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In the past, I’ve had a pretty poor opinion of pencil eyeliners, like they were the dated method to lining the eyes and I’d usually reserve soft pencils for tightlining. Hear that sound? That’s the sound of me eating my own words. 

With my new found adoration of pencil liners, I had a lot of catching up to do. One of my favourite ranges is the THREE Flash Performance, these pencils have gained quite a cult following (other reviews here, here and here) but if it’s a new brand to you, here is the blurb: THREE is a luxury Japanese brand available off Ichibankao and their Performance Eyeliners are goddamn pretty. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils (01, 03, 05, 07)

I’ve collected four shades…

THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils (01, 03, 05, 07)

01 Eye Love – A warm peachy pink base with silver reflect.
03 Eye Sense – A warm purpled base with pink and gold reflect.
05 Eye Rock – The most ‘basic’ black in the line, a sooty black base packed with rainbow reflects; olive, gold, pink and cornflower.
07 Eye Doll – Perhaps the most unique shade in the line, a cooler khaki base with prominent gold and pink reflect.

So Lonely in Gorgeous has swatches of the entire THREE Performance Eyeliner range, I poured over this post to narrow down my purchases (thanks, Lizzy!).

I think everyone who has tried the liners can agree that the smudge tool on the back of each liner is superb; dense silicone with a tapered point, perfect dragging the product out to a wing.

THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils (01, 03, 05, 07)

We’re talking ultra-soft pencils here so no dragging and plenty of sharpening! At ~40USD at pencil, I open the sharpener and mourn over the lost product.

The formula applies like a gel, you barely need to hover over the lash line to achieve amazing pigment but it there is some of that Japanese translucency going on, which you can see on the edges of the swatches. The result is a softer application and blurry edges, as opposed to high impact graphic liner.

The real standout aspect of these liners is the shade range- the complexity is out of this world, multifaceted sparkles peaking out behind the lashes. My favourite way to wear them is to roughly line the top lash line and then take an angled brush, or the included smudger, to drag the product out to a flick (which you can see in my Brow Routine video, where I used Eye Rock on the outer half of the lash line and Eye Love feathered towards the inner half of the eye). You have a window of about 30 seconds to smudge before the product sets, which leads me onto my next point and perhaps my only criticism. I’ve read multiple reviews celebrating the incredible longevity of the THREE Eyeliners but I gotta say, sorry if this steps on some toes: The lasting power is decent but not phenomenal, I get a bit of smudging towards the end of the day (with my normal skin AND an eye primer underneath).

But really, with those beautiful shades, I CAN DEAL.


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  1. I think everyone who has tried the liners can agree that the smudge tool on the back of each liner is superb

    I read this and laughed. I HAVE NEVER ONCE USED THE SMUDGER. Must try that ASAP.

    I have 03 and 07 and love them; I think I need 04 next. Does the sparkle in 05 show up, or do you need to be really close to see it? (And they actually wear amazingly well on me, even without primer! I don’t get it.)

    1. Adele! Use the smudge tool! It’s awesome πŸ™‚
      The sparkle in 5 is quite pronounced but it’s not glittery, if you watch the brow tutorial you’ll get a better indication of shimmer.
      Yeah not sure why these don’t wear like iron on me, I generally don’t have issues with longevity, my skin is a magnet for makeup. Much confusion! x

    1. Hey Karo,
      99% of the products I mention on this blog are available internationally, since I’m Australian. THREE eyeliners are available off

  2. Eye Sense and Eye Love are sooooo pretty! I have recently discovered that shades with red in them (like Eye Sense) really agree with me. I’m surprised by this but am embracing it. Time to make a Ichibankao purchase πŸ™‚
    I love all the yummy things I discover on this blog!! πŸ™‚
    xoxo sj
    ps – do you have a video where I can see how you do your flick? Please direct me if so πŸ™‚ I’ve been practicing but could use some more pointers. thanks lovely!

    1. Are you green eyed, SJ? Reddened tones are gorgeous on eyes that are green/have hints of green due to contrast. I have brown eyes but reddened tones really pull out the green tones πŸ™‚
      I don’t have a video with this eyeliner technique yet but I will do it very soon!

