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We’re back with Ask Karima #3 where we discuss sunscreens, hair care and my bizarre diary tendencies. If you’re new to this segment, welcome! Check out Ask Karima #1 and #2 and be sure to leave your questions in the comment section for Ask Karima part 4 🙂

My question for ASK KARIMA #3 is what your heritage is? 

– Katarina

I’m eastern European by ethnicity, born and raised in Sydney Australia 🙂

Do you know of a good sunscreen to wear under foundation?

– Christy

Greatly dependant on your skintype and what type of SPF your skin can tolerate. Some of the sunscreens I’m using right now: Avene Hydrating Sunscreen SPF50 (emollient, ideal for dry skin types), Zelens Daily Defence SPF30 (pictured below – moderately emollient but not shiny, ideal for normal to combination skin types), Shiseido WetForce SPF50 (matte in finish, be wary if you have sensitivities to alcohol), La Roche Posay Uvidea XL BB SPF50 (tinted and offers a sheer coverage but doesn’t wear well under foundation).

Ask Karima #3 – Sunscreen, Procrastination & Large Pores

What products and application methods would you recommend for concealing large pores?

– Edelmc

I receive this question daily! It’s important to first note that pores are part of the skin’s structure so no skincare or makeup will actually shrink pores indefinitely. You can minimise the appearance of pores (or as Edelmc states, conceal large pores) with skincare and makeup.

My first course of action would be to implement a fabulous chemical exfoliant to minimise congestion as congested pores can appear more noticeable to the eye. Primers can be very helpful in filling the pores so foundation lays smoother on the skin, some of my favourites are: Make Up Forever Smoothing Primer, Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and Benefit Porefessional (particularly great on oilier skins).

In terms of foundation application, I find pressing foundation (with fingertips) into porous areas of the skin to be the ideal method – even when applying foundation with a tool, I finish with a bit of fingertip action (minds out of the gutter!). A good friend of mine Stephanie Lange has a tutorial with different techniques that you might also find helpful.

I was wondering whether you have a PO Box I could send something to?

– Sarah

I do! It is…

Karima McKimmie

PO Box 505, Moorebank

1875, NSW


As you get more and more popular, have you ever considered to expand your blog/channel to include fashion and life style too?

– Mountain Climber

I’d like your input on this actually, would you like to see some fashion and lifestyle on the Sham Frip platforms? Makeup is my lifelong passion so it will always be the focus, but I’m open to expanding the content if you guys would enjoy that 🙂

What’s your hair care routine?

– Samantha

I’m fortunate enough to receive some damn amazing hair products for PR purposes – arguably I receive more hair care than makeup… must be a big industry? In the past few months, I’ve used shampoo and conditioner from Shu Uemura, Kerastase, Oribe and I enjoyed them all (tbh I enjoyed the Oribe Gold Lust a touch more than the rest).

Ask Karima #3 – Sunscreen, Procrastination & Large Pores

I think my laziness works in my favour here because I rarely heat style my hair so it remains in decent condition for that reason alone. I use hair masks sporadically. I brush it once a week? Don’t judge me okay.

What are your opinions on ‘professional’ skin treatments: facials, peels, microdermabrasion?

– Heather

I think a facial is as good as the technician, so if you can find a service that you love then sure! I’m actually booking into a popular salon in the near future. That being said, I don’t think facials are the be all end all for great skin and no service can substitute a consistent and suitable skincare routine (and diet… and lifestyle etc etc).

Can you mention what the ingredients are you generally look for to know that a chemical exfoliant will get the job done? I have done research on AHAs and BHAs but the detail out there is overwhelming…

– Lisa

I think this deserves a dedicated post but for now, here is a tl:dr version. Common AHA’s can be listed as Glycolic, Lactic or Mandelic acid (among others). Typically BHA is listed in the ingredients as Salicylic acid. Whether your skin will respond better to AHA or BHA is down to trial and error, some find BHA to be more gentle while others prefer AHA. Potency of a chemical exfoliant is also dependant on PH and inactive ingredients – it can get REAL technical but product wise, I’m loving the Sunday Riley Good Genes right now (Lactic acid). PS: A chemical exfoliant smackdown is in the works 😉

How to you stay on top of your work and keep a work/personal life balance? Any suggestions to help avoid procrastination? How did you keep your studies in check while you were at uni, did you have specific goals/aims that helped you stay on track?

