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Hello, everyone. Welcome back. Today, we're doing another chit chat Get Ready with Me First Impressions kind of video. And I'm using a bunch of Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit has also been kind enough to offer some goodies for you guys. This bag is entirely full. I think that they're such a generous giveaway and if you want hear more about that, you can hang around until the end of the video. Now I'm compensated in any way for this. There's no benefit or ulterior motive for me. I just thought that I would take this opportunity to give you guys something cool. I've gone ahead and I've done my foundation and my concealer. It's been a long week or two. I look as though I haven't slept in a week or two. Let's get our brow game on. I have here Benefit Brow Zings, and it's a little brow palette and it has a powder and also a wax.

I'm starting off with the brow wax and I'm just running that through the lengths of my brows actually with the included brush. And then I'm going to go in with the powder portion. So it's been rather quite on the Shameless Fripperies recently. Uni has become really hectic and I feel like I am drowning in to do lists when all I'd rather be doing is hiding in bed and eating cake out of a sippy cup. Do you know what I mean? Hey, this is actually really awesome brush. It's really stiff and tapered so I'm getting a lot of precision. Okay and now the product that I'm actually really excited about is the Gimme brow and this is in the shade medium deep. Now I bought the light shade while I was in New York, and I love the applicator, I love the formula but it made my brows look a little bit dusty and I think it was actually too light for my coloring. So let's give this one a go.

Okay, yes, much better shade for me than the light. If you're around my coloring, go for medium deep. I love the effect. I don't see much in terms of the fiber volumizing claims but it does make the individual brow hairs look a lot more prominent. So it looks like you have more brows going on. Let's move on to the eyes. Now I have this Benefit World Famous Neutrals. Sexiest nudes ever. In this, there are four powder eye shadows and I think these are two cream eye shadows. Okay, so I'm going to start with Holy Smokes, which is a sort of taupey gray kind of cream eye shadow. I'm just patting that on to the lid with the finger. This texture is really quite fin and tacky. It's got some emollients to it and it's really easy to blend. I just blended that with the finger. I think I might actually put a little bit of that on the lower lash line too.

Next, I'm going to take maybe this taupey purply shade. It's called Rain Check and I'm just sort of blending that in the outer corner in to the crease, being really slap and dash with it. So is anyone watching this is going to IMATS Sydney this year? Because I always go alone. None of my friends are in to make up. So if you see me roaming around by myself, can you come and say hello so that we can be friends? I can take photo. Thank you. So I'm loving where this is going. I think these kind of grayed purple shades are really chic. Next I'm going to take the shade Milk It and I'm just going to run a little bit underneath my brow bone because I probably blend it that a bit far. And with that same Milk It shade, I'm just going to push that in to the inner corners. I haven't changed brush once. It's all casual today, guys. So next I'm going to take the shade Bingo and this is a risky shade for me because it's a minty pastel and pastels generally look awful on me. And I'm just patting that over the inner half of my lid. Ooh, I actually really like that shade. Every now and again I quite like to try products or colors that I think don't necessarily work on me because I think it kind of gets you outside of the box and experimenting. I think experimenting is good.

For eyeliner, I've forgotten to bring my eyeliner. Ugh. Nope. All right. I'm going to show you something that I do when I'm traveling and I need to be resourceful. I've take a little bit of my mascara that I'm going to use today and I'm going to apply it like a gel liner. Revolutionary.



Now this is such an absurd and random favorite but the hard angle brush, the brush that comes with the Benefit Brow Zings palette is legitimately one of the best eyeliner brushes that I've ever used and I've tried a lot. Now I'm going to apply lashes today. These are the Prima Donna lash. I wasn't even aware that Benefit did eyelashes, let alone awesome ones. These remind me so much of my ultimate favorite, the Shu Uemura smokey layers. Now much like the Shu Uemura lashes, this appear to have quite a stiff and thick eyelash band, so it really helps to maneuver the lash to make a little bit more flexible so that it's easier to apply and it fits better to the curvature of your eye. That's what I'm going to be doing for the next few minutes. I'm going to use my lash applicator which is a fantastic tool by the way and I'm just going to plank that down on my lash line.

Now that both my lashes are on, I'm going to add some mascara and my favorite mascara for bonding false lashes to natural lashes is the Benefit They're Real because of the applicator. Now the applicator does reminds me a little bit of like an ancient artillery or dangerous deep sea urchin and I'm the moron that pokes my eye out, so be careful and practice caution. But the plus side is the bristles are quite spiky and separated and firm so they really comb through the natural lashes and bind them to the false ones. This is like my third or fourth tube. I'm a huge fan of this mascara, as with everyone else on YouTube apparently.

