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Ask Karima #1 went down so well that we’re back with a #2! Recap of this new Sham Frip segment, essentially: you ask and I answer and we turn it into a post 😀 If you have a question that you’d like answered in the next Ask Karima post, leave it in the comment section. Makeup/youtube/blogging/personal questions all welcome 😉 I’m an open book.

Do you have any updates about your eye? A long time ago you mentioned a possible surgery, but then decided against it.

– Amy

Not much to report on this front! At this stage, any procedure would be experimental (hale no) and I don’t feel so strongly about it to risk my sight. Mostly I forget about my black spot until someone points it out and even then, it doesn’t upset me anymore.

I want to share a story that I omitted in the original post. In the midst of my ugly-face-crying-meltdown in the specialist’s foyer, I was thinking ‘Well, worst case scenario I go blind in one eye… what then?’ and I kid you not, my best solution was and is still ‘I’d have to become REAL good at doing makeup with one eye’. 

How did you meet your boyfriend Adrian? 🙂 You guys look like such a sweet couple. Xoxoxo

– Francesca

Aw, thanks! We met at a 21st birthday party, Adrian was a friend of a friend’s brother, did ya catch that? 😛

Curious to know, what is your biggest makeup splurge product in your collection so far? & was it worth it? Xx

– Vikki

This one might come as a surprise, I think the most I’ve spent on a single makeup item is ~550AUD (don’t quote me on that figure) and it was…. drumroll… my Inglot 40 palette!

Ask Karima #2 – Update On My Eye & Matching Eyeshadow With Blush and Lipstick

Much to my chagrin (holla 50 shades!), I haven’t used it much at all. The 40 palette seemed like a grand idea in theory but in practice, it’s a pain in the ass so I’m considering splitting the shades into multiple 5 well palettes.

What would you recommend highly from Australian Drugstores?

– Hannah, similar question comes from Lisa

I feel like most noteworthy Australian brands are high end and have gone global (Lipstick Queen, Becca, Jurlique, Alpha-H and the list goes on). Drugstore wise, I do love the Australis AC on Tour Kit (available at Priceline) if you are NC25 or deeper and Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipsticks are BOMB SRSLY (not exactly drugstore but very affordable). Chi Chi has some pretty lipsticks, also.

If you love false lashes as much as I do, Manicare makes some phenomenal styles (my favourite is the Alessandra lash, also at Priceline) and they’re totally synthetic! You wouldn’t even know it, super layered and fluttery.

Skincare and hair wise, check out A’kin, Al’Chemy, Puretopia and Grown Alchemist – these are gorgeous all-natural brands available at Priceline. If you’re a tourist and looking for native bits, just go to Priceline Pharmacy, it’s epic.

What are you favourite online makeup websites to purchase from? [that ship to Australia]

– Hannah, also

Oh YAS gurl, I love me some online shopping. CultBeauty, Beautylish, CameraReadyCosmetics, PMstudio, SephoraAU, MakeupAndGlow and MadameMadeline.

How do you pick a coordinating (harmonious) blush and lip for an eye? I can come up with lid, crease, transition and outer v colors okay, but I don’t know how to pick a blush and lip to go with them. Thank you!

– Angie

Great question and one that I’ve received many, many times. The most basic/traditional means to coordinating a lip/cheek to an eye: determine whether the eye runs warm or cool and match based on temperature. For example, if your eye is a mix of blues and greys, you might find a cooler pink to sit best on the lips and cheeks. Likewise, if your eye leans bronze or orange, a peach or peachy nude is a harmonious fit.

It’s not always that straight forward, sometimes an eye look is composed of both warm and cool tones, here’s one I prepared earlier…

Ask Karima #2 – Update On My Eye & Matching Eyeshadow With Blush and Lipstick

In these instances, I often sample a hue from the crease; the peachy tones above the socket here match the lip and cheek. Honestly though, unless you’re pairing stark opposites like blue eyeshadow and orange lips, it shouldn’t be jarring. Jarring is cool too, I love some tonal clash 🙂 Arm yourself with a colour wheel, the more you experiment the more you’ll develop an eye for it!

Do you think mature women can carry off colorful eyeshadow such as purples, greens and teal as well as bright lippies such as bright corals and pinks? How do we wear it tastefully without looking like a teenager wannabe or looking like we are trying too hard?