– Aaisha

If we’re being brutally honest, I don’t think I’ve mastered work and personal life balance. Juggling uni and full-time blogging/Youtube was always going to be a struggle but I work hard and love every minute of it.

Personally, I procrastinate when overwhelmed so my best advice is… split big tasks into many manageable tasks and allocate days to complete jobs. In my physical/paper diary, you’ll see entries like: respond to 10 emails, spellcheck essay, edit thumbnail, record voiceover —–> this might seem like an excessively microscopic approach but it’s easier to swallow than ‘film and edit video’ or ‘do assignment’.

Like… do assignment? HALE NO imma nap.

Ask Karima #3 – Sunscreen, Procrastination & Large Pores

Said diary 🙂

There seems to be so much conflicting advice out there. Some say to use a lighter (light reflecting?) concealer, others say to use a darker one, and still there are others who say use a peach coloured one to tone down the darkness. What is your advice?

– Bagmad

Each point is valid. Some enjoy an undereye highlight (lighter concealer), very dark circles often respond well to a slightly deeper tone and peach coloured correctors can counterbalance blue or purple hues. No two faces are the same so try each and determine what effect you like best. When delving into the world of correctors, determine the tone under your eyes – the appropriate corrector isn’t always a salmon shade (google the colour wheel!).

Karima where do you get your beauty blenders from? Mine don’t look as pretty and pink as yours

– Becca

Haha I receive this question very frequently! I just purchase mine at Sephora but keep in mind, I have seven in rotation, that’s probably why they all look brand new 😉

Hopefully you’re loving these posts as much as I love writing them! Questions down below plz and thx very much <3


NB: Some of the above links are affiliate links.

Complete list of products mentioned

Daily Defence
Daily Defence
Sun Protection Lotion WetForce
Sun Protection Lotion WetForce
Hydrating Sunscreen
Hydrating Sunscreen
Good Genes Treatment
Good Genes Treatment
Uvidea XL Cream
Uvidea XL Cream
Gold Lust Conditoner
Gold Lust Conditoner
Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo
Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo
Porefessional Primer
Porefessional Primer
Veil Mineral Primer
Veil Mineral Primer
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. Dear Karima,
    for #askkarima #4
    I am all up for your fashion outlooks! Some suggestions:
    1. Best finds in Fashion (as per your style, of course)
    2. Important aspects of your style
    3. Fashion paired with makeup
    4. Best items in your wardobe

  2. Can’t wait to see your chemical exfoliant smackdown!! Reviews of products that are easy to come by in Australia are always appreciated!

  3. I can’t wait for that smackdown! I’ve just come off perusing the DJ site and was wondering if you’re going to review the new Chanel foundation?

  4. Thanks for your reply to my comment, will send something soon! I really love the Paula’s Choice BHA liquid in terms of exfoliating. I’ve also tried others in her line, but that seems to work well for most skin types. I haven’t tried anything with a high dose of lactic acid yet.

    Have you tried anything by the brand Drunk Elephant? Their line looks amazing and I emailed them abou it yesterday. They told me they’re in talks with Mecca at the moment and will likely be selling their products in Australia by the end of this year.

    I’m actually pretty surprised that you receive so much hair care. The Oribe, even the packaging looks divine.

    1. I second the recommendation of Drunk Elephant! Their skincare (the TLC Glycolic Night Serum, the Pekee facewash bar, and Marula Facial Oil) has done wonders for my mild/moderate adult acne and does not irritate my sensitive skin (the ph on Good Genes is so low that my poor skin just burns like Dracula stepping into the sunlight!). Hopefully they will become accessible to Australian consumers.

