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I’m pleased to report that I attended IMATS Sydney 2012 and LOVED IT! You knew a haul post was coming, right?

IMATS Sydney 2012

To see the makeup I wore to IMATS, click here.

Before my haul, I’d like to share one picture with you guise. This is Rae Morris, arguably Australia’s best makeup artist. I’ve met her twice and she is super friendly and absolutely gorgeous.

IMATS Sydney 2012

Okay, let’s start with the most exciting part of my IMATS haul, Hakuhodo brushes (!!)
For those who are unfamiliar with this brand, it is a Japanese makeup brush brand and their brushes are of impeccable quality- the craftsmanship is second to none. I’ll avoid getting too verbose here but if you’d like to read more about Hakuhodo, check out Diabolus in Cosmetica and The Non-Blonde. FEAST YOUR EYES!


Eye Blending Brushes left to right:
Kokutan eyeshadow T

IMATS Sydney 2012

And close up

IMATS Sydney 2012

Face Brushes left to right:

IMATS Sydney 2012

Miscellaneous Brushes left to right:
Cover Lip F

IMATS Sydney 2012

In about a month I plan to do an in depth review of these brushes, so keep tuned!

London Brush Company Brush Roll

Fan print with gold flecks, to house my new Hakuhodo brushes.

IMATS Sydney 2012

IMATS Sydney 2012

Rae Morris Books

I purchased two. Fun fact: these are considered to be so informative that they have become a curriculum text for makeup academies around the world!

IMATS Sydney 2012

IMATS Sydney 2012

Rae Morris Brushes

A relatively new venture for Rae, check out her website for more information on her brushes.
Wayne Goss Makeup Artist also did a youtube review of these brushes, check it out here.

Rae Morris Brushes, left to right:
#3 Ultimate Cheek Bone
#16 Angle Brow/Mascara Definer
#15 Precision Bent-Liner
#7 Deluxe Precision Shader
#8 Medium Precision Shader

IMATS Sydney 2012

MAC Cosmetics and LA Splash Cosmetics

A few bits and bobs…totally unplanned, but they were calling my name loudly.

MAC 15 empty palette
MAC Brow Set in Beguile and Show-off
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC 224 Brush
MAC Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20
MAC Chromaline Pure White, MAC Chromaline Process Magenta
LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer and Eyeliner Sealer

IMATS Sydney 2012

Makeup Forever

Not widely available in Australia, so I purchased some long term lemmings.

Aqua Cream #13
Aqua Brow 10, Aqua Brow 25
Aqua Liner 15, Aqua Liner 10

IMATS Sydney 2012


Super nourishing skincare, favoured by models and beauty guru Pixiwoo. You can purchase Embryolisse products online here.
I bought their infamous Creme Concentre, a rosewater toner, a body moisturiser and a stick lipbalm.

IMATS Sydney 2012

Make-Up Artist Magazine

Finally, I bought a yearly subscription to Make-Up Artist Magazine.

IMATS Sydney 2012

A quick note: I am not at all affiliated with any of these companies, just a happy customer!

All in all, I had an incredible time at IMATS and I will definitely attend next year. I didn’t watch as many presentations as I would have liked, so I’ll make that a priority in 2013. Once I’ve trialled all these products, I’ll post and let you know my thoughts!

Have any of you lovely people been to IMATS? What did you think? Which of the products above spiked your interest?


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  1. I went and thought it was great! I spent most of my time at the inglot stand I wish I had of got the subscription to the makeup artist magazine! You got some great buys!

    1. Did you see my Inglot haul post? I decided to stay away from that counter because I purchased so much Inglot about a month ago. And if you’re still interested in a Make-Up Artist Magazine subscription, I’m pretty sure you can sign up on their website. It’s $50 for a yearly subscription.
      Hope you enjoyed your IMATS experience! I know I did!

    1. I’m so excited to use my new Haku’s! I’d need 15 faces to properly utilise all my makeup goods lol. Thanks for your informative post on Hakuhodo, I found it really insightful.

  2. Thank you, dear! I’m so glad you like it. Oh you guys will be hearing a LOT more about the products in this haul!
    You’re right, Beautiful Eyes is a subset of the other book but I just collect beautiful things so I purchased both. I will likely gift Beautiful Eyes 🙂
    I’d love to hear what you guys enjoy reading so let me know if you have any requests, I’m all ears.
    Much love, Karima.

  3. Woah! I am super jealous of you going to IMATS and of course jealous of the fabulous haul! Everything looks wonderful! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you use the red MUFE liner.

  4. Ahhh, you purchased so many brushes – I’m so jealous!! I’m kicking myself for not picking up any Hakuhodu brushes or Rae Morris ones! Amazing, amazing, amazing haul! 🙂

    1. Hi Dawn!
      Are you planning to go next year? Hakuhodo and Rae Morris aren’t going anywhere, don’t worry!
      I was so excited to see Hakuhodo in person because the site is overwhelming, to say the least.

  5. I’ve said it a million times but I’m so jealous of everyone that went to IMATS… hopefully I can go next year! Did you meet any aussie youtubers or bloggers? so cool that you met Rae Morris!
    Such a nice brush haul omgg… you should make videos because I’d love to see you use them. I saw some Rae Morris ones in a magazine and they were $$$$ so you did so well to get as many as you did! Great post 🙂

    1. If you go next year, let’s meet up! I actually didn’t meet any youtubers but I was rubbing myself in ALL teh makeups so I probably didn’t notice them!
      I mayyyy be making videos soon! I have to invest in a decent video camera.
      I’ll be reviewing all the brushes in a month, so keep tuned!

  6. Hi, I’m an eye makeup newbie, I’m wondering which of the Hokohudo brushes is comparable toMac 226? I have small Asian eyes with small eyelid space & I find MAC 217 big for putting color to the crease so I just use it to blend. Can you recommend a smaller crease brush from Hokohudo which I can use to put crease colors & blend? Thanks!

  7. Hi Karima!

    Question about the B5510BkSl, is it a good smoky-eye-lower-lash-line-blender? Or is it a little poky? I love the shape but unsure if the horse bristle might be a little harsh.

    I’m currently compiling an excel sheet of notes (much of the Hakuhodo information gathered from your lovely blog here, THANKYOU), haha nerd much?! And on my third draft.

    Thank you, and love the blog it’s marvellous. So much info. So little head space.