– Bagmad

Absolutely, mature women can pull off colours. If you’re concerned about looking tacky (for lack of a better word), ground the colour with neutrals. Examples: jewel toned eyeliner with all neutral eyeshadows, a brighter lip with a neutral eye and pared down cheek, a brighter cheek with a neutral lip and eye etc. Pick your focus.

When it comes to lips, a bright tone can be more forgiving when applied in a soft ombre effect. One of my favourite techniques to achieve this look is lining and filling the lips with a neutral lipliner (often as we mature, the natural lipline becomes less defined) with a bold colour patted onto the body of the lips.

Finally, some brights may sit better on your colouring. Colour theory can get pretty complex but a good indication would be your wardrobe, which top appears to brighten your complexion? Incorporate that shade somewhere in your makeup 🙂 These tips are NOT rules, wear what makes you happy!

I have a problem with foundation settling in my laugh lines. I dont have a problem with pores and I don’t like the pore filling kind of primers so what kind of primer should I opt for?

– Aroub

This is perhaps not the answer you are looking for but it’s the best solution I’ve encountered for product settling in laugh lines: minimise the amount of product in that area. I often do this by taking a fluffy, synthetic eye brush or even a q-tip down the offending areas to pick up excess product (once your makeup is complete). If you hate that idea, apply a tiny amount of eye primer in the deepest part of the laugh line prior to foundation application and see if that helps.

Thanks to all of you that left questions in Ask Karima #1, I’m so overwhelmed at the response and I couldn’t possibly fit them all in this post (in which case, I’ve responded to the comment directly!). Let’s keep this segment going – leave your questions in the comments for Ask Karima #3!


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  1. Hi Karima! While you have made it quite obvious that you’re not that into dealing with the situation that is hair, I can’t help but notice how healthy yours always looks.
    What’s your hair care routine?

    1. Yes, what is it? Are you still using the Oribe Gold Lust products? I know you like the Batiste dry shampoo from your last vid, hehe. But I’m curious about what styling products, masks, shampoos etc you like.

  2. Hi Karima! I’m wondering if you have any tips about makeup for those of us with quite big round eyes that are slightly protruding. I have lots of lid space but my eyes are so big that I find eyeshadow always makes them look ridiculously big. Thanks for your help! xx

    1. I’d have to see a picture of your eye but standard tips: line the inner waterlines with a deep pencil (black, brown etc) and don’t take deep shading too far above the socket.
      PS: ridiculously large eyes is my ideal 😉

  3. I’m dying to know if you have any updates to your “If Money Was No Object” post. I’ve already obsessed thoroughly over all of those products and need a new black hole to throw my money down.

  4. Hi Karima,
    I love your videos and learned so much for you. You got me hooked on the Armani Luminous silk foundation, which I use daily. I have large pores that end up looking like holes around my nose. How do I cover these up? I’ve tried several primers and they always make the foundation clump up. Do you have any recommendations?

  5. I’m so glad you quickly realized that the eye spot didn’t take anything away from you. I had flaws that depressed me for years and I wish I had been able to dismiss them as unimportant as quickly as you did. Sometimes when people are young, it’s very hard to overlook minor things. So I’m impressed that you did, especially because you are so pretty.
    Sometimes I will see the most gorgeous girls complaining about something so minor, like tiny lines underneath their eyes that you’d need a magnifying glass to see. It’s sad. They have no idea that the real issues crop up as you get older. I think selfies have made young girls much more critical.

    1. The age of instagram is setting the bar impossibly high for young girls (and boys!). Then again, I know that my feelings towards my eye were deeply intwined with health frustrations so I get it when people struggle with their teeth or their skin, it’s often not as simple as ‘skin deep’.

