it the combo? Not everyone shares my garish tastes but even a soft orange eyeshadow like Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie has a similar, cool effect.
      I agree, I think the shades look MOAR awesome when paired together because clashy goodness šŸ˜€
      Last exam in 5 days then furious filming to pre film for my Europe trip! Thanks for your comment, again šŸ™‚

  19. Hi Karima
    what is yourfavourite concealer for under the eye and your fav powder to set the giorgio armani foundations?

    1. Hey Kristy,
      I’m still on the hunt for my favourite under eye concealer but you can read my write-up on many concealers here:
      My favourite translucent powder to set all my liquid foundations is the Rouge Bunny Rouge Translucent, you can read my review here:
      Hope this helps šŸ™‚ x

  20. Lovely šŸ™‚ I shall try this when I pluck up the courage to get my hands on an orange shadow! Karima, I was wondering whether you could help me – I’m always after the ‘no-make-up’ look during the summer, but I’ve never managed to find the perfect ‘barely there’ eyeshadow – so I’m on a quest! I’m after something that is not too shimmery or glittery, but would still give me a nice sheen (like a barely noticeable but distinct satin-y finish) on my eyelids without being too obvious. I’m really pale and have a noticeable yellow/golden undertone (sort of like MAC NC15, maybe a tad paler than that even). Any ideas?

    1. Hey Alex šŸ™‚
      I have a few suggestions, depending on your definition of ‘barely there’. My most subtle suggestion is Rouge Bunny Rouge Rain Dove, note that this is superrrr subtle, even on paler skin tones. See the swatch here:
      If you’re looking for a little more impact than that, Urban Decay Suspect, NARS Cyprus or MAC All That Glitters with a very light hand. Burberry Pale Barley fits your description perfectly but I can’t keep up with Burberry, is that shade discontinued? No idea šŸ˜›
      Hope this helps, lovely! xx

      1. Thank you! I’m now torn between Pale Barley and Rain Dove. I guess if I don’t find the Burberry one, I’ll go for Rouge Bunny Rouge šŸ™‚ I love their “Sheer Foundation”, by the way, it’s the first make-up base I’ve ever tried in which I’m not the palest available color and could actually pick an undertone that suits me – WOW. I don’t wear much make-up at all, so it’s definitely worth the investment. Better to get exactly what you’re looking for straight away, than end up with a whole bunch of things that are “allright” or “almost there, but not quite”!
        I’ve just seen your ‘vampy lip’ tutorial, and you’ve reminded me of the fact that burgundy shades really suit me. Would you say By Terry’s Rouge Terrybly in “Carnal Attraction” would be a good choice? It looks amazing in your reviews!

      2. Hey Alex šŸ™‚
        Both Pale Barley and Rain Dove are gorgeous, I’m sure you’ll be happy with either. I also agree, much better to invest in something that is perfect as opposed to endless trial and error!
        Carnal Attraction is beautiful but if you have mature or lined lips, note that it does stain lip lines a little. I personally love the stained effect but my lip lines aren’t hugely pronounced.

  21. Hello

    I was wondering if you could help me with the hakuhodo brushes? I’ve read all your reviews and I just bought some and I’ve noticed the ones I’ve purchased are too big for eyeshadow j214r I use for concealer the j214 I also bought and have no idea what to do with also the kokotan brush in m is too big. I’m looking for a eyeshadow brush that I can use for an all over wash of color any suggestions would be much appreciated. I have the S121G and S125 on my list I’m not sure these would be good .

    Thank you

    1. Hey Melissa,
      Yes, those models are not the best for eyes because they’re too large.
      I have two posts on Hakuhodo crease brushes:

      If you’re looking for a flat shader brush as opposed to a fluffy crease brush, Hakuhodo makes one called the J242 but I prefer the MAC 239 because it’s a bit bigger.
      Hope this helps šŸ™‚ x