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A video on how I personally groom and fill my eyebrows, as I generally wiz through the brows in my tutorials. I employ a slightly different shape and shade depending on the brow, but this might be helpful to those who like a full and natural brow.

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My tips on growing out brows and my ‘brow timeline’

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Also, SUQQU is available to everyone here (there is a markup but prices include shipping).

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Hello, everyone. Welcome back. Today, I'm doing a video on how I personally groom and fill in my eyebrows. Now I approach everyone's eyebrows a little bit differently. There is no one technique or one size fits all but at the very least you might get some ideas. I'm going to voiceover the grooming portion of this video to minimize the possibility of me taking a tweezer to my eyeball. So I groom my brows myself. I really take my time. I start with a lot of combing and brushing to understand what's going on.

I then trim my brows – not much, just a few millimeters because my actual brow hairs can get really long. I like to do the trimming first before I do anything else because it immediately makes my brows look less unruly. So I don't need to tweeze quite as much and that's the aim of my game – avoid tweezing where possible. I do a little tweezing though as you can now see, just the stray hairs underneath the arch really. I'm using a pair of Tweezerman Tweezers and these are a little bit pricy for something so basic like tweezers. But trust me, there is absolutely a difference and they are absolutely worth it.

Finally, I use a brow razor to catch any fine or blonde hairs. Now, normally waxing or threading would address this but I can't seem to do either. I break out in quite a strange rash. So if you have delicate skin like mine and you can't tolerate waxing or threading, brow razors are really good option. My favorite brow razor is by Make Up Store. I think it seems really sturdy and well made and it doesn't drag on the skin but what I will say about brow razors is it's very easy to make mistakes. So I wouldn't recommend actually shaping your brows with them, but they're good for quick clean ups. I also take that razor between my brows really carefully. And that's pretty much all I do for grooming.

Okay, so now my brows are groomed. I've put a little bit of concealer just under the arch. I wouldn't normally do that but my brows look really red and really angry so just to conceal that a bit. Now today to fill in my brows, I'm going to be using the SUQQU Brow Pen. I love this product because it creates most realistic illusion of brow hairs that I've encountered in any brow product. Now whether I'm using pen or pencil or powder, the motions, the technique and the shade are identical.

Okay, let's quickly talk about shade. The shade that I'm using today is moss green. But don't be alarmed. It's not actually green, it's more of an ashy gray. I just prefer ashy brow colors on myself. Naturally, I have quite ashy brunette hair and I think it's the worst thing when you step out in to the sunlight and your brows turn a funny shade of orange which can happen if you're using quite a warm brow color.

That being said, make up is 99% preference and you just choose whatever you feel is most harmonious to your coloring. Another thing to keep in mind is your natural brow shape and what you like your brows to be. So for example, my brows are naturally quite short and they have a very steep downward angle to my tail, I always say try to keep as close to your natural brow shape as you can but minor alterations can be made. So with me, I actually tried to flatten out my brow and I do that by starting at the arch and extending this area here. And I'm just using really feather light strokes in the direction that my hair grows. Now what you'll see a lot of on YouTube is the technique where you line the perimeter of your brows and then fill it in. I think that that looks awesome on some people but I think on me, it seems to overwhelm my features. I have quite small features. So do whatever you feel is best but this gives more of a soft kind of effect. Lots of little fine feather like strokes.

So instead of coming down at the angle at which my brow actually comes, I'm going to push all these hairs up and see how far I can extend that tail outwards. I think it's really important to every few minutes just step back and look at your eyebrows from a distance just to make sure that you don't go overboard. So I always want my tail to be a little bit longer than it is so I lightly extend.

So when you're filling in your brows, some people like to brush them upward, some downwards, it really comes down again to personal preference. What I do is I actually push the hairs of the body sideways and then the tail I push outwards. And again this is because I'm trying to create the illusion of a more flatter brow so I straighten the body and flick the tail out. Okay, so at this point, I have filled in the other half of my brow. I've made the tail a little bit crisper and I've flattened it a little bit. Now normally, I wouldn't fill in this portion of my brow in a half. I was lucky enough that when I grew back my eyebrows that all came back pretty thick and I don't have any serious bald sports.

So generally I just leave it be. But if I want to get really technical, then I would take a bit of brow powder and just brush that through very lightly. I find that brow pens don't fare very well in the innermost portion of the brow because they just look a little bit blocky. Okay, so I'm pretty happy with how that's looking right now. To set my brows today, I'm going to be using some hair spray and a clean spooly. I like using hair spray because it's very lightweight and it doesn't make the brows look loaded with products, but it still does a great job at keeping them in place throughout the day.

Okay, so I've gone ahead and I've filled in my other eyebrow in much the same way. The last topic that I wanted to cover is brow asymmetry. So nobody's brows are exactly identical. For example, I know that my left eyebrow is slightly lower than my right and it's even more angular. My philosophy on this is get your brows looking their best individually. Getting them to look identical I think is a bit of an impossible feat especially because they're likely positioned on your head differently. Nobody really notices but if you'd like make a few minor alternations, you can. What I do with my left eyebrow is I add a few extra strokes just on the arch to make it appear a little bit higher and a little bit more level with my other brow. But normally I would say just get them looking their best individually because nobody really notices.

So that pretty much completes my brow routine. Today, I've gone for sort of a polish brow but my brows do change depending on the look that I'm trying to achieve, my mood of the day, even the season but essentially the technique stays the same. If you have any questions about brows in general, then you can either leave them in the comment section below or hit me up on any of my social media. I love to chat to you guys. I hope you'll have a wonderful day and I'll see you very soon. B-bye.