  6. Karima, I have a suggestion for a series. But first let me explain.
    I don’t know if you are familiar with Beautyeditor’s blog. My favorite series from her are her before and afters where she analyzes the changes of a celebrity’ look through styling and often plastic surgery. I also love her red carpet breakdowns. She reminds me of you in her analytical approach to makeup.
    Recently she wrote about eyeshadow application and it was one of the most eye opening articles on makeup I’ve ever read. I’ve always thought that eyeshadow is tricky to get right even by experienced MUA because there’s a balancing act and there are no set rules. In fact like beautyeditor pointed out, sometimes beauty rules like light shade on lid, matte transition, and dark outer v can look dated. But even when she breaks down the mistakes, she also notes that there are exceptions. I think you should give it a look. The link is below.
    So I was thinking that you should do some posts on eyeshadow application since there’s still a lot of ground to cover. Or just other vague areas in makeup that are hard to get right. For instance, I notice that so many beauty people fill their eyebrows the same no matter what look they do but sometimes it looks better when you change how bold you go depending on a smokey eye or red lip. Yet it’s hard to find this info. Anyway, thanks for reading my long comment.

    1. Interesting article. I’m not sure I’d say matte in the crease in dated (I think it’s most universally flattering) but I’ve been thinking about doing posts on eyeshadow placement, just trying to figure out the right way to convey the information.

  7. Would love to know what your favourite highlighters and lip tints are. Also a mascara that doesn’t irritate the eyes or flake off below the eyes.

  8. Hi Karima
    I hope you are well 🙂
    I absolutely love your channel and the way you apply makeup – in fact I’ve made many a “she made me do it” purchases after watching your videos.
    My question is – I have very dark freckles, and a lot of them. If I could insert a picture I would – but I have some on my Instagram (@qiratulain). Anyway I find it hard to find a good base. Most of them cover the freckle and grey me out. I was wondering if you had any suggestions of how to get a flawless base for my skin.
    Currently I use tinted moisturisers that are really very sheer – hardly any tint, which I don’t mind but it means it takes me ages to build enough coverage to even my tone.

    1. DOOD YOUR FRECKLES ARE AMAZING. Seriously I’m ded. Can’t even.

      Okay to answer your question, it looks as though the majority of your freckling is across the nose and under the eyes. I’d say use a sheer foundation across the face THEN a concealer that is a touch warmer than your skintone to soften any freckled areas. You want a golden/warmer tone so that you don’t get that ashy effect.

      If you wanted to get a completely even complexion, I’d say spot concealing would work best but frankly, that would be incredibly time consuming. And your freckles are to die for 😀


      1. Haha thanks! I love them too.
        Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely try it out…..but that said….what foundations would you recommend. I really wanna try the Koh Gen Do Aqua but not sure what shade. Or if there are any other sheer foundations you recommend. I have normal to dry skin (usually dry), no idea what tone – warm? Pink? And pretty sure last time I matched myself to anything I was perhaps c2 in Mac face and body- although I was more tanned.
        And concealer – is that a hint to check out concealer Smackdown series lol

        P.s just bought the Dose of Colors highlighter in pearl dust and ERMAGERD!!! 😀

  9. Hey Karima, I love love love your Blog and Vlogs. I have similar to your coloring with a hair that runs a bit more warm and honeytoned (..well sometimes). I am usually a bronser instead of blush kind of a person but i always find my self looking at the more mauvy plummy blushes. Do you think that could be a good look and do you have any brand recomandations. :))

  10. would you say it’s better to find a foundation with a perfect colour-match, but with a formula that doesn’t work for you skin type, or use a foundation with an amazing formula but colour is just a bit off? I love the Koh Geh Doh 213 (olive-yellows ftw), but I’m an oily skinned gal even with primer and powder, so after a few hours it doesn’t look good anyway! Oh the conundrum…

    1. AHHH that’s a tricky question. Neither of those instances is ideal – I have a solution for you but it ain’t cheap. Get a bottle of Armani Luminous Silk in #6, it will be too dark but it is by far the greenest foundation on the market, I use it as an olive corrector.

      Then pick a formula that suits your skintype, but buy it one shade lighter than you would normally (undertone not important). Mix that foundation with one drop of Luminous Silk #6 and you’ll have an olive tone in the correct formula.

      Yes it’s mixing and no it’s not the most practical solution but trial and error is expensive and frustrating. If you try this, report back pretty please 🙂


  11. Would you say it’s better to use a foundation that has a perfect colour match, but a formulation that doesn’t match your skin type, or to use a foundation with an amazing formula but whose colour is just a bit off? I also love the Koh gen doh 213 (olive yellows ftw!), but am an oily-skinned gal even with primer and powder, so after a few hours it doesn’t look great anyway! Oh the conundrum…

  12. really helpful tip about the matching cheek and lips to eyeshadow I’m terrible at that and frequently look clownish when the lip or cheek product ends up too bright (I’ve only recently started getting into lip and cheek makeup)

    i agree that the high quality australian brands are mainly high end, I do love chichi eyeshadows and lipsticks and some Australis colour stuff tho (none of their skin stuff matches my pale asian colour well).
    you didn’t mention them so I thought I’d say so in case you didn’t know, the AC on tour palette is now available in medium and dark and comes with a mirror (damn missed out on that!) and there’s a cream version now too.

  13. Yay! Thank you so much for posting my question!! 🙂 Another question…. I use Chanel waterproof stylo yeux eyeliner to tight line. Is it normal that after an hour it migrates to my outer eye? Help! 🙂

    1. Hey Francesca,
      A few questions: are you using an eye primer? which one and do you put it around the eye? Do you use an emollient eye cream? Do you set the entire undereye area with powder?
      This will help me guide you in the right direction 🙂

  14. Thank you for answering my question Karima; I will certainly try your suggestions. I really appreciate the effort and time you take to answer all our questions, you really are a remarkable young lady.

    I have another question and this concerns concealing dark circles under the eyes. There seems to be so much conflicting advice out there. Some say to use a lighter (light reflecting?) concealer, others say to use a darker one, and still there are others who say use a peach coloured one to tone down the darkness. What is your advice?

    Oh and here is another one. I know you advocate using matte colours as transition shades in the eye socket rather than shimmery shades but is it really a no no to use a satin or shimmery transition shade? I like the Dior 5 colour palettes and many of them have all 5 shades that are shimmery. Even Tom Ford does it. So how does one work the shimmery shade in the socket in such cases?

    1. This is none of my business, so please feel free to disregard and wait for Karima. Regarding trying to conceal dark under eye circles, it’s generally a rule of thumb to conceal as a first step to even out your skin tone. Highlighting prior to concealing will only draw attention to it. Depending on your skin tone will dictate what color you use to correct. Then you can choose whatever look you’re going for afterwards as a finishing step. Do you like an illuminated look? A brighter look? The options are endless. A more natural look is generally 1-2 shades lighter in a concealer than your skin tone to brighten the area. Powder the area to set your under eye from creasing. This, too, is preference. Banana powder, LM Secret Brightening Powder, neutral powder. Whatever your comfortable with. Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. Thank you for your advice. I’ve heard about this method too but I fear caking and creasing if I layer too many products. I live in a hot and humid climate so it doesn’t help matters. But I guess I won’t know till I try!

    2. Hey Bagmad,
      Your question about concealer has been answered in Ask Karima #3, yay!

      In terms of eyeshadow, there are no strict rules. On occasion, I’ll use a satin in the crease but for the most part I avoid strong shimmers because they don’t adequately create the illusion of depth. This is more important when working on a hooded or heavy eyelid, but it tends to be my rule of thumb regardless of eye shape.

      Again, no rules, wear what you think looks great.


  15. Hi Karima 🙂
    I didn’t get a chance to comment on your first AskKarima post because I’ve been so busy recently. But hey, I’ve just poured through back to back post reading which is always lovely. I’m loving this new concept! Maybe you could turn this into videos, each with a certain topic in focus?

    I have a few questions to ask that aren’t all necessarily beauty related:
    1) Do you have a health/fitness routine? Or any tips on how to keep track and eat healthily. Any books, apps etc that help. I find it really difficult to maintain my fitness, so any tips would be helpful.
    2) How to you stay on top of your work and keep a work/personal life balance? Any suggestions to help avoid procrastination? How did you keep your studies in check while you were at uni, did you have specific goals/aims that helped you stay on track?
    3)Do you have any tips on how to lighten facial hair or make it less noticeable? Or any makeup tips to reduce the visibility of peace fuzz? Also, what kind of hair removal methods do you use for body hair (sorry, I know it’s a little too personal :/ )

    Would love to hear your response 🙂 I think a detailed post on the first two would be incredible if it’s not a problem for you.
    Much love xxx

    1. Hey Aaisha 🙂
      Your second question was answered in Ask Karima #3!
      To answer your other questions:
      1) I’m fortunate in that some of my favourite foods are fresh fruit and veg. I’m definitely not as fit as I would like to be but I try to get as much incidental exercise as I can – I take the stairs, I lift boxes by myself, I’ll walk instead of driving, that sorta thing.
      3) You can bleach facial hair! There are kits available at drugstores. Occasionally I’ll take an eyebrow razor over peach fuzz but I’d only recommend this if your facial hair is very fine and very fair. I shave my legs but to be honest, I have more hair on my arms than my legs (the arms I leave be lol).