      1. I would love Karimas review on Drunk Elephant. LaRae, I also have acne prone, sensitive skin. Did the glycolic night serum make you break out at first? Thanks.

    2. I have just purchased and used the Drunk Elephant Glycolic Serum the past couple of nights. So far, so good, just waiting to see how the skin reacts over time and if there are any visible results. My skin is pretty resilient (not many things seem to affect it very much, kind of the opposite of “sensitive”), very oily, and any breakouts I get are on my upper neck/jaw line (so disheartening). I’m in my late 20’s now and suppose I should be doing more. I was never exposed to that much sun compared to the rest of the population (growing up/living in Alaska).

      Karima I would love if you included some Drunk Elephant product reviews/in the smackdown!

      1. The Drunk Elephant daytime vitamin C product felt oily and smelled off, not to mention caused some pretty major congestion to my combo, broken capillary, sorta mature (but still pretty damn decent thanks to Mom’s DNA) skin. I was bummed, because I really liked the concept behind the products. I’d be willing to give the others a go, having read the above praises of their night time glycolic product, but not before hearing Karima’s take, cuz what works for her, oddly, usually works for me too.

      2. I think the glycolic serum is their star/most popular product, judging from what I’ve read and I’ve got my vitamin C covered already. But thanks for the heads up!

  5. That’s not how we (in the Us) answer a question of ethnicity. The country you are from is Europe, but what are you? In America- we wouldn’t try to hide it. We would say- German or Italian or Swedish or Jewish or Ukrainian or other. It is not anything to be ashamed of. πŸ˜‰

    1. What does “shame” have to do with any of it? Your question sounds very demanding and intrusive. Rude much? I don’t know about “we in the US”. I really hope it’s not “we” but only “you”.

      1. I just think it’s rude to ask personal information in such an intrusive way?! Plus there’s the comment of “nothing to be ashamed of” suggesting that one would hide PRIVATE information out of shame… that comment was rude and disgusting in so many ways

      2. I don’t think Leeann’s question was “disgusting.” That’s taking it a little too far. But I do think the last part is accusing Karima of being ashamed of her roots which is a bit rude even though she’s obviously trying not to be. Karima’s answer does not in any way indicate that she is ashamed.
        Like Emi explained, sometimes Eastern European is the best answer

    2. I’m from the US and that’s pretty much how I’d answer the question – I know that several/most of my ancestors come from the Poland-ish area (and immigrated to the US pre-WW2, some pre-WW1), but I don’t know if they lived in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, or one of the other nearby countries, nor do I know what language they spoke or how they identified. It’s not that I’m trying to hide anything, it’s just that the most accurate information I have is “Eastern Europe.”

      1. Sometimes it’s not so easy to pin down anything more than Easter European as boundaries in that part of Europe have changed so much do frequently over the past…oh hell. Forever. Ex…Although my Mom is German, there is also a smattering of Czech, Austrian, probably Hungarian etc in there not to mention who knows what all in terms of faiths. Yay for Heinz 57 and hybrid vigor! It can make color matching a challenge though…but also enable us to try more product, hehe. Karima did recently mention a base called EX something (at least I think it was Karima, and Chloe Morello has used it as well, tailored to more olive skin tones. Good luck! And MAC do a white version of face & body I think that should blend well with many different foundations to help adjust for our “paler” shades of the year. <3

  6. Hey Karima! Loving your Ask Karima posts!! Would you please do a liquid lipstick smack down?? Especially ones that would work best for dry, textured lips!! Lots of hugs from the very cold snowy east cost of the US πŸ™‚ xo

  7. Hi Karima, I am really looking forward to the next smackdown. I am almost at the end of Good Genes and whilst I really do like it I’m just not sure that I love it as much as many other people. I’ve just got a sample of Zelens Age Defence Serum and hoping this will be reviewed by you!

    1. Have you tried the Dr. Dennis Gross alpha extra strength pads. They’re full of all these AHAs and retinol. You use one pad and then another two minutes later. I like it a lot more than Good Genes. They completely changed my skin. And the best part is that you see results after a few uses. Check out reviews at Sephora. 1000 at almost 5 stars.

