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The ‘#2′ in the title is a concern, apparently MAC Haulin’ is becoming a segment with multiple instalments. Last time it was nine products, this time it is eleven… the situation is escalating.

MAC Haulin’ #2 + Global Beauty Forum EventIn my defence, I was recently invited to the MAC Global Beauty Forum, where iconic artists (James Molloy, Gordon Espinet… say whatttttt?!) dissected beauty trends around the globe. I summarise the findings at the end of this post – it was, without a doubt, the most insightful event I’ve attended… ever. When it comes to artistry, MAC takes the cake and gorges it in front of everyone.

Still on a high, I went off to haul some MAC. It would be rude not to.

MAC Haulin’ #2 + Global Beauty Forum Event

1. Paint Pot – Soft Ochre // I have a love hate relationship with Paint Pots, I adore the opacity and the colours but often, they look a bit crepey or, shock horror, crusty on me. Nonetheless, Painterly was always a bit pale and a bit pink for my liking, so we’re giving Soft Ochre a go.

2. Pearglide Eye Liner – Lord It Up // The Pearglide formula is bloody fabulous, sufficient raving in my Longwear Eyeliner Smackdown <— Check that out. I own the two blackened shades within the line (Black Swan & Black Line) so brown seemed like the logical next purchase.

MAC Haulin’ #2 + Global Beauty Forum Event

Lord It Up has a warm chocolate base with large-ish reflects of both the yellow gold and antique gold variety. The liner pictured beside it is…

3. Technakohl Liner – Earthline // I’m new to the Technakohl formula but this shade caught my eye – Earthline has a warm sepia base with a fine graphite shimmer overlay. In certain lights, it pulls lavender. Nomnom <3

4. Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara // Until recently, minis and sample sizes and even rollerball fragrances were simply not available in Australia so when I spot a mini, I purchase. Every time. It’s a compulsion.

5. Sized to Go Pigment – Violet // Refer to #4. Also, PARPUL!

6. False Lashes – #33 // I’ve worked with a few MAC trainers in the past and each raved about the 33 lash. I gather it’s quite an iconic lash? They’re lightweight with clustered flares, a mix of both black and brown fibres – I’m game 🙂

7. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – NC20 // Not a foundation I’ve ever considered but I had a brain explosion in store like LET’S DO THIS. Anyone interested in a first impressions video? Pump must be purchased separately… bit of resentment there.

8. False Lashes Mascara // Again, refer to #4. I have 30 mascaras in rotation, it’s downright embarrassing.

9. Mineralized Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle // I feel like I owned this once upon a time and gave it away because the shimmer was chunky? Don’t know what the hell happened there because I love this stuff. The shimmer is indeed a mix of a larger particles and uber fine glimmer but that’s okay with me – the alternative is a fine but perfectly even frost, which can look a bit dated.

MAC Haulin’ #2 + Global Beauty Forum Event

Sorry to post this picture for the third time (!), here is Soft & Gentle – on the cheekbones, brow bone and dusted above the brow. I’d describe the colour as a pale rose gold; a mix of both warm pink and gold reflect. Soft & Gentle would register as quite saturated and warm on a very pale skintone – it translates best on a medium colouring and deeper.

10. Cream Color Base – Pearl // I fell in love with the Cream Color Base formula after my last MAC haul so I went back for Luna (pure white) and somehow picked up Pearl (pale warm gold), dumbass mistake but Luna isn’t off the hook, I’m coming back for you gurl. This formula doesn’t really set, I’d describe it as a fine shimmer suspended in a glossy balm – glossy, luminous, plausible, youthful highlight. YAS.

11. Eyeshadow X 15 – Cool Neutral // Lucky last and the real purse pincher, the Cool Neutral Palette retails for 250AUD or 100USD (wtf, seriously). I must have been in a really good mood.

MAC Haulin’ #2 + Global Beauty Forum Event

It is permanent and includes a couple of exclusive shades while most are part of the regular eyeshadow range – Temptalia has decent swatches. Many of the complaints pertained to the fact that this palette isn’t genuinely cool toned; most shades are neutral and quite a few lean warm, so keep that in mind if you’re all about dat cool lyf.

I’ve tried it on one occasion and I did like the outcome, it was pretty if not a little boring. For whatever reason, this palette doesn’t really lend itself to impact but if you’re a polite taupe girl (quote credit: Nicole Thompson), you may very well love it 😛

MAC Global Beauty Forum Recap / Makeup Nerd Chatter

For those who enjoy a bit of makeup geekery, here are some emerging trends from the perspectives of James MolloyGordon Espinet, Lyne Desnoyers, Terry Barber and Nicole Thompson. AKA makeup legends and early visionaries. Not direct quotes, everything is paraphrased by yours truly 🙂

  • Surprise surprise, brows are making a comeback, often as a focal point in a look. Texturally, there appears to be two extremes: the super duper sharp brow with little suggestion of individual hairs AND the extra textured, downright bushy brow where hairs are individually placed to build a stronger shape. The latter trend appears to most prevalent in London. I always liked London 😛 Artists suggest that realistically, the everyday woman likely finds a happy medium.
  • Social media and greater connectivity is bringing the world that bit closer, Ruby Woo is the best selling lipstick in most regions; even in cultures where, historically, a bold lip isn’t favoured.
  • Some decades ago, shoots and catwalks called for an even layer of Studio Fix, it was all about the coverage. There is now a shift towards believable skin – gradually stylists and photographers are becoming more perceptive, and more averse, to visible makeup on the skin. In a skin-obsessed era, artists must employ clever skills and new technologies to perfect the base in an imperceivable way.
  • More and more, women are seeking a throwaway cool aesthetic as opposed to traditionally beautiful ideals. Previously, liner trends were more crisp and perfected, increasingly liner is dotted across the lash line and smudged for an effortless vibe.
  • Polished has taken on a new definition, artists suggest that we need not work on every element on the face to look polished. Playing down one portion (say, a bare eye) allows another to steal the show (a red lip, for example). Again, it’s all about that effortless cool as opposed to predictable perfection.
  • Shade and light has long been a topic of conversation, artists now closely consider finish and texture. One artist (can’t recall which, bad Karima) spoke of contouring and highlighting simply by mattifying areas of the face and glossing up high points – no introduction of dark and light and all – that struck me as a very novel and super subtle interpretation of the classic! In a nutshell: to achieve balance in a look, there must be yin and yang, matte and shimmer and satins, in appropriate proportions.
  • Nicole Thompson ended the night on a high note, something like this – Rules are boring and exist to be broken. As soon as we make some suggestion of a rule, it comes back next season to bite us. If you like it, it’s probably right.

ALERT, new life motto: If you like it, it’s probably right. I friggin love that.

Hopefully at least one other makeup obsessor took pleasure in that ramble 🙂 It was beyond exciting to me and I’m so honoured to have attended the event. I’d love to talk about it MOAR so leave me your comments and we can converse!


Complete list of products mentioned

False Lash #33
False Lash #33
False Lashes Mascara
False Lashes Mascara
Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
Cool Neutral Times 15 Eyeshadow
Cool Neutral Times 15 Eyeshadow
Technakohl Liner
Technakohl Liner
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Cream Color Base
Cream Color Base
Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner
Paint Pot
Paint Pot
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. I did! Took pleasure in that ramble I mean. I like the new trends. I’m all about natural skin and effortless vibes :). I also very enjoy your MAC hauls. It’s one of the very few brands I can actually shop at where I live so that’s always nice. πŸ™‚ BTW, would you consider doing a post about disinfecting your makeup? I’m a starting MUA and would love to know how you keep your makeup bits in the best shape.

    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post πŸ™‚
      In terms of makeup hygiene, I clean all my brushes with 99% alcohol between faces (which is why I use synthetics if I’m working on multiple people) and that way, brushes are always clean as they enter compacts.
      I use lip palettes and scrape out product with a qtip, same goes with concealers. Essentially, makeup never directly touches a face.
      Eyeliners are sharpened and dipped in alcohol between faces.
      Very occasionally I’ll spray powders with 99% alcohol but I try to limit this because potentially, you could seal the powder.
      That’s all there is to it, let me know if you have any more questions πŸ™‚

  2. OMG, please talk moar about it! I loved the ramble! Hauls are everywhere and even though yours are the prettiest ever, the latter part is what I hoped for! More details please, we all love makeup here ^^

  3. YAY!! Super interesting post. Now as for my thoughts:

    I too started using Painterly only to shift to Soft Ochre when it was evident that I am more yellow toned. However, I still like to pop some painterly on when I am going for a more cool toned look, more elegant look with a cat eye and a red lip. Dunno why but I like it!

    I haven’t tried the pearlglides or the technakhols yet (taking copious notes here!) but I really like the powerpoint pencils. I was introduced to them in a mac technique session a year ago. I specially like buried treasure which is a gorgeous khakiish colour. A nice non-traditional shade

    You didn’t have minis?! what?! Violet is gorgeous! and I personally use false lashes in waterpoof formula, otherwise it is rackoon time here chez moi!

    I hadn’t tried fix fluid until a recent session with Maite Tuset. It looked gorgeous, but then again, I was not the one applying it hehe Let us know what your impressions are!!

    And yeah, in this same session with Maite Tuset she mentioned giving volume to the face with light instead of shade. I thought it was a really interesting premise, and here I see that the same idea is being broadcast on my antipodes!