  16. Hi Karima, I’m loving this series soooo much! The section above about makeup for mature ladies reminded me of what I’ve always wanted to ask you. I’m a massive fan not only of your techniques but also of your aesthetic. So I would love to know – what looks modern on mature women? If someone in that age group came to you and asked you to conceive a look that is simple (as opposed to try-hard, which to me reads as very ageing), brightening and modern, what look would you come up with?

  17. Hey Karima,

    Disregard if you’d rather not answer, but …
    Especially as you move further into the public spotlight, I’m sure you’re aware that a lot of people, especially young women, are looking to you as a role model. (Particularly since you are maintaining your intelligent, thoughtful, personal take on things much more successfully than many of your contemporaries on youtube, IMO.)
    I’m curious whether you’ve ever personally struggled with mental health issues, self esteem problems, anxiety, depression etc? If this is an experience you’d be willing to talk about, I think it could help do a bit to normalize these struggles, and remind people that looking after your mental health is an important thing to prioritize.

  18. Karima, although I don’t personally know you, your videos are so genuine that I feel like I do. You have so much charisma, sweetness and true genuineness that watching you is such a joy. Thank you for all that you do for us. I’m so happy for you about getting your own studio. Every woman needs her own space. Small or large; it’s hers to do whatever she wants with. I’m sure spreading out and having 24/7 great lighting has helped you immensely. Go for your dreams!!

    I have two questions, btw.
    1. Im very anxious and curious to try the Koh Gen Doh foundation however I’m dry/dehydrated and VERY pale (NW10/Alabaster/neutral). There’s ZERO counters anywhere near me. Any shade suggestions? #2 perhaps? It looks a tad bit dark.
    2. I live in the US. Do you know of a retailer that ships the Australis AC on Tour palette for a reasonable postal fee?

    Ps. Im happy you’ve decided against further eye surgeries. I don’t even see it anymore. I do notice that your end shots are usually blocking that side. Never stop embracing your beauty!! Your natural face is better than my fully made up 43 year old face. Lol. Even with your ONE teeeeny speck of a flaw, you’re still one of the most irritatingly beautiful (only teasing, luv) woman I’ve ever seen. It’s really not even a flaw. It’s just another part of what makes

    I don’t even want to let my hubby watch your videos. At the BEGINNING (starting with a fresh face) of one of your videos he happened to stroll by and said your makeup looked great. Ahhhhh. (#TrueStory). Hahaha. Happy 2016! Make it remarkable. I hope you and Adrian are both happy and healthy and are doing well together. <3

    (Looking forward to a real engagement ring. *wink*)

    1. I don’t know if they’re still doing it but last year the Koh Gen Do website sent me a few sample colors to try. Maybe contact them.

    2. Hey Amy,

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I’m so incredibly humbled that you enjoy my work and I can’t wait to bring you more in 2016 <3

      Question number 1 has been answered well by the two commenters below, you can request samples. Sadly, I suspect there is no shade for an N10 🙁

      Question number 2, you can get the AC on Tour on AllCosmeticsWholesale:

      Or on the Australis website, shipping is free over $100 and $30 for carts under $100 (but they do ship internationally)

      Again, thanks for your support. I truly appreciate it 🙂

  19. Hi Karima! I was lucky to find your blog because we have similar coloring and I’ve been able to find some great products as a result (Koh Gen Do Aqua in 213!!!). I saw the Urban Decay Naked concealer was one of your top recommendations, but I found my closest shade match (Light Neutral) is a bit off. I’ve had a look at the concealer smackdown posts and I’m wondering, would you recommend the Ellis Faas or another as a runner-up recommendation for concealer after the Urban Decay?