    2. Hey Lucy,
      It’s possible that your skin is more resilient to chemical exfoliants, was Good Genes rather weak on you? If so, you might want to try Alpha H Liquid Gold (alcohol heavy, fyi), Stridex Red Box or Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength pads (as mentioned below).

  8. Chemical exfoliant smackdown YES! Your smackdown posts are my favorites πŸ™‚ I am currently testing out the AHA and BHA power liquids from COSrx – I like them so far, but it’s too early to know for sure.

    Also, you are pretty much my skin twin (in terms of coloring – not as sure about skintype, though we do seem similar). Pale olive / cool yellow, high coloring in terms of pink cheeks, KGD Aqua 213 is the BEST MATCH EVER at least for most of the year. And I’m also of Eastern European descent, so I wonder if our coloring is common in that part of the world. I don’t look like you at all though – my features are very different. I don’t actually have a question, just sort of musing.

  9. Karima β€” I’ve gotten rather pale over the holiday season, and my foundation no longer matches my current skin tone. I really like certain tones found in my foundation that I can’t really find in any other product. So I was wondering what your take was on mixing foundations down to a lighter colors. I’ve thought about purchasing a white foundation and mixing it in with my current foundation to get it to match, but I don’t know where to start! HALP.

  10. Hi Karima,

    Thank you again for answering my question! I would love to hear a review on your treatment and what you think of it!
    I would LOVE a chemical exfoliation smackdown. I am always using them: Paula’s Choice BHA and AHA plus the Demralogica Gentle Cream have really made me feel my skin is getting better each time. I also bought the Mandelic Peel you recommended in one of your original skincare series!
    Happy Australia Day PS!

  11. 2 for 2 questions answered, YASSS QUEEN – thank you!. Can’t wait for that chemical exfoliant smackdown.

    On lifestyle/fashion, I actually love that your channel has such a focus on makeup – everything from your channel from your filming style to your well-chosen words exudes professionalism. I do think part of that is due to your singular focus on makeup, which contrasts with other YouTube channels that blend beauty/fashion/food/gym tips/everything under the sun. That said, I know you value high-quality content and I will happily watch anything you post πŸ™‚

    1. As far as the difference between AHA and BHA is a question, the answer is ‘simple’: if you have breakout prone skin, try BHA (slight breakouts: 1%, more severe breakouts: 2%). But be aware of the fact that the situation can get worse before it gets better, because skin needs time to adjust.
      If you have dry skin, problems with flaky patches or want to reduce fine lines: AHA is your friend. Gylcolic acid is the most potent, yet most irritanting AHA, mandelaic acid the most gentle AHA. Start with a lower concentration (8% or 10% are NOT low) every other night.
      But, if you have very sensitive skin that reddens quickly or even a skin condition like rosacea, avoid AHA – generally, AHA shouldn’t be applied to areas that are red (due to inflammation), because this will make it worse. Mandelaic acid is a little bit different, because it can reduce inflammation, but generally, you will get better effects out of an 1%-BHA product if you have sensitive, reddened skin.

      I hope this was helpful: it took me myself a year or more to figure all of this out, sooo…. greetings to every other skincare-junkie πŸ™‚

      1. Yep, seconding this. Most people are able to tolerate 2% BHA’s on a daily basis relatively well, but if your skin is very sensitive, glycolic acid (AHA) may not work so well. It’s mostly trial and error. My skin is oily/combination and I use both (not both every day). Glycolic acid also works better for people who want to deal with hyperpigmentation, btw. And if your skin is very dry, glycolic acid may actually help your skin stay moisturised! Of course you’d still wear a moisturiser on top of the exfoliant πŸ˜‰

      2. God I love acids…I keep forgetting about Mandelic. I need to add to my Arsenal, clearly. That’s a pretty good summary, Sunnivah! <3

      3. Yes, these are the rules of thumb and a good place to start. That being said, I have easily reddened skin and BHA is definitely the most irritating on me so best to do a bit of trial and error and explore what your skin can tolerate.

