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A vlog-style review spanning over 5 weeks – lots of before and after shots, updates week by week and and my objective review!

Additional pictures and information below the video 😉


  • The salon that I picked was Love Those Lashes in Paddington, Sydney (there is also a sister store in Melbourne). Click here to visit their website. Thank you to Laura for helping me research 🙂
  • My technician was Jodi, she was super knowledgeable. She also had a British accent which is automatic win, to me.
  • I received a Full Set of ‘Silk’ Extensions (a man-made, cruelty free fibre).
  • The fibres were of 0.15 thickness and between 10-13mm in length. They were positioned in a ‘cat eye style’, with the longer fibres towards the outer corner of the eye.
  • The full set of ‘Silk’ Extensions cost 210AUD and removal cost 35AUD. This is just a guideline and Australia tends to be pricy.
  • Removal involved a gel soak, by which the extension detached from the natural lash. It took about 20 minutes.

Final Verdict

… in text, for those of you who hate videos. I was super impressed by both the outcome and the longevity of the lash extensions; they looked feathery and fluttery from day one to the final five week mark (in my opinion, you can take a look at the shots below and decide for yourself).

I found the extensions to be surprisingly convenient: I avoided the eye area when cleansing and combed them daily with a clean spoolie but otherwise, I just went about my business (which included swimming!). I didn’t wear eye makeup or mascara but should you opt to wear some, careful removal with an oil-free remover is recommended. As someone who tends to sleep face down (I can’t help it!), I was concerned that I’d be dislodging and splaying the lashes as I slept but they were far more resilient than I anticipated (probably due to the synthetic fibre).

I know there are a lot of strong opinions out there regarding lash extensions and their effect on the natural lashes. Personally, I couldn’t tell the difference between my natural lashes prior and post extensions (pictures below), although I do have quite strong lashes. I don’t think lash extensions are for everyone; your best bet would be to have a consultation with a reputable technician so they can access your natural lashes. Lifestyle is a big factor too, if you: habitually rub your eyes, insist on oil based removers, can’t forego false lash strips etc, then your experience may differ from mine.

Would I get them again? Absolutely. Next holiday I will definitely get another full set, it was so refreshing to be able to omit all eye makeup. I also felt as though the volume and length detracted from my puffy eyes (don’t tell me they aren’t because I know they are).

Will I have them done permanently? Probably not. False lashes and heavy eye makeup are a reoccurring element in my tutorials – you ought to be delicate with lash extensions to achieve best results.

MOAR Pictures, shall we…

Lash Extensions – Pictures, Updates & Final Verdict

Lash Extensions – Pictures, Updates & Final Verdict

Lash Extensions – Pictures, Updates & Final Verdict
Eyeshadow here is Topshop Wax and Wane, sadly limited edition but LOOKIT DAT DUOCHROME! No liner or mascara.

Lash Extensions – Pictures, Updates & Final Verdict

Lash Extensions – Pictures, Updates & Final Verdict

Final shot below: before the lash extensions were applied and after the lash extensions were removed. They look pretty similar to me.

Lash Extensions – Pictures, Updates & Final Verdict

Hope some of you found this helpful 🙂


This video is not sponsored. I sought the service and the company kindly offered the application complimentary (although I paid for removal). I was not obliged to do this review, it was my idea and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow, the extensions look really natural! You should definitely go for it again 🙂
    On the 2-week photo, what lip product were you wearing? Looove the color!

      1. Hey Carla 🙂
        The lip product there was Boots No 7 Lipliner in Nude, all over the lips (lips were prepped with balm beforehand).
        On my skin, I was wearing SUQQU Frame Fix Fluid N in 002. xx

    1. Definitely will do, excited to get them for my next holiday 🙂
      The lip product there was Boots No 7 Lipliner in Nude, all over the lips (lips were prepped with balm beforehand). xx

  2. Super interesting! I’ve always been curious about how lash extensions perform. Yours look incredibly natural. Wow.
    ps loved the blog style video! Fun! It’s like a mini-documentary!! Much wow 🙂

    1. Lash Extensions didn’t really interest me UNTIL I saw them on a friend of mine. I assumed she had naturally insane lashes but turns out it was lash extensions and she only had good things to say! So I was all over that 🙂

      YAY glad you liked it, it was different and fun! x

  3. Amazing video! So informative. I got totally addicted to lash extensions last year and had them continuously for about 12 months before I realised I just couldn’t afford it anymore. I loved them and dream about getting them done again! I agree that the most important thing is the technician, followed by the way you treat them. When I first had them done I kept putting liquid liner on, and that was definitely not making them last well. I soon realised I really didn’t need much make up, just a bit of shadow in my crease.

    Thanks for the video!

    1. Hey Claire!
      Yeah it’s a pricy thing to maintain, thankfully I was able to talk myself out of it – my lifestyle is not suited to lash extensions at all.
      I think that’s the amazing thing about lash extensions, I didn’t really need any makeup to look defined! T’was so easy!

  4. They look totally natural. Very pretty. I like the idea of having long full lashes without wearing mascara or false lashes. I like the natural look even if it isn’t totally natural as long as it looks that way.

  5. They look freaking amazeballs! SOLD, I need them on my face now!

    Seriously though they do look fantastic and they look just how I wish my lashes were all the time so I wouldn’t have to wear mascara! Now to find somewhere here in Perth that does as good a job >.>

    x Bambi

    1. Hey Bambi 🙂
      I liked the outcome, too! I went swimming and got sweaty and never worried about my mascara migrating or anything. SO EASY, wish I could do it year round!
      Not sure about Perth but if you’re in Sydney/Melbourne, book in prior @ Love Those Lashes. Miracle workers.