  20. A quick thank you for answering my Australia product question! I didn’t know Alpha H was Australian, actually…and that puts an end to my no-buy January resolution :X

    Actually, on that note, you’ve mentioned in videos a few times being a chemical exfoliant pro. Perhaps for a longer post, but could you do reviews on some of your favorites? For this shorter Q&A, can you mention what the ingredients are you generally look for to know that a chemical exfoliant will get the job done? I have done research on AHAs and BHAs but the detail out there is overwhelming…

  21. Hi Karima,

    Loving the information you provide in these posts!
    I was wondering if you could recommend the best blogs that you go to for skincare and makeup advice. Really comprehensive ones, like yourself, who actually have a look at products for more than what they are hyped on the internet?

    Also what are your opinions on ‘professional’ skin treatments: facials, peels, microdermabrasion?

  22. Hi Karima,
    I like your blog and channel very much. As you get more and more popular, have you ever considered to expand your blog/channel to include fashion and life style too? Thank you. Best wishes!

  23. Now that I am back living in a hot and humid climate, I use bright colors more often. (I’m in my 40s.) I don’t wear much makeup in the summer because I hate that feeling of it slipping off so I punch things up by adding bright eyeliner and sometimes shadow (love the Urban Decay Electric Palette). I think it works out because it’s balanced by a more natural face (just concealer, blush, and a peachy lip.

  24. Thanks, Karima! Now that I have a “formula” for matching, I’m going to have a lot of fun playing with my collection.

  25. I don’t find it too difficult to match eyeshadow with blush and lipstick but I tend to buy warmer lip colours and blushes and cooler eyeshadows. My skin has a warm undertone but my eyes are green so somehow I feel it doesn’t look too bad. I was wondering whether you have a PO Box I could send something to?

  26. Hi Karima,
    Do you know of a good sunscreen (and primer if needed) to wear under foundation. I live in Miami and have fair skin so sunscreen is a must. I use the foundations you recommended kgd and Armani. I have combination skin with large pores in the t-zone and dry on the outside. I don’t like to look like I’m wearing a mask and I’ve found that when I start layering products that exactly what it looks like.
    Thank you

  27. I love the look of that Inglot palette! I was thinking of creating my own through the freedom system too but I’m currently on a spending ban! I guess I can always pick it up afterwards.

  28. Hi Karima,

    I’ve just seen your video on the matte daytime glam look. I wanted your opinion on cool toned makeup options.
    I have just realised that I am more neutral cool, rather than neutral warm – realisation came after seeing my natural hair colour for the first time in 5 years!

    I am seriously frustrated with the lack of ashy tones for contour and brows and would love your opinion on where to get them as a fellow Aussie.
    Additionally, I think taupey shades for eyes would now be my thing?

    I would love to have your opinions either in yoru next post or replied directly here.

    Thanks so much for your time 🙂

    1. Hey Heather,
      It appears to me that the market is saturated with warm tones but some brands that offer cooler eyeshadows/blushers/lipsticks that you might want to check out: Bobbi Brown, Inglot, Urban Decay (Naked Basics runs a little cool), Zoeva (check out the Taupe Palette), MAC for cooler lipsticks.
      Hope this helps!

  29. Hi Karima,

    I don’t think that I have left a comment on your blog before. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog posts and videos. You are absolutely stunning and have a warm and welcoming personality. I have learned a great deal from you and my mental makeup – wishlist always skyrockets after watching your videos/ reading your blog.

    My question for ASK KARIMA #3 is what your heritage is?

  30. I love these posts!
    I would love to know your favourite Tom Ford products…fav quad colours etc. I am looking to splurge and would love to know your recommendations (I got hooked on cognac sable after seeing it in your tutorial!)
    Also, what products and application methods would you recommend for concealing large pores?

  31. Hello,
    Just a quick share of love – you are awesome:) Love you and your tutorials!
    I have 2 questions 🙂 :
    1) I have the fairest porcelain skin and I struggle with concealer. I can find a shade that would kinda match me, but than I need to really make it full coverage. As I’m not wearing tones of makeup everyday and i just want to cover some blueness under my eyes, a thin layer of concealer is veeery visible. Maybe you have a cure for that?
    2) I also tend to be very puffy in the mornings. And my under-eye bags are like double (yeah, its that bad). I have one just under me eye, which everyone normally has- it fades away in a couple of hours. But then I also have puffiness that goes all the way down to my cheekbones. It might be just my anatomy, but maybe you could suggest some remedy for that puffy cheekbone? 🙂 (something that kinda helps me is horse chestnut flower extract – it kinda activates circulation and helps – but just the tiny bit. And I want impact 🙂 )
    Thanks in advance – will be really looking forward to the answers – Love from Poland 🙂