  12. Oops! I forgot to ask another question!
    What are your favourite beauty BLOGS and youtubers?
    Preferably local Aussie ones! I find it quite hard to find reliable Aussie beauty bloggers who do a fair bit of local reviews. While we still have the internet and alot more is becoming available, sometimes it’s nice to know you can just go to Priceline/ Terry White/ Target etc and buy what you want then and there!

  13. First, I’d like to say that I’d enjoy some fashion/lifestyle content included on the blog. However, if you include videos, I find the technique of having a separate channel for that content to be a good one. That way, the people who are only in it for the makeup don’t have their subscription feed clogged with other things, and those who are interested can easily subscribe to that channel too!

    Secondly, I’d like to ask for a future Ask Karima: What are you studying at uni, and why did you choose to study that?

    1. I think even if I delved into fashion, it would have a makeup focus. Like ‘what outfits to pair with a red lip’ and whatnot. Just because everything revolves around makeup for me πŸ˜›

      1. Sorry if this comes off as blunt but please don’t incorporate fashion even if it relates to make up. Topics like how to wear certain looks with outfits imo are quite limiting to the imagination and conforms to society’s standards of what looks ‘pretty’. I know you just want to help your viewers but I think it would be more helpful if you just iterate the notion to your viewers that being yourself is the most beautiful (which you already do :)).

      2. Hm not sure I understand that perspective. By that same token, one could say that makeup tutorials are conforming to society’s standards of pretty. I do hear your message regarding keeping content on makeup, thanks for your feedback.

  14. Oh God, no fashion outlooks please – just keep it to makeup on this one. If I wanted to go to a makeup and fashion blog, I would find one. I come here because I like your take on makeup. Please don’t muddy it!

    1. I sooooo agree! I find myself skipping a lot of content that, no offense, I have no interest in or just doesn’t suit my style (fashion, personal vlogs, or healthy lifestyle stuff we as women are constantly bombarded with 24/7 anyway). Keep doing what you do, Karima, don’t change a thing!

  15. Would love a chemical exfoliant smackdown.
    Karima, have you seen the new LancΓ΄me Parisian pastels? It’s a highlighter and corrector that comes in different colored cubes. It’s adorable! Would love a review if you end up getting it. Thank you!

  16. Hi Karima,
    first things first: thank you so much for inspiring me!!I

    Do you think make-up is bad for the skin and causes breakouts? I have very sensible skin and I’m afraid it’s a little bit unclear. But I absolutely love using it… you see, huge dilemma here..
    Thank you very very much for responding. And ‘hi’ from cold, gray Germany! :-*


      1. Gray and grey are both correct…in the US we mostly use the first version ;). And, if you apply with clean hands, and cleanse properly at night, why should makeup be bad for your skin? There are so many great bases with skin care benefits anymore! I’m interested to see Karima’s take. Sigh. I miss cold, gray Germany!

  17. Hi Karima πŸ™‚
    Love your blog and youtube channel!! Of all my subscriptions your tutorials are the ones I look most forward to watch and I get so exited when I see a notification on my phone saying “Karima just uploaded a new video”. I was wondering how you clean your makeup brushes? Please keep doing what you do – because it is amazing!!!

    1. I second the make up brushes question. Just the day-to-day care of your make up brushes, what you wash your brushes with and how often you wash your brushes.

      Lots of love

  18. Hi Karima!
    What would you say is the best matte brownish eyeshadow to give your crease some definition? I have seen you use many different ones but most of them are in palettes. I have a similar complexion to yours but with lighter hair and eyes and my skin is more on the neutral/pink side. Much love to you from Sweden XX

    1. Yeah, how do you? I’ve tried reapplying setting sprays like Coola and Supergoop which are great right after application of makeup, but leave me greasy if I reapply. If I were to use powder, like the Peter Thomas Roth one, A. The brush is OUUUCH! super pokey/coarse, and applying enough to where I think I’d get enough protection leaves me cakey looking. What do you think about the Korean BB and foundation cushions, with higher SPFs? Have you tried reapplying those during the day with any success?