      1. I am green-eyed! I have found that I can even wear red eyeshadows! I laughed when I saw the color swatched on my wrist, but applied on the eyelid I laughed again but this time in delight at the surprise! And it doesn’t look “crazy” either. Good fun.
        Hope you are enjoying May! Do you have Mother’s Day in Australia?
        xo SJ

      2. There ya go πŸ˜‰ Reddened shades on green eyes are perfection. You might find that reddened blushers and reddened lip colour have a similar, flattering effect. May has been a bit of a nightmare for me :-/ So much uni, I’m drowning in it. We did have Mother’s Day! I spent it with my boyfriend’s family, my mother is nonchalant about holidays lol. What did you get up to? πŸ™‚ x

  3. Oh…MAN. Drooling over eye pencils? Yes, it’s possible.

    I need to save up and order a bunch. They have my name written all over them!

    Shani x

  4. I added 07 to my last Ichibankao order at the very last minute, after seeing The Driveller Kate’s saliva-pool-inducing swatch of it. I am wearing it right now and every time I catch a glimpse of the pink sparklies I get unreasonably excited. I also can’t believe how amazingly it just glides over my lid, it’s almost as if… it’s alive. Friends, there is some witchcraft going on here.

    Changing direction here, I feel the need to inform you that you and your Terribly by Terry series + Kate and all her Three/Addiction/Suqqu swatches are entirely responsible for the inadequate state of my finances. I love you both so much.

    1. Hey Cat πŸ™‚
      07 was my first THREE eyeliner, too! So much glide, it’s a phenomenal formula πŸ™‚
      Kate’s blog is awesomeeee! Thank you thank you πŸ™‚ x

  5. Ah Karima, why must you do this to me? Eye Doll and Addiction Fudge are now heading my way (and money is leaving my account). If the THREE pencils are as good as everyone says I imagine Eye Sense and Eye Kon (bronzey goodness) will be joining their sister very soon.

    This is why I can’t afford a car.

    1. Hey Louise πŸ™‚
      Addiction Fudge is such a standout, I’m sure you will love that. Report back and let me know what you think of your goodies! x

  6. Hi Karima.
    Those pencils loor superb! I NEED THEM, (at least 05 and 07)
    I’m loving more and more your blog and even if I don’t know you personally you seem to me a very lovely and nice person!

    Ps. I was wondering if you can do a brush collection, or maybe something like your favourites ones (I’m very insanely into brush now) and i’d like your suggestions

    Hope you’re well and good luck with your job!


    1. Hi Ylenia!
      They are superb, maybe get one and see if you like the formula?
      I’m doing a brush video in the near future (need to narrow down my favourites!)

  7. When you started using the makeup artistΒ΄s choice 25% mandelic acid peel – how often did u use it in the beginning, and for how long? Also, did you use the cleanser it comes with, or your own before and after the peel?


    1. Hey Julia,
      I used it about once a month, leaving it on for a minute. I think that’s a good place to start, you can gauge how your skin reacts and alter those time frames accordingly. I don’t use the MUAC cleanser, I simply use my regular cleanser (La Roche Posay Lipikar Sydnet), just make sure you rinse very well. xx

  8. In the interest of sharing some recent loved purchases…and one old one/repurchase…
    Just obtained Guerlain’s new BB Super Aqua Serum in Clair/light…what a freakin gorgeous finish! Decently long lasting and decent coverage for a BB as well. My skin, only sooo much more even. And did I mention the gorgeous, glowy finish?
    Deborah Lippmann makes a nail color I’ve just discovered called Mermaid’s Dream. Mmmmyummm spring Aqua sparkly loveliness! Now if I could just get my nails to grow back after having some serious breakage issues…my nails really suck. But I’m babying them so I can wear Yummy Spring Bright colors. And some smoother, chic ones as well…like Burberry’s Stone Blue. Highly Recommend.
    Lierac’s Soin Γ‰clat Express is still my fave recovery/hydrating cream/mask, dare I say it, even over Sisley’s Black Rose one. Doesn’t smell as good, but makes skin feel so soft and pampered. And much more affordable…does anyone else out there use/love this?