  32. Hey Karima!
    Thanks for another post! Been an avid follower of your blog for quite some time now and you’ve definitely enabled some (maybe a lot) of purchases! I have 2 questions!
    1. I have normal skin (leaning on the dry spectrum), and am about… Mac NC35 -7? I’m southeast asian and NO COMPANY has yet made a foundation that suits my warm olive skin . Well, I live in humid Singapore, so that creates for a sweaty mess. If there were a skin type called “Sweaty skin” – I’d lay claim to that immediately haha. I’ve been on a search for the best powder for me. I’m looking for something that looks invisible on the skin, wears well with long hours (including not becoming patchy when my skin spurts out water), increases the longevity of makeup just a little bit. I’m not particularly concerned with how it looks on flash photography, or its oil-controlling properties since I do use the Urban Decay All-nighter setting spray sometimes. In general, I am, like you, obsessed with having creamy skin and I just want my powder to have that effect – is this too much to ask for (I guess most companies would say yes). Which of your favourite powders would you recommend for me? Thank you so much in advance! This has really been an issue for me for years and I have yet to find a solution. I currently use the Mac skinfinish natural (hate it – there are chunks on the face; I use it purely for utilitarian reasons) and have dabbled with the too faced loose powder (tried this under my eyes and after 30 minutes I could see small white dots on my face?!).

    2. I bought the Sephora Outrageous Curl in ultra black on your recommendation!! I was extremely surprised by the volume it gave – I literally exclaimed “OMGOSH” when I first put it on! Thank you for the rec! However, I did find that it smudged on me throughout the day! Which is queer because I was mostly in an air conditioned room and mascaras never really smudge on me usually (I previously used the Eyeko skinny brush mascara). Does it smudge on you too? Do you have any ideas to curb the smudging?

    😀 Thanks so much Karima! Much love to you!

  33. Karima — I’ve gotten rather pale over the holiday season, and my foundation no longer matches my current skin tone. I really like certain tones found in my foundation that I can’t really find in any other product. So I was wondering what your take was on mixing foundations down to a lighter colors. I’ve thought about purchasing a white foundation and mixing it in with my current foundation to get it to match, but I don’t know where to start! HALP.

  34. Hey Karima, just had a thought… I recently (maybe 2 months ago) bought the MUAC mandelic peel based on your recommendation. while the 25% was lackluster, the 40% is pretty good
    I was wondering however if you could do an updated post (or video) that details your skincare routine and any additional treatments you use. OR any skincare products that you are loving and have tested that actually work.
    I have a small pot of the Sunday Riley good genes and… its okay but unfortunately I always get major Peeved when i see people say IT MADE A DIFFERENCE OVERNIGHT and then I get a slight softness and smoothness but essentially nothing else haha!

    1. I’ve found very few (actually no) products that have magically changed my skin for the better overnight. I suspect it’s mostly our fevered imagination that leads us down this path. But if your skin says, hey, I kinda dig this, then go with it a while! I think this is what you need to do anyway…incorporate it in your routine and see how/if it fits. I’ve found many a product that has made a huge difference if given a bit of time to do their magic. Rome wasn’t built in a day… And I’ve never heard of skin being magically transformed in one, either. And Good Genes is one of those products that you have to see firsthand how often you should be using it in your routine, and at which step. I always used to use it at the serum step, but the Sunday Riley website suggests using it after applying Luna and waiting for that to sink in first. Also you could use it as a mask with Ceramic Slip cleanser. Go ahead, experiment!

  35. Love the blend of reviews, smackdowns, and more informal stuff like this. Just got a tip from Meejmuse doing here spring Pantone color based look where she layered blushes of different tones to get the effect she wanted. Now, I know neither you or I have an easy time working in blush due to natural rosiness, to be kind, but doesn’t that sound like a great way to Ombre (ok, not a verb…well now it is) your way to a sculpted, masterpiece of face/cheek shading? I’d love to see you take this idea and run with it. I’d never even considered it!
    Also, an updated brush vid with your current faves and new acquisitions would be fab…this coming from a brush ‘ho who needs to be enabled….xxx