  19. Hi!

    First of all, thank you for answering my question concerning your heritage. I asked because a few people have mentioned how similar we looked (same eye – hair – skin colour) and I am of Serbian descent. Despite being able to find good foundation matches, (GA Lasting silk in 4.5 or the old formulation of MUFE HD in 120 which had a nice green tint) I have always struggled with determining my undertone due to the fact that my veins are not very prominent, and the few that are, are quite hard to pinpoint in terms of colour. My question is probably a bit odd, but considering the fact that we seem to be matched to the same foundation shades, how were you able to determine your undertone (i.e. are your veins distinctly green etc.)?

    P.S. I love the way that your channel/blog is right now and I feel don’t feel that any changes should be made (although I would watch anything you post).

    1. I struggle with this, too. Base that shouldn’t really match me based on its description or immediate appearance often does, and often very well… while stuff that, according to sales assistants, should, makes me look like an Oompa Loompa! Plus, I find that my veins seem greener in the summer, when my skin takes on more of an olive hue, versus looking more blue in winter when my skin is paler and comes off more neutral. This means that I have an assload of foundations, some of which are completely seasonal, and which I never ever finish. Ex…in summertime, the Laura MercieR Silk Creme Photo Edition in Oil Free version color Bamboo Beige is perfect, whilst in winter, my skin favors the Moisturizing version of the same product in Medium Ivory. . Guess that is why cosmetics are such a big industry, eh? I guess oxidation of certain Bases plays a role too. NEVER be afraid to request samples to take home! If a counter associate ever seems hesitant, impatient or God forbid, rolls their eyes, you might remind them that, far from being an inconvenience, you are the reason they have a job. Or, if not plagued with raging PMS, you could just smile pleasantly, and offer to write down the shades of which you’d like samples ;), and ask for their card, if they take the hint. ;))

    2. I have trouble with this too. I am English though. I am very neutral so yellow foundations are too yellow and pink ones too pink. I prefer to wear the cool tone ones though as I prefer that look to looking like I have jaundice if I wear warm foundations!! I try and pick foundations that look beige/browny. The Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 is a very good match. I need to try the Koh Gen Doh one.

      My veins are bluey-green and are not at all obvious. I can also wear pretty much any colour. Do you find that?

      1. Hey Susan and Poppy,

        I can definitely relate to both of you! I feel like I can wear both cool and warm foundations (which I guess should be an indication to me having neutral undertones) although, I feel that cool foundations can tend to exaggerate the redness in my skin and yellow (golden) foundation often oxidizes and tends to look orange. When examining my veins in natural sunlight they look blue/purple att the very base of my wrist and then evolve into a greenish color further down. Another thing I have noticed is that looking at my neck (since I unfortunately have redness around my chin/cheeks/nostrils) it has a very green/olive tinge to it even though I am at my very palest now (since it is winter in Sweden). I absolutely love formulas with a green tint as they both counteract the redness in my skin and make my face and neck look uniform. I would love to try the Koh Gen Doh aqua in 213 as it seems to have the green tint that I require (although it might be a touch too dark as I am currently around an NC15/ G.A Lasting silk 2 in termes of shade).

        I’m sorry for the monster comment about a very first-world-issue matter πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Karima! Would love to see representative pieces of your brush collection, or brush brands introduction guides! (E.g.: Hakuhodo’s top 10 or most iconic brushes by Chikuhodo). If you’re doing a brush starter kit post, it would be great if you gave some explanations on product placement. For example, you could add the illustration of an eye and detail which brushes to use for shadow placement and which ones for blending. Just a thought, I know that would be really helpful for me!