All right, next I'm going to take what's somewhat of a [colt] product by Benefit and it's their Hoola Bronzer. Hoola. And I'm just going to use this in a pretty typical bronzer placement, so towards the top of the cheekbones, on the hairline. Lucky last, I have a Hydra Smooth lipstick. The lipstick is called Air Kiss and it's a soft pink shade. So the stand out products for me absolutely without a doubt the Prima Donna lash. I'm a lashes kind of girl and I think that these are on points. They are beautiful. I also really love and have loved for a long time the Benefit They're Real. Mascara is one of those personal things, you know, it differs from person to person. Also the Gimme brow. If you're my coloring, go for the medium deep. Every beauty addict and their dog seems to own this product because it's awesome.

Enough blabbing. Now for the giveaway. So a lot of these products I actually didn't try in today's video because I only received one and I wanted to reserve it for the giveaway so that you could be awesome. To start, we have a Benefit High Beam. I have the eyeshadow palette that I used today which is the sexiest nudes ever. I have the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, colt product. I have the Benefit Professional, another colt product, the Stay Don't Stray Stay Put Primer for concealer and eyeshadows. I also have my favorite product of the day, the Prima Donna lash. I hope you really love them. Finally, I have a lipstick and this is in Fling Thing. I have no idea what kind of shade that is but I'm sure Google will let us know. To enter this giveaway, you have to be subscribed to Shameless Fripperies on YouTube obviously and then click the first link in the description box.

Now you can get extra entries if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Come over. I really love to chat to you guys. This giveaway will end in two weeks from today and is open internationally to all of my international friends. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you will have a wonderful day and I will see you very soon. B-bye.

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Nail Polish I’m wearing in this video

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender (a pale, pinky lilac – totally gorgeous)

Additional thoughts on the products used…

Benefit – Brow Zings in Medium* // A touch warm for my tastes, I generally fill in my brows with grey shades. The included angled brush is exactly to my liking; very firm and tapered, doubles up as an amazing eyeliner brush.

Benefit – Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep* // I purchased this in the shade ‘Light’ while in New York and it made my brows look a bit dusty, turns out I picked the wrong shade! Teeny tiny applicator, great for those who don’t have a lot of brow. The shade medium/deep is shimmer free (WOO!) and leans ashy, for those who share my ashy brow preferences. My new favourite brow gel, replacing my old go-to Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Granite.

Benefit – World Famous Neutrals Palette* // A soft combination of cooler shades, don’t expect major impact here; they’re good everyday shades and I found the powder eyeshadows to be easy to blend. Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows are thin and tacky but did they set and I didn’t experience creasing on my normal lids (those with oily lids, wanna weigh in here?)

Benefit – Prima Donna Lash* // My favourite of the bunch, the quality is aligned with Shu Uemura and House of Lashes styles; rather complex feathering. Quite a stiff band which might prove tricky for beginners but otherwise, I can’t fault them.

Benefit – They’re Real Mascara // A good one for a more dramatic lash, I find the spiky-ball end to be a useful tool when blending false lashes to the natural lashes. Mascaras seem to perform differently from person to person but thumbs up from me.

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer* // Frequently seen used as a contour on the interwebs, Hoola is a too warm for my contouring tastes but makes for a nice bronzer. Shimmer free, which is a plus.

Benefit – Hydra-Smooth Lipcolour in Air Kiss* // A semi glossy, soft pink lipstick. It’s a comfortable formula and a generic (but wearable) shade.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and each product was ultra easy to use (with the exception of the Prima Donna Lash, but practice makes perfect when working with full/feathery lashes). Products marked with an (*) were provided for consideration, there was no obligation for me to review and I was not compensated in any way. My mother taught me to be honest.


Complete list of products mentioned

Hydra-Smooth Lip Color
Hydra-Smooth Lip Color
Lash Glue
Lash Glue
Brow Zings
Brow Zings
Prima Donna Lash
Prima Donna Lash
Hoola Matte Bronzer
Hoola Matte Bronzer
High Beam
High Beam
World Famous Neutrals Palette
World Famous Neutrals Palette
Stay Don’t Stray Primer
Stay Don’t Stray Primer
Porefessional Primer
Porefessional Primer
Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel
Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel
They’re Real Mascara
They’re Real Mascara
* Denotes products sent for consideration. I’m always honest with my reviews :)

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  1. If this is how you look without sleep…can we switch?? πŸ˜‰

    Oily-lidded gal, here. I still need to use an eye primer with these (and all “long lasting” cream shadows).

