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Another fun, chatty video where I offer first impressions on the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette, the Ellis Faas Hot Lips range and more!

Youtuber of the week: Monika Blunder

Nail polish I’m wearing in this tutorial

YSL Jade Imperial (obsessed, can you tell?)

Complete List of Products

Bourjois – Healthy Mix Foundation in 52
L’Oreal – True Match Foundation in W2 (the two mixed in a 50/50 ratio)
Wayne Goss – Brush 01 (The Collection)
ModelCo – Designer Brow Kit
It Cosmetics – Naturally Pretty Palette
MAC – Paint Pot in Painterly
Dolly Wink – Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Make Up For Ever – Full Cover Concealer in 4
NARS – Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Via Veneto
Illamasqua – Pencil in Vow
ModelCo – Fibre Lash Mascara
Ellis Faas – Hot Lips in L408
Rouge Bunny Rouge – Highlight in Sea of Showers

Extra thoughts on Ellis Faas Hot Lips

I can’t wear L408 (the salmon pink shade) because sadly, it settles into a line of white pigment where my lips meet; I frequently have this issue with lipsticks that have a white base, maybe my lips are strange!
L402 (the vibrant orange) doesn’t appear to have much white pigment in the base and didn’t exhibit settling on the rim of the mouth. However, it tore up my lips after a full day of wear – my lips were peeling! Sad story 🙁

Here are the swatches anyway, in case you were curious…

First Impressions – It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty & Ellis Faas Hot Lips


Complete list of products mentioned

True Match Foundation
True Match Foundation
Hot Lips Lipstick
Hot Lips Lipstick
Full Cover Concealer
Full Cover Concealer
Naturally Pretty Palette
Naturally Pretty Palette
Designer Brow Kit
Designer Brow Kit
Brush (The Collection)
Brush (The Collection)
Larger Than Life Eyeliner
Larger Than Life Eyeliner
Liquid Eyeliner
Liquid Eyeliner
Eye Colouring Pencil
Eye Colouring Pencil
Healthy Mix Foundation
Healthy Mix Foundation
Paint Pot
Paint Pot
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. SUPER BIG BOO HOO re: Ellis Hot Lips. That is all. I now go console myself with a bowl of sugary cereal. (ps thank you for sharing your cut crease technique! I try this!) xo sj

    1. Please tell me you ate cereal for dinner. That is like… my favourite thing but sadly my boyfriend was raised with balanced meals and he objects to the idea, BOOOO.
      Let me know how you go with the cut crease πŸ™‚ x

  2. Hi Karima,

    Loved your base look – I bought both of those foundations after I saw your post about them on MUA (*feels like a confessing stalker*) and I do think it has lovely coverage and a very pretty finish/texture. I do still prefer the Armani LSF (either alone or mixed with the Chanel Le Blanc) but it’s nice for a change. πŸ™‚ Also you are so good at wings – I wish I could say the same!

    Hope this comment is okay, but I wanted to tell you that I think your scleral melt has improved; it looks much lighter to me. Is that just me, or is it getting better? You are so beautiful either way.

    Angela <3

    1. Hey Angela!
      Ahhh you also mix the Lasting Silk with Le Blanc?! How beautiful is it?!
      I go for the Bourjois/L’Oreal mix when I want more coverage, since Le Blanc tends to sheer out things a bit. I also love that the Bourjois has a green undertone because I’m a bit olive.
      Absolutely okay to talk about my eye (unless it’s a youtube comment: ew wtf is in your eye?!). I actually went to the specialist and it’s hard to tell but we think that my eye is still healing, which is GREAT!
      Much love <3

      1. That is absolutely wonderful news Karima!!! I’m so happy for you!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Angela <3

  3. Karima! All of your expressions cracked me up in this video. I just recently discovered you and love your videos. I feel like you’re sitting in my living room and we’re just chatting about makeup. Granted, it’s a one-sided conversation, but I think you’re awesome πŸ™‚

    1. It wasn’t until I started filming that I realised how animated my face is πŸ˜› I can’t seem to put my hands down either, they tell half the story!
      I feel the same way, like I’m talking/raving/ranting to a friend about makeup.
      Thanks so much for your comment <3 x

  4. Such a fun and entertaining video. Loved it. I’ve never been a fan of the cut-crease look, but really like what you’ve done here. And that lip colour…woah! Hot!

    BTW, do you prefer this foundation combo or the GA LaSF + Le Blanc combo?

    1. Hey Jen πŸ™‚
      It’s less of a cut crease and more of a strong-distinction-between-lid-and-crease, but I like it because it makes my crappy creases look defined πŸ™‚

      Copied and pasted from a previous comment: I go for the Bourjois/L’Oreal mix when I want more coverage, since Le Blanc tends to sheer out things a bit. I also love that the Bourjois has a green undertone because I’m a bit olive.
      In a nutshell, I love both, depending on what coverage I’m going for πŸ™‚


  5. Hi, Karima!

    First I would like to say that I absolutely love your videos and blogs, my favorite beauty guru! I’m currently trying to find a good foundation and stuck between a couple. Do you have any opinions on the Nars Sheer Glow foundation? Would love to hear anything you have to say! xo

    1. Hey Jessica πŸ™‚
      Foundations are so personal. I’ve tried and liked the NARS Sheer Glow, it’s nor particularly glowy on me and the coverage is higher than I’m used to (actually a nice aspect, since I can apply much less product). Also love the strong yellow undertones.

  6. Thank you Karima for this video! I own tons of good makeup but my application skills are… let’s say they need refining. Tried this cur crease method yesterday with matte neutrals and my eyes looked huge and hot!
    Btw, has anyone else mentioned how you cannot see the about 3cm on the left side of the comment section? I can’t read them. I’m browsing on an iPad.
    Love your blog and personality, you are seriously my number one girl crush at the moment.

    1. Hey Camilla!
      So pleased to hear you had luck with the cut crease technique! It’s very easy once you get the hang of it πŸ˜€
      Thanks for letting me know about the reading issue! I hadn’t heard that before :-/ Thankfully, the new site should be live in 1-2 weeks so hopefully we won’t have the same issue (but let me know if you do!).

  7. Really liked this video. I also own the MUFE Full cover concealer and I honestly find it too heavy for everything. I loved the eyelook on you. <3

    1. Hey Wies!
      I managed to sheer out the MUFE Full Cover but it looked dry as the day progressed πŸ™ sad. Glad you liked the look πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment!

  8. Hi, Karima!
    Just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your posts since finding you on YouTube with the “eras” series!

    You are such a natural in front of the camera and I see I’m not the only one who feels like I’m enjoying a lively though one-sided discussion about various pretties!! That’s the sign of someone who’s really authentic and found their voice, I think – it shows in the quality of your videos.

    Plus, I must say… I really cracked up at both the amazed “It’s like a dust bunny!” comment and even more at the gleeful squeal when you swatches the EF lippie. Priceless!!!

    You are this stunning, perfectly graceful and composed woman who really knows her business and can talk passionately and professionally about the merits of this and that… And then I love that you’re willing to share your lovely sense of fun and enjoyment with makeup.

    I have watched your top brushes videos twice recently just because I so enjoyed geeking out with you (well, from afar) over the merits of your favourites…

    So excited to see what you’ve got in store for us with your new site!

    – a new admirer, British Columbia, Canada