  21. Yessss! Exfoliant (chem) smackdown! By category, perhaps? 1. Liquids/”toners”, 2. Pads, 3. Serums, 4. “Overnight treatments,” peels and masks, 5. Creams, 6. lips/under eye txt ? Hm, and enzyme/acid containing cleansers too. Oh, and the powder to foam thingys like Alpha H’s gentle daily exfoliant.
    OMG so many gorgeous products, so little time left to try them! My faves include Alpha H liquid Gold, the Clarins one, Paula’s Choice 2% salicylic acid one, Good Genes, Kinara (Olga Lorencin) serum, Filorga sleep & Peel, Dr Dennis Gross Glow Pads (with the self tanner in), Glamglow mask in the white tin.
    Also, I’m super looking forward to any content regarding the review, acquisition, care/feeding/husbandry, and cleaning of brushes. I’m da brush ho’.
    What about doing a review of some Retinol products too? Balm cleansers? Are you still into the MV Organics products or the Chantecaille Vital Essence? Have you tried any Korean or Japanese essences that you like? I’ve replaced the spritz stage of the Caroline Hirons recommended routine with these this winter, although I can’t lie…I still spritz. A lot. Before, between, after…it’s all good!
    Gel liner review?
    Techniques for Combining matte and sparkly shadows whilst keeping it sexy and classy?
    MASCARA…oh gawwwd…MASCARA. If you haven’t tried the Chantecaille faux coils longest lash…please do!
    Although I’m quite happy to read anything you write, and watch anything you film, just because a. It’s always so enjoyable and well done, and b. You’re just such a super and unique personality and so fun to follow…my personal passion is makeup and skin care so I could happily subsist on a diet of just that. I don’t know how you could possibly have time to add more stuff in, but you always manage to surprise me. There are plenty of channels/blogs that deal with the other stuff.
    New Chanel Les Beiges and YSL TouchΓ© Eclat foundation review?
    Also, I’d like to see more vids using the Viseart and Tom Ford palettes, plus more RBR. It’s been ages since you showcased any RBR and I need some inspiration to blow the dust off of my RBR shadows…
    Apologies for the monster comment.
    Love ya xx

  22. Hello!
    Could you maybe do a favourite lip product formulas post? I’m especially interested in your opinion on the more expensive options: Nars audacious lipstick, Marc Jacobs Creme lipstick, EstΓ©e Lauder…
    Or, in the mean time, can you list some of your current favorite classic lipstick formulas?
    Thank you, much love x

  23. Since i too have thin, delicate skin (yet not overly sensitive), I’m very interested in your take on chemical exfoliants. Do you have any recommendation for milder lactic acid ones? I can’t do Good Genes, it makes me very red and hot, likely the very low PH. But i’d like to have a lactic acid one, besides the glycolic and BHA i have.

    1. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads are a mix of Lactic and Glycolic and runs a bit gentler than the Good Genes. Since you already own the latter, have you tried using it as a mask? Occasionally I’ll use a thicker layer and rinse off after 5 minutes, might work for you!

  24. When I tell friends about your videos to recommend them, I never know first whether to squeal about memorably beautiful you are, or how memorably lovely and positive and open-minded you are. But of any predicament to leave your followers with, it’s a pretty lovely one to have! x

  25. Re: Expanding content YESSSS!!!! YES YES YES
    Your makeup skills are amazing and being french I find it exceptionally hard to find makeup tutorials where the skin still looks natural and it’s not an overall harsh or heavy look. (those looks are great too, they’re just not suited to french sensibilities!) But over the time of watching your videos I think we’ve all grown to really love *YOU* and therefore any extra content that has advice, lifestyle, vlogs, day to day things, answering questions, things for us to get to know you more I think would be amazing! But the most important thing is your health and wellbeing, so please don’t feel pressure to put out any more content than you can actually manage whilst living a healthy non-stressed out life. Your wellbeing is the most important thing and I understand you;re already so busy!

    1. Yeah! Calm down Karima, honestly, some other questions people post are sooo detailed, I’m not sure how you keep up with their questions! Give yourself a break! Of course if you enjoy doing it, keep it up, otherwise, I think you could afford to pick and choose which questions to answer?

