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For the most part, I prefer white goat hair for crease brushes (click here for that segment) because sometimes, dark bristles are le floppy. Spoiler: I really should trust my instincts.

I’m reviewing the Hakuhodo G5522 and G5533 today, here is how they compare to some other dark bristle brushes.

Hakuhodo Crease Brush Reviews – G5522 & G5533 + Top Three Recommendations

Hakuhodo Crease Brush Reviews – G5522 & G5533 + Top Three Recommendations

Hakuhodo G5522BkSL Eye Shadow Brush Tapered

The blue squirrel version of the white J5522 reviewed earlier. A fraction larger than the MAC 224 but worlds above in quality. WTH MAC? Why a scratchy brush?
Like the MAC 224, this is a tapered, largeish crease brush- many may find this to be too large. Best for blending out edges as opposed to placing colour but it could also be used to blend out under eye concealer (many use the 224 for this purpose, despite the fact that it is not synthetic).

In short, if you like the 224, this brush is similar but so much better that drawing the comparison makes me cringe.

Final Verdict: B. Large for crease purposes but a great blending aid. One of the softest crease brushes I own and a pleasure to use.

Hakuhodo G5533BkSL Eye Shadow Brush Round

Undoubtedly the softest eye brush I have ever encountered. Alas, what G5533 delivers in softness is negated by its lack of resistance… behold, floppy. A not-so-dense blue squirrel creation, it may be used for soft crease colours but even then, purge worthy. I mostly employ this when doing a ‘once over’ on an eye look (to ensure that all lines are seamless) but it really shines when used for setting under eye concealer with powder, so silky… so soft…

Final Verdict: C. Pretty rubbish for eyeshadow application but if you’re searching for a luxe brush to set your under eye concealer (a must in my routine), upgrade that rating to an A.

The lowdown:

You’re looking to buy some Hakuhodo crease brushes but you have a meltdown every time you visit the site? My top 3 recommendations would be;
J5523 (to place colour)
J142 (slightly less dense, to blend)
J146 (for more precise crease work, inner corner and brow highlights).

Sense a pattern? All white goat hair- always soft but never lacking in resistance. If you’re more about soft washes of colour, as opposed to definition, you may have better luck with their darker fibre varieties.


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  1. I also think hakuhodo is way better than MAC … way better! I also don’t think that the dupes have to be ‘the same’ to perform ‘the same’ (I can work with my hakuhodo brushes way better anyway, haha). Great comparison and very helpful Karima 🙂

    1. Claire, you articulated exactly what I was thinking yet not able to form in a coherent sentence! Sometimes, I think brushes that have no resemblance can work in very similar ways. Hakuhodo makes MAC feel scratchy :-/ xx

  2. I’ve been drooling over your brush posts for the last few days – I swear, I must have a fetish or something!
    I need a J5523, because I love the ease and effect of the 217 but I’m tired of the sub-par quality.
    The J146 sounds tempting. I currently use the S146 for the purposes you’ve described for the J146, and it’s divine – blue squirrel and precise but so so soft. However it’s best with soft pigmented shadows, and struggles to pick up/put down/blend denser, harder shadows which I know goat hair could handle. I think I must need both versions *_^

    1. Welcome to the brush fetish club 😉 Sounds like J5523 might be a good fit for you! Also, as you mentioned, the main difference between the J146 and the S146 is resistance so if you desire something a bit stronger (so to speak), J146 is the best bet. I basically repeated what you say so in conclusion: I AGREE! lol. xx

  3. Hi, Karima,
    I LOVE Hakuhodo brushes…and I love Hakuhodo USA’s customer service. I live in Hawaii and I still get my orders in the mail in 3 working days! What’s not to love??? “Mega soft” is still an understatement! I started with three Hakuhodo brushes and now have expanded my collection to 14 (this includes a backup eyebrow brush, J163H, which is my HG eyebrow brush). I overplucked my brows in my foolish youth and now am rather “bald”; it’s essential that I have a great brush to fill in my brow area. Hakuhodo is the answer! I have Asian eyes with no deep crease so I need “smaller” brushes for my eye makeup. I use a J144 for my outer V, crease line and outer eyelid area. The J146 brush is fantastic for blending shadows to soften my crease line all the way up to the brow (the J142 is also good and just a tad bit larger). The B532BkSL eye shadow brush picks up product superbly and deposits it evenly on the lid. The J521 tightliner brush is the BEST brush for easy and controlled tightlining! I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that I will be a Hakuhodo loyal buyer forever! BTW, I would have never considered using the large eyeshadow Kokutan brush for my cheek until I saw you use it to apply Aucoin concealer…of course, I bought it after seeing that video! Please keep doing Hakuhodo reviews and using them in your videos! I LOVE your blog!

    1. Hey Kaz!
      That is awesome, I think it takes a bit over a week for Haku to arrive in Australia but that is still darn good! I will continue to collect these brushes, also 🙂 I use the Kokutan Eyeshadow L for Kevyn Aucoin contouring, is that what you mean? It’s a fantastic brush for that purpose 😀
      Gotta get organised and review the rest of my Haku collection! Thanks for stopping by xx.