    Benefit is one of those brands that I always want to love because of the packaging and aesthetic and personality, yet I’m never blown away by any single product. But super good to know about the Brow Zings. I keep hearing raves, but I have yet to succumb!

    What is your favorite mascara when you’re NOT wearing false lashes?

    Sorry, stream of consciousness comment as I’m watching! πŸ™‚

    Shani x

    1. Haha makeup disguises my sleeplessness!

      Funny that, I’m generally not drawn to kitsch aesthetics! Have you tried the Gimme Brow? Admittedly, the packing is more functional and less cute but I think the product performs very well, which is probably why it’s so damn popular lol.

      I have like 20 opened mascaras :-/ I tend to prefer dramatic mascaras with a lot of volume as opposed to length (and I frequently have to comb with a spoolie to avoid clumpiness, fyi). Some of my favourites: They’re Real, Le Volume de Chanel, Geisha Ink, the RBR mascaras, Lancome Hypnose and Armani Eyes to Kill.

      How are you liking the Make Up Store products? πŸ™‚ x

      1. Seriously, thank heaven for makeup!!

        Ugh, I’m a sucker for twee. I’m glad What Not to Wear is not on anymore; I was always afraid they were going to accost me and tell me I have to start dressing my age! So, yeah, the aesthetic appeals to me. But I haven’t found anything from them that I love love love. I have not tried the Gimme Brow…YET!

        I also go for volume over length. My lashes are pretty long, but they’re a bit sparse, and are light at the ends. I remembered that I had a sample of They’re Real in my birthday gift from Sephora from last year that I hadn’t touched, so I pulled it out today. I’ll see if it meets with my approval. If not, now I have a whole list to try!

        I’ve been working my way slowly through all the things I bought in Paris, so I’ve only been playing around with the Makeup Store products a little so far, but I’m really liking them. Using Masai for contouring nearly every day, and just used the eyeliner and lipstick today. I need to dip into the other shadows. I need to not develop another addiction to another brand I can’t get easily, though! Ha. x

      2. LOL @ being accosted by What Not to Wear. I wander around with great makeup and a hoodie, I can only imagine the lecture I would receive!

        How’d you like the They’re Real, if you tried it?

        I’m going to Europe soon so I’m planning a Euro haul, maybe some Kiko πŸ™‚ x

  2. Love how honest you were. But you were also fair and did like some of their products which I’m considering getting the gimme brow. Talking about brows, did you ever try the Stila brow pen? I got it since the suqqu is too hard to get, and I’m in love. I am very much like you about brows. I don’t like warm brows and have not been happy with any of my powders or pencils. The closest I came to was the Anastasia brow powder but I could only apply it very lightly. I love how natural the stila pen is if you apply the strokes very lightly. It’s very grey. Anyway, just curious how it compares to the suquu pen.

    1. Always honest!
      I actually did buy the Stila Brow Pen in the shade medium, good ashy shade. Not an exact dupe for the SUQQU but a very good alternative, I’ll do a comparison post soon πŸ™‚


  3. I’ve never been in Sydney around IMATS time. Wait… I actually have been before I knew it existed but I would love to go this year. I love this look on you and good luck with uni πŸ™‚

  4. I’m currently on the hunt for a wedding make-up looks . Even though the tutorial with the use of Benefit products was a spontenous one, I found it to be a perfect match for a chic, but still subtle wedding make-up. Make-up tutorial “on the go” are my favourite ones !!! Love your positive energy πŸ™‚ Greeting from Poland πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Milena!
      That’s my mother’s name πŸ™‚ Rather popular in eastern europe huh?
      I think the hair gave the look a bit of a wedding/prom spin! I’m glad you like the tutorials πŸ™‚ xx

  5. The eyeshadow looks sooo pretty! I really need to buy that gimme brow product, because I am all about brows, second most important to me then skin make-up haha. (or win the amazing giveaway of course :p) You’ve sad you are also busy with uni stuff, what do you study? (I’m just a very curious person always haha)

    Have a great week!
    xx Manon

    1. Hey Manon πŸ™‚
      Gimme Brow is awesome, it doubles up as a quick option for days when you’ve slept in πŸ˜‰
      I’m studying Finance, it’s a handful!
      I hope you’ve had a great week, too! xx

  6. I didn’t know what to expect from the eyeshadow palette (or the minty shade actually) but the colours look so pretty! Beautiful look!

