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In theory, a great idea. In practice, sore lips and subsequently, poor application here n there (apologies!).

I don’t talk much about MAC here but I do appreciate the incredible variety that MAC delivers. The Back To MAC program arouses a lot of interest in MAC lipsticks so here is some inspiration! Additionally, five solid minutes of me tilting my head like a lunatic. Enjoy 😉

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Hi, everyone. Today, I'm going to be doing something a little bit different. I'm doing a showcase of my MAC lipsticks. Now this may be helpful for you if you love the MAC lipstick formulation or perhaps if you have back to MAC empties and would like some inspiration. I suspect that some of the nuances in color may not translate to video so I'm going to be posting lots of swatches and pictures in a blogpost that will be listed in the description box below. Skin tone wise, I'm about an NC25 and everything that I'm wearing on my face and on my nails will be listed in the description box also.

Let's start with NATURALS and NUDES:

Hug Me - a fleshy muted pink. I richly shade a lot and it's a great nude shade for those who have pigmented lips.

Freckletone - a light beigy peach with a creamy consistency.

Half and Half - a pinky brown on the tube but a more natural shade on the lips. This reminds me of Hug Me but it is a little bit browner.

Syrup - a sheer cloudy pink. Very easy to wear.

See Sheer - a sheer and muted coral. A good natural lipstick for those who have warmer complexions.

Kinda Sexy - a neutral pink. Lovely shade but nude mattes don't really do me any favors.


Love Forever - a cool tone fuchsia.

Show Orchid - vibrant fuchsia with a purple sheen.

Insanely It - a watermelon pink with magenta shimmer.

Impassioned - a bright warm pink. This has no shimmer. It reminds me of Insanely It but it's a little bit more opaque;


Violetta - a pinkened violet shade with a purple iridescence.


Morange - a vibrant orange with a cream finish and no shimmer.

Korean Candy - an orangey red with a glossy finish.

Vegas Volt - a creamy orange coral that applies opaque.

Coral Bliss - a muted pink coral lipstick. This finish has a small amount of frost but it's tolerable.


So Chaud - a vibrant red lipstick with prominent orange undertones.

Dubonnet - a deep red with brown tinge. No shimmer but a little sheen.

Cockney - a sheer but buildable orange red. This contains very subtle red shimmer.


Cyber - for the brave of us. A deep and reddened purple. This probably would be more wearable if worn as a stain.

Good To Be Bad - a reddened burgundy with a semi gloss finish. Not as pigmented as Cyber.

Rebel - a deep fuchsia berry. Super popular as it's wearable while retaining that vampy feel.

Dark Side - a deep cool tone burgundy. This one is super, super opaque.

That was long. If you made it to the end, then give us a thumbs up and just reiterating that swatches and extra information will be posted on my blog. And I'll leave that link in the description box below. I hope you'll find this helpful and have a wonderful week. I shall see you next time.

Arm swatches will appear here soon

Naturals and Nudes

Hug Me (Lustre)
Fleshy, muted pink.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Freckletone (Lustre)
Light, beigey peach.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Half and Half (Lustre)
Brown-ish in the tube but pinky brown on the lips. Picture…lost. Oops.

Syrup (Lustre)
Sheer, cloudy pink.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

See Sheer (Lustre)
Sheer and muted coral.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Kinda Sexy (Matte)
Neutral pink. Not a fan, if I’m entirely honest.

MAC Lipstick Showcase


Love Forever (Pro Longwear Lipcreme)
Cool toned fuchsia.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Show Orchid (Amplified Pro Shade)
Vibrant fuchsia with purple sheen.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Insanely It (Sheen Supreme)
Watermelon pink with magenta shimmer.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Impassioned (Amplified)
Bright warm pink, no shimmer.

MAC Lipstick Showcase


Violetta (Amplified Pro Shade)
Pinkened violet with purple iridescence.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Corals and Oranges

Morange (Amplified)
Vibrant orange with a creme finish, no shimmer.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Korean Candy (Sheen Supreme)
Orangey red with a glossy finish.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Vegas Volt (Amplified)
Orange coral that applies opaque. Has a somewhat ‘white’ base.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Coral Bliss (Cremesheen)
A muted pink/coral shade. Minor amount of frost.