      But ahem, I actually have a suggestions for posts -_-”

      Firstly, hair care! Please. Completely jealous of your luscious locks and I’m completely lost about how to pick a haircut to frame my face? That and your haircare routine i.e. which products you use etc.

      Secondly, nail care? I’m curious, how does using acrylics affect your natural nails?

      Lastly, and this is probably the most important: health! You always look so HEALTHY. I generally don’t trust anyone’s opinion on the Internet b/ I think you are v/ credible/knowledgable/insightful on all kinds of things: so your tips on healthy eating/exercising would be much appreciated. Especially because, I, like you am an extremely lazy person and a few years ago, I used to nap all the time. So I was curious to know how you manage to even exercise (if you do – your figure looks FANTASTIC in photos). And how you maintain the motivation to exercise.

  26. Hi Karima, I was wondering about setting powders specifically for under the eyes. I’ve seen you use both the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush powder and the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder for eyes to specifically set under eye concealer but I’m wondering if you have a top pick? I would think that a silica based powder would probably have the ideal texture as they’re quite fine and at a lesser risk of settling into lines and creasing, but then there’s the silica flashback issue. I have somewhat sunken eyes (probably not helped by my awful sleeping patterns – thanks uni & hospitality jobs!), relatively dark tear troughs and quite high full cheeks so I’m like a magnet for under eye creases!!! I’m yet to find my holy grail and any advice or suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hey Katherine,
      My favourite powder for setting undereyes is the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder but yes, they can cause flashback. I’d recommend a silica powder for day to day (if you enjoy silica) and a different powder for photography occasions (Laura Mercier Translucent is silica free).

  27. I’m new to the world of chemical exfoliants! Where do you think would be a good place to start? I have a normal skin type and I mostly need a product that will help to brighten and smooth the texture of my skin. I have times where I can just feel the dead layer of skin lying there (sorry for the visual)! Just need something that will give a little boost to my face.

  28. Hi Karima! I moved into a new apartment that has terrible lighting, e.g. no natural light and wonky, yellow-based lights in the bathroom (#firstworldproblems). Also, as a renter, I’m not allowed to make changes. Any suggestions for an awesome lighted mirror that I can keep on a vanity? What do you use at home/in your studio? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Paula,
      Not sure I’m the best person to ask because my studio is filled with studio lighting and my home vanity is custom. If you’re looking for a quick/easy fix, there are some table mirrors that are lit around the edge.

  29. Hi Karima, I’ve been looking at reviews for Becca’s Aqua luminous perfecting foundation.
    Your thoughts always help out so I was wondering what you think of the foundation in general. Is it just another hyped product I’ll be seeing lots of.

  30. Hi Karima! I’m a huge fan of yours, your looks are so wearable and your videos are always super amusing and well-detailed…

    I have a question, and a suggestion for you (and everyone else out there); try Japanese sunscreens – they’re seriously LIFE-CHANGING! I would never have imagined that sunscreen could actually feel nice on the skin and even be helpful when putting on makeup until I tried those (some are actually meant to be worn as a primer). I recommend Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, it’s my favourite and I also have dry skin like yours – it’s also super affordable (you can buy it on eBay or Amazon) and each bottle lasts a REALLY long time.

    My question for you: can you recommend any high-coverage foundations that are have a natural look? Most days I use Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk but I have to use like 4-6 pumps to get the coverage I like, and I’d prefer to save it for special occasions. I’ve been thinking of making a blind purchase and acquire the EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear or LancΓ΄me Teint Idole Ultra (which sounds a lot like Lasting Silk but with medium to full coverage). Have you used either one of them? What about the new Marc Jacobs foundation (I heard that it’s great for those of us with dry skin, but I’ve also heard complaints about it separating and not being very long wearing). Any suggestions would be HUGELY APPRECIATED!

    Thanks <3

    1. I’ve tried a bunch of Japanese sunscreens but will check out the one you mentioned. I will be doing a first impressions on the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation so keep an eye out for that πŸ˜‰