Nail Polish I’m wearing in this video

OPI Suzi’s Hungary Again! (a vibrant, pinky-coral creme)

Complete List of Products Mentioned

Make Up Store – Nostril Scissors
Tweezerman – Tweezers
Make Up Store – Eyebrow Razor
SUQQU – Brow Pen in Moss Green
SUQQU – Balancing Brow Powder in Moss Green


Complete list of products mentioned

Balancing Eyebrow
Balancing Eyebrow
Brow Pen
Brow Pen
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. Thanks for this! I think I’m going to pass on the Suqqu – I absolutely LOVE the effect on you, but it looks too time-consuming for me.

    1. It is absolutely time consuming (unless you have very little to fill in) so definitely not a rushed morning product, I just really love the result so I keep coming back to it. xx

  2. You’ve perfected a really beautiful brow routine. The only reason why I don’t use the brow pen everyday is because of the time consuming factor, but it really is my favorite brow product.

    I also use a little razor, too! That gives the cleanest lines and helps me not look like a monobrow neanderthal.

    1. Hey Belly šŸ™‚

      Yes, it is time consuming but my brow game is so poor that it’s a small cost for me lol. What brand of brow razor do you use? I’m so picky!

  3. Uhhmm that’s a nice tip right there or I got it completely wrong?: trim with the scissors upwards almost one hair each time… not attacking from the sides with a straight cut…

    Now that explains a lot of my current eyebrow mayhem.

  4. Great vid. Been loving the Suqqu brow pen for a couple of years now but am currently awaiting delivery of the balancing powder so this was perfect timing ; )

  5. I have to say you revolutionised my whole brow routine a while back when you reviewed the SUQQU brow pen!
    After reading your post I ended up getting a dupe brow pen and it’s now my favourite and only way to do my brows – before I would never bother unless I absolutely had to because pencils and angled brushes just never worked for me (I have super sparse and fine brow hairs), so yeah thanks for the awesome advice!


    1. Hey Bambi šŸ™‚
      I’m so glad you found the SUQQU Pen review helpful! I love hearing that šŸ™‚ What dupe did you end up purchasing? xx

  6. I actually bought the SUQQU brow pen on your recommendation, but I’ve been too scared to try it. Now I know exactly how to use it! šŸ™‚

    Have you ever done a tutorial on how to do that perfect wing that you get? Sigh. I’m so envious!

    Shani x

  7. Do you think the Suqqu brow pen in Moss Green would work for most eyebrow colors? Or do you think people with a lighter hair color should use the color in Brown. I am very dark blond and I look better in cool colors. I love how natural this looks on you.

    1. Hmm yes, to be honest I think Moss Green might be a bit dark for blondes unless you have very little to fill. Brown would be the lighter choice (it’s neutral, not warm) but maybe check out Stila Brow Pen in Medium? (similar shade to Moss Green in SUQQU but a touch lighter).


  8. So we should be friends. Your blog and videos are lovely and refreshing and you seem like an adorable weirdo Aussie, which is among my favorite type of human. Keep up the beautiful work!

      1. It’s agreed! We should collaborate, I sent you a message about it a bit ago. Anyway It’s like 1:30am in the states so I’m now officially asleep typing. Let’s talk soon!

    1. Hey Rena,
      I purchased them from a makeup supply store in Sydney called Scotty’s Makeup and Beauty. You should be able to find them at any beauty supply store or even online. xx

  9. Hi there! I love this and completely respect your opinion on everything šŸ™‚ I was just wondering – have you tried/know anyone who has tried the Stila Stay All Day eyebrow pen? I would LOVE to purchase the Suqqu pen, but am considering the Stila because I’m lazy and just really resent paying for shipping. I’ve read a couple of reviews and people say it’s not a dupe for the Suqqu but it’s still good – just wondering if you had an opinion?

    Thanks so much for sharing all your expertise and love with everyone! This is one of most favourite blogs.

    1. OMG, I should have read the comments, you referenced the Stila pen earlier! Feel free to reply anyway, if you feel like elaborating on the Stila. Otherwise, just know that you have another fan šŸ™‚ x

    2. Hey Alicia šŸ™‚
      I actually do own the Stila Brow Pen in Medium, I’m going to do a comparison post between the SUQQU and the Stila soon! It’s not a perfect dupe but it’s a good alternative, the tip is a bit thicker and stiffer than the SUQQU Pen. The shade Medium is similar to Moss Green in SUQQU, but a touch lighter in shade.
      Hope this helps for the meantime!

  10. Hi Karima ! Love your site so much. šŸ™‚

    Question, I recently bought the Suqqu brow pen in Moss Green per your suggestion and I feel like the ‘ink’ doesn’t come out as easy as I anticipated. When I press it on a piece of paper, ink definitely comes out, but on my face, not as easily. Do you recommend quick, short, feathery strokes like the video? Is that what I’ve been missing?

    (sadly, I can’t try it now bc it’s at home and I’m traveling this summer for work)

    Thanks soooo much!

    PS I just returned from Seoul, Korea for work. It was my first time there but it is makeup HEAVEN. I highly recommend you check out some of their brands.

    1. Hey Eunie!
      The SUQQU Brow Pen is a different application experience, one stroke and you won’t get much payoff because the ink has a watercolour effect, so it’s not like a brow pencil in that regard. Use multiple, fine strokes in the direction of hair growth and STOP and look from afar every now and again; you can end up with a crazy bold brow without even realising it. It almost feels like nothing is touching your skin.
      Ooh I’d love to go to Korea šŸ™‚ Buying online is so confusing for me because I can barely make out what’s an eyeliner versus an eyebrow product etc lol.

      1. Karima thanks so much for the response! I’ll definitely give it another go when I get back šŸ™‚