MAC Lipstick Showcase


So Chaud (Matte)
Vibrant red with prominent orange undertones. A personal favourite.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Dubonnet (Amplified Creme)
Deep red with a brown tinge. No shimmer but a little sheen.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Cockney (Lustre)
Sheer but buildable orange red. This has very subtle red shimmer that lends a cooler tone.

MAC Lipstick Showcase


Cyber (Satin)
Whoaaa. Deep, reddened purple.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Good To Be Bad (Sheen Supreme)
A reddened burgundy with a semi gloss finish.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Rebel (Satin)
This has quite a cult following. Deep fuchsia berry.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

Dark Side (Amplified Creme)
Deep, cool toned burgundy. Highly pigmented.

MAC Lipstick Showcase

What I’m wearing on the rest of my face:
Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation in shade 2
By Terry Touche Veloutee Concealer under eyes
Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #5
SUQQU Brow Pen
Rouge Bunny Rouge Angelic Cockatiels, MAC eyeshadows (Smut, Haux, Copperplate)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Velour Lashes in “Complete Me”

Nail Polish I’m wearing in this video:
Ciate Fade to Greige.


Complete list of products mentioned

False Lashes
False Lashes
Highlighting Concealer
Highlighting Concealer
Sheer Blush
Sheer Blush
Brow Pen
Brow Pen
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. You could sell me anything! It’s incredible how you look stunning in EVERY shade… So gorgeous! I have a lot of the same shades and I just picked up Freckltone. I’m spotting some other I am now going to have to have šŸ™‚

    1. Hey Taylor!
      Thank you, you’re too kind šŸ™‚ Perhaps not all shades work on me but I’m really loving Rebel and So Chaud! MAC has so many shades, it’s easy to be buried in options!

    1. My pleasure, Ellen!
      Arm swatches aren’t always the most accurate, huh? They tend to look very different on the lips. Dark side is an oldie and a goodie, also makes for a very pretty stain!

  2. GORGEOUS! You have inspired me to try some new MAC Shades…I am quite the fan of MAC lipsticks and have a lot of them, but not ONE that you mentioned! MY faves are Creme Cup, Snob, Pink Plaid, Hue, Blankety and Honey Love!

    1. Thanks, Arantha!
      MAC lipstick formula seems to work well on my lips. I actually have enough empties for 2 more MAC lipsticks so I’ll look into the choices you mentioned!
      Many thanks šŸ™‚

  3. Not fair! You look beautiful in every colour. I think I want to add Rebel to my little collection of MACs, my favourites of what I own are Cockney, Nude Rose, Blow Dry, and Pleasureseeker. I have an ancient limited edition Alexander McQueen collection lipstick in Masque. Google swatches. It’s the most hideous greyish mauvey nude. I plan to wear it as extra on The Walking Dead (lol).

    1. Hello Elizabeth šŸ˜€
      Rebel is crazy popular and with good reason, it’s a beautiful shade. LOL love your description of Masque! Occasionally, MAC get it wrong :-/

  4. Oh wow, Vegas Volt looks pretty on you! I need to check this one out next time I’m at Mac… although I fear it might wash my complexion out. But we’ll see! Also, Morange looks amazing on you too, and I actually do own this one. You’ve inspired me to dig it up! šŸ™‚ Love your posts! <3

  5. Somehow you manage to look incredibly gorgeous in every single picture, in every shade of lipstick! Thanks for sacrificing your lips for us, I really appreciate full face swatches, they help in determining which lipstick to buy next (not that I need anymore, you know, but sometimes I crave a certain shade).

    1. Hey Jane šŸ™‚
      Yeah I’ve bought a few MAC lipsticks based on google swatches and they looked totally different on me! I think it all comes down to skintone and lip pigmentation.