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Time to pump out swatches from my wot-I-bought-in-Japan-video! My Addiction selection had little rhyme and reason, I purchased based on texture rather than colour (as I’ve had textural difficulties with Addiction eyeshadows in the past).

A recap…

I purchased these neutral eyeshadows for a good friend, you’ll have to check out her blog if you’re interested in swatches of these (they’re still en route).

Kose Addiction Eyeshadow and Eye Kohl (Mariage, Crow, Rigoletto and Night Dive)

A close up of Pink Python to exemplify its complexity- a blackened base with pink and green microshimmers.

Kose Addiction Eyeshadow and Eye Kohl (Mariage, Crow, Rigoletto and Night Dive)

And my purchases! Three eyeshadows and a single kohl eyeliner duo.

Kose Addiction Eyeshadow and Eye Kohl (Mariage, Crow, Rigoletto and Night Dive)

Finally, swatches. Two different degrees of natural sunlight and swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Click for bigger images with more detailz.

Kose Addiction Eyeshadow and Eye Kohl (Mariage, Crow, Rigoletto and Night Dive)

Kose Addiction Eyeshadow and Eye Kohl (Mariage, Crow, Rigoletto and Night Dive)

Words and thoughts
As I said in the first impressions video, the Addiction kohl eyeliners are discernibly softer (like buttuh) when compared to the eyeshadows. The latter are harder in pan but still exhibit great pigmentation- there is also a wide variety of colours to cater for your every whim.

Looking back at the video, I’m actually pretty impressed with my own ad hoc shade descriptions so I’m going to stick with that: Mariage has a sheer peachy-taupe base with a silver glitter overlay. There are some glitters in the Addiction eyeshadow line that are suspended in a gel base- this is not one of them, I steered clear of those because I predict crease-city.
I love glitter, sorry but actually not sorry.

A sooty black with a teal-green shimmer element! The shimmers in Crow are finer than Pink Python. This might be my 50th complex black shade but look at it! I regret nothing.

Softer than most of the Addiction eyeshadow line, Rigoletto is a peach champagne shade. Peach Bellini, perhaps? A metallic finish that glints bronze in some lighting, Rigoletto is verryyy pretty but I mainly purchased it because I was impressed with the texture.

Kohl Eyeliner in Night Dive 01
Pointing out the obvious here but you’re gonna need to a brush to apply this, should you opt to use it as an eyeliner (but also doubles up as a striking eyeshadow duo!). Super soft and buttery, the shades blend well into each other. I’d say the blue shade has a blue/indigo base with cobalt and purpled shimmers, so in some lighting it did look a little blurple (blue purple, defining factor for me as blue eyeshadow is not my friend). The black is a super duper soft satin.
Out of all my purchases, I might be most excited about this!

Do you own any Addiction eyeshadows? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Love the color of Rigoletto. Its light and looks natural on skin. Overall, they look pretty. You can create great looks within them. Great choice!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for all the time and energy you put in to your blog. It’s so informative and your swatches are always true-to-color. That said, I’ve had my eye on the shade “Flash Back” for awhile. Have you ever swatched it? It looks gorgeous, I’m just nervous to order something from a line that’s quite hit-and-miss.

    1. Hey Jillian! Thank you so very much 🙂 Blogging does take a lot of time and effort but comments like this really make it worthwhile!
      Flashback is a beautiful taupe shade but sadly, taupes do nothing for my complexion. I have heard that the consistency and texture is beautiful, though. Hopefully this helps 🙂

  3. Hi Karima 🙂

    This is obviously a very late comment! But can you verbally compare Rigoletto with RBR Angelic Cockatiels (or any other possible color dupes – perhaps MUG or MAC)? And also, I’ve always been a bit confused about the Addiction kohls being in pan form, because I think of a kohl as a creamy liner made for the waterline, but I have yet to find anything that doesn’t hurt to apply to my actual waterline with a brush. How do you use these?