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Wahhh New York holiday is over 🙁 Sadface but haul forthcoming. Remember how I said that I was a liiiittle sensitive to the cold? It was a blizzard, yo. -15 Celsius/ 5 Fahrenheit; an assault on my body, these are the products that saved my sanity the day.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Winter Wonders

This is a real wince-worthy purchase at 158USD, a ridiculous figure by most standards. With an emollient cream consistency, Sisley Black Rose Mask can be used overnight, tissued off, mixed with your moisturiser to amp up hydration or slathered liberally for long haul flights. I made my way through a deluxe sample of this softly rose scented cream before purchasing a full size, the defining factor: I’d finally found an emollient cream that doesn’t congest my skin. Overpriced? Without a doubt and I would fork it over again; mixed with my daily Chantecaille Vital Essence, I experienced no wind burn on my delicate facial skin, despite wind chills nearing -22 Fahrenheit (?!?!).

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm

Winter Wonders

I need to confess to an irksome anxiety-induced habit: I touch my lips. When I’m bored. When I’m deep in thought. When I’m nervous. So basically, every waking moment. As a result, my lips are perpetually dry and cracked; I had just about given up on any lipbalm. Enter Reve De Miel. The texture is reminiscent of raw shea butter and the scent an unobtrusive honey (with a dash of citrus?) but that’s NOT IMPORTANT: Reve De Miel is a healer (hallelujah! *cue choir music*). A slightly waxy formula that thins out upon application yet resists slip n slide, it is nothing short of a miracle on my lips. Y’all know how I love to debunk hive-mentality hype, turns out the Youtube gurus were right on this one.

Lush Dream Cream

Winter Wonders

I am far from a Lush groupie. To be frank, if the sheer smell of the store induces a migraine then it’s probably no good for my skin either. I’ll make an exception for Dream Cream, hailed as the cure for eczema and dermatitis. New York bitter weather paired with new detergents and soaps had me break out in sore dermatitis (of which I am prone, dagnabbit), it was a bit of an emergency state. I did what we all do; I consulted the internets and received a prescription for Dream Cream, which I slathered on every morning and night – the discomfort (and diseased appearance) quickly dissipated. Does it smell heavenly? No, a strange herbal-floral infusion. Will it sink in in 2.67 seconds? No, what’s the point in that?

Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid

Winter Wonders

My lone winter wonder in the makeup category. I envisioned New York to be all glitz and red lips but in reality, it was a minimal makeup affair – with my Rudolph nose and my streaming eyes, I was a defeated woman. A last minute decision to pack a small sample of my Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid proved to be handy; I dabbed it on the high points and while ultra subtle (no sparkle in direct sunlight- could even be used as a primer) and imperceivable to the general public, I knew it was there… Catching the light in all the right places… Making me feel less drab – c’mon, give a girl a little glamour.

Wella Colour Color Save Hair Mask

Winter Wonders

Recall my less than enthusiastic purchase of this hair mask while at the Salon? I take it back! Never did I think that my hair could look glossy and frizz-free sans some sort of heat styling tool. A small sample kept my ultra long hair manageable in the windy NYC weather. Everytime I took off my damn beanie, my hair rose to the heavens. Wella Colour Save helped tame the static, along with…

Phyto 9

Winter Wonders

I love silicone is my makeup but I’m wary of it in my hair. In essence, silicones are makeup for the hair; masking the problem as opposed to nourishing the situation. Phyto 9 is like a face moisturiser for your locks – an emulsion of oils that treat dryness and static, so you can feel like you’re doing something good for your hurr (because gurl, that MoroccanOil is just primer, foundation and concealer for your mop). I’m happy to report that my tresses came back down to earth and I’ll continue to use Phyto 9 in this blistering Australian summer; it’s lightweight and I genuinely can’t feel any product in my hair (HATE that sensation, I just want my hair to feel clean).

What are your tried and tested winter wonders? Share your wisdom!


Complete list of products mentioned

Daily Ultra-Nourishing Cream
Daily Ultra-Nourishing Cream
Colour Save Mask
Colour Save Mask
Fresh Glow Fluid Foundation
Fresh Glow Fluid Foundation
Reve de Miel Lip Balm
Reve de Miel Lip Balm
Cream Mask
Cream Mask
* Denotes products sent for consideration. Iā€™m always honest with my reviews :)

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    1. You’re a stronger woman than I, Shani! I’m looking back on pictures and I mostly look…cold lol. One day I wore red lips and in those photos, I look more human LOL. x

  1. The winter weather is driving me cray too but I guess I have it relatively good in Korea! My lips are doing something funky on me and that NUXE balm does sound intriguing. Have you by any chance tried EA’s eight hour cream? I bought it on LE’s recommendation, but that, along with every other lip balm I have, is not doing anything for me. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Is it cold in Korea? I’ve never been (but I’d love to go!). I tried EA’s Eight Hour Cream years ago and to be honest, I thought it was glorified vaseline. One of the few LE recommendations that I really didn’t like! The Nuxe Balm is amazing though, especially overnight. xx

    2. Very cold, but probably not as cold as NY. Please come visit, Korea haz all the cool makeups!
      Those were my exact thoughts on the eight hour cream too, it was just vaseline with a weird smell. Well, off to buy the NUXE balm now then!