    1. It turned out well! I was a bit surprised to be honest, greys and mints don’t really work on me but the overall look was soft enough, I think. Thank you! x

  7. Hi Karima! Since I tried Gimme Brow while in the Benefit Brow Bar (not too impressed, btw) I got it and it’s my go to brow product since then, I use the light one and it works for me, my brows are quite light and I’m really fair. I’m quite excited about the upcoming Benefit benebalms, have you heard about them? Here in Spain they’ll be launched in June, I don’t know if you can already get them there.
    What do you think about Chanel make up in general? I love a lot of their products (some of their foundations are amazing and when in London I got at the Covent Garden store a Le Blanc primer that is amazing). I really want to try the new Velvet foundation but I have to wait to my next trip since you can’t get the lightest shade here in Spain, have you tried it?
    Thank you for your videos! I always learn something and you are really sweet and nice, love watching you πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Alejandra!
      Yeah I do my brows myself nowadays, I’m generally not impressed with salons and such. Good to know that you like the Gimme Brow, too! The light shade is a nice ashy shade for fair colouring.
      I haven’t heard about the Benebalms yet, but sounds interesting!
      I think Chanel, like most brands, is hit and miss. I love the Le Blanc Sheer Illuminating Base also (one of my favourite chanel products) and also quite a few of their lipsticks are awesome.
      I haven’t tried the new Velvet foundation because Vitalumiere Aqua looked quite dry on me and the Velvet has an even dryer texture, I don’t think it’s geared towards my skin type!

  8. Thank you so much for your generosity in doing this giveaway! I loved this video! That eye shadow palette really looked wonderful on you! I don’t have much experience with Benefit but I do have that mascara and absolutely LOVE it! That brush is fantastic and I can get each and every lash. It really makes my lashes so long and full!

    I would love to see you do a review/video tutorial on the brand theBalm. I just started using their tinted moisturizer and really love it. Some of their products look really great but would love to see what you think of them. My coloring is somewhat similar to yours so if they look good on you, I know they’ll work for my coloring, too!

    Thanks again for this great video tutorial – that was a great tip about using mascara as your eye liner!

    1. Hey Diana!
      My pleasure, I really hope you guys enjoy the giveaway (I tried to make it awesome and generous).
      I actually haven’t tried anything from The Balm yet but I may do in future, I’d probably buy overseas because it’s pricy here, by comparison.
      Glad you liked the video πŸ™‚ x

      1. You should totally try theBalm! The quality of their eyeshadows and blushes is amazing! And dare I say, their packaging is even better looking. I’m a total sucker for everything retro related, haha.

  9. I’ve never entered any giveaway but I just did because I really want them! I think I will go buy some of them even if I don’t win.
    (I already splurged on so many things that you recommended)

  10. Hello karima, just a quick question. I have followed the steps you mentioned for the giveaway apart from the twitter part as I dont have an account there. Am I still a candidate ? Thank you very much, a devoted fan of yours!!!

  11. I love your first impressions videos! The ones where you apply the makeup and have a genuinely honest first impression! And where you chit chat πŸ™‚

  12. Hi, Karima.

    I just wanted to thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway! Terrific tutorial, as per usual. I’m such a huge fan of your videos and blog. Lots of love from America!


  13. Hiya beautiful!
    How are you doing down there? Even though it’s about to be summer up here, I mean it’s the first of June for crying out load! it’s frickin’ cold… ;-(
    Never mind that cos , this is a secret ok?!, I kind of like bad weather during the summer… I mean not ALL the time but a day here and there is just awesome!! Hahaha!
    I’m a little, well ok let’s not start this off by lying, I’m quite a lot older than you so my skin has started it’s journey south. And with emigrating skin comes trouble… I have fairly smooth non wrinkly skin but I do have large pores around and on my nose.
    So, I’ve got a little Q for you, can you recommend a good primer or maybe foundation/concealer (Not Porefessional by Benefit) that works? Benefit stuff are almost impossible to get a hold on where I live (Sweden) unless I order online but then the stuff gets super expensive with shipping and all that ;-(
    Sorry for the long message for such a short little question, hope you don’t mind?!
    Mustn’t forget to say I really do love, love, love your videos! I found them through my all time fave YTmua Sharon Farrell πŸ˜‰
    Take care!
    Love and huggies!