    1. Painterly – Totally understand, cooler looks would pair better with a cooler base!
      I’ll take a look at the powerpoint pencils – are they long lasting?
      Minis are so hard to come by in Aus πŸ™ We’re catching up… slowly.
      Lots of interesting concepts that night, MAC nails artistry πŸ˜‰

  4. Your MAC haul is so intriguingβ€”and oddly all-tied-together for me, as the very very very very first MAC product I bought was Ruby Woo. And, I live in the Philippines, where people try their damnedest not to look at you too obviously when you’re walking in the daylight with an in-your-face red lip.

    What’s always struck me, especially in recent months that I’ve been working to pull off much lighter base: There is always so much work to ensure one looks effortless. I strive to every day be a walking example of seamless spot-concealing, sigh.

    1. It’s true. I find that natural, effortless makeup takes me longer than the obvious makeup I wore years ago.

    2. It’s so fascinating to me that Ruby Woo is the international best seller! And yes, I totally agree – a lighter base + spot concealing takes much longer than an even layer of full coverage foundation. The result is worthwhile, though πŸ™‚

  5. Rambling is the best πŸ™‚ keep on writing dem words! loving the whole mattifying for shadows and glossing for highlight , mind a bit blown there! And also I love the confirmation re predictable perfection, I quite often reflect on client’s faces that I’ve done with casts of doubt wondering should I have highlighted her brow? Should I have overdrawn her lips? Should I have done this or that? When really if it looked good to me at the time, it was probably fine.

    1. Honestly, my mind was blown multiple times and I left the place feeling kinda rattled! So insightful.
      Perfection is boring, I like it a little rough around the edges πŸ™‚

  6. Love this post! I can’t seem to get enough of MAC lately. I recently got a sample of the Matchmaster foundation (pump included) and I want the full size. I love Lord It Up & have had it in my ‘favourites’ on the MAC site for ages, but seeing that swatch, I need it!! I’m also obsessed with Paint Pots, they’ve been great for my oily skin. Also super interesting that Ruby Woo is the best-selling lipstick! Transcends cultures, huh πŸ˜‰

    1. PS: The US price on the premade 15 palettes is $85. They dropped the price in recent months. Hopefully the Aussie price will drop, too?

  7. I find the sff to be quite heavy feeling on the skin, coverage is medium to full though which I do like. I own the shade nw10 but a yellow toned shade would suit me beter but they dont go light enough πŸ™ I will go and try out the linker in lord it up though, it looks fab!


    I own the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC 25, and to my liking, it is not very fluid but creamy?! I don’t know, maybe I got a bad one. It is really thick, and I prefer much to your liking of a skin like finish.
    I also have the ProLong wear concealor and I am having bad luck with finding a good one *insert tears*.

    x Frida πŸ™‚

  9. Luna is pretty bomb. I’m not wearing it enough, but that’s because I’ve been nom nom nomming up ALL TEH HIGHLIGHTERZZZZ!

    Also, you are so going to hate Studio Fix Fluid. I will eat my Vince Camuto boots if you like that thing even a little.

    1. LOL if by some bizarre chance I love that foundation, I want footage of this boot eating. I figure if I dislike it (which I’m kinda expecting to be honest), I’ll try mix it with Face & Body.

  10. Please do a first impression on studio fix. I found the smell to be horrid and it broke me out heavily :(. As for the cream color base I’m going to purchase my first one tomorrow, but I am going back and forth on whether I should get pearl or hush?

    1. What’s your skintone? Pearl is well suited to paler skintones while Hush is great on medium to deeper skintones (it’s quite saturated so if you’re pale, it might look like a blush).

  11. U’ve got some nerve to try Studio Fix Fluid! I HATE THAT FOUNDATION WITH ALL MY HEART! It’s just soo matte and flat and soooooo made-up. Btw, I would love to see u blog some more about japanese makeup!

  12. “In a skin-obsessed era, artists must employ clever skills and new technologies to perfect the base in an imperceivable way.” Oh goodness, I hope this means that MAC is working on a new foundation formula or two. That would be awesome, I’ve always been let down by their foundations (not only in texture but in color as well). From the ages of 16-19 I walked around with NC15 clinging to every dry patch of my obviously NW10 skin. So embarassing!
    The idea of highlighting and contouring through finish really intrigues me. I’d love to see you try that technique out in a tutorial of yours!

    1. Potentially! Would be a smart move to work on some new formulations – have you heard about the new Prolongwear Nourishing Foundation? I have one coming in the post, might do a first impressions on that too.

      1. I hadn’t until I read this comment so I went and read up on it. Doesn’t come in my shade AND it’s medium to full coverage. I bet if I lived somewhere humid or rainy I’d want something like that but it’s not an ideal for me.
        I’d love to see a first impressions, however. You may just change my mind.

  13. SFF was one of my favorites living in SoCal (read: humidity central) and it looked flawless from 8AM to midnight every single time. Too bad my drier skin doesn’t love it anymore *sniff sniff*. I could take the time to moisturize and prep properly for dat flawless, but really, nobody got time fo dat.