  2. Excellent post, Karima!! First read of a lazy Sunday, still in bed. I share your love for the Sisley emollient, but I agree the price is outrageous. Also the Nuxe products are amazing, I am experimenting now with a moisturizer…

    I’d love to see a post from you with high SPF products. Living in Australia and having fair skin you may have that sorted out… I am still looking for the perfect face sunblock and have the feeling that have tried them all!

    1. Thanks Gloria! Thankfully I don’t go through the Sisley very fast (nor do I need in that often in our Australian moderate climate) but it is definitely a lifesaver. In terms of high SPF, I don’t stick to a particular product but I have guidelines: I like European Sunscreens (La Roche Posay) on my body during sun exposure because they’re quite emollient and waterproof. I don’t like them on my face because they do tend to be greasy; I prefer Japanese sunscreens on my face because they’re very matte (I’ve used everything from Shiseido to Biore).
      If I’m honest though, my knowledge on sunscreens is quite rusty, I was a sunscreen guru at 18 but no longer!

  3. Love this post! Winter hasn’t really hit Belgium yet, but I’m totally prepared for when it will. Dream Cream has been my bedside treat for my hands over the past year and a half now, and it has truly changed them! They used to be all cracked (and sometimes bleeding.. yikes) during the Winter, now they’re all soft and pretty!

  4. Karima! Nice post! Looking forward to your haul video too! Would you mind giving a demonstration of Le Blanc De Chanel? If possible? Thanks in advance K xo

  5. Glad to hear you survived NY! I’ve been bathing in Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Bath Oil. My skin gets uncommonly dry during the winter, and I’ve noticed it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

    1. Chris! I totally agree, I used to hear my mother complain about her chronically dry body skin and I thought she was just being dramatic. Now that I’m a bit older, the genes are setting in and my skin is SO DRY. Now I complain about it and my significant other thinks I’m being dramatic šŸ˜‰ full circle. x

  6. LOL I can admit I purchased the Nuxe lip balm purely after watching a Lisa Eldridge skin care video on teh youtubez! I agree though, I find it fantastic for dry lips and I like that it’s a matte finish and doesn’t seem to wear off it 10mins.
    Oh and I nearly purchased that Phyto cream like only an hour ago with my hair care restock order but decided to research it more… I should have come here first before placing my order!

    1. That’s another thing! It’s not a glossy lipbalm so I can use it under lipsticks without altering the finish. Lisa has the best recommendations šŸ™‚ x

  7. I got Nuxe Reve de Miel after people at MUA raved about it, and I agree all of them (including YTers) are totally right!!!!! My lips are always dry since I work in a high A/C environment and this is my total saviour!!!!

    I need to try Phyto 9, especially since you say it’s lightweight, I also hate feeling my hair dirty.

    1. Seriously! I use it overnight and I can still feel the balm in the morning, which is incredible. Phyto 9 is the most lightweight hair product I’ve used, it’s quite hard to overdo it actually. xx

  8. Hi Gorgeous! I love your blog and videos! you are very articulate. You should post more often. I do have a suggestion. My latest discovery. I have oily skin but I hate harsh chemicals on my skin, I have tried a lot of products A LOT but recently I have been using pure, unrefined Coconut oil to remove my makeup and to hydrate my hair. I have not had a breakout since and my skin is hydrated and glowy! If you decide to try it out make sure you get Raw Organic Coconut Oil. This one is the one I get:
    It is by far the best thing I am using right now and so cheap.
    Post videos more often I can’t believe you dont have more followers you are adorable!

  9. Hi Karima, great post, I’m only sorry to have read it so late! I share your views on silicone being a very tricky and annoying haircare ingredient: my hair is long and ultra thick and I honestly have to rinse for about 10 minutes in the shower after conditioning (if it contains silicone) before it feels CLEAN again – I don’t want any slippery soapiness sensation, thank you!
    I do have a suggestion for you. I recently tried Liz Earle Shampoo and conditioner, and they are both silicone free. They have the typical Liz botanical smell (I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the brand), but I honestly think the ingredients are excellent and despite being so nourishing rinse really, really clean. I got them as samples luckily, and I was skeptical as since the brand is so famous for the Hot Cloth Cleanser I was worried they would be a one-trick-pony. But I am so thrilled with it, and you need so little they last forever. I use the conditioner like a mask once a week and the natural oils have worked wonders, so when I read your feelings on haircare here^^, I thought I’d share.
    Thank you for all your posts, I was so glad to come across this blog a few months back. Xxx

    1. Hey Carla! Welcome back šŸ˜€
      I’ll check out the Liz Earle Shampoo and Conditioner- I wish I didn’t have to buy online because I’m not so hair centric that I can be bothered to buy all my haircare online you know? So.much.effort.