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We’re back with Ask Karima #4 where we discuss olive foundations and whether makeup is actually bad for the skin. If you’re new to this segment, welcome! Check out Ask Karima #1, #2 and #3 and be sure to leave your questions in the comment section for Ask Karima part 5 🙂

What are your favourite beauty BLOGS and youtubers?

– Heather

Recently I’ve fallen behind on my Bloglovin feed (you can follow the Sham Frip here) but some all-time favourites: Temptalia (classic), Sweet Makeup Temptations for all things Japanese brushes, Vivianna Does Makeup for tongue in cheek narration and Linda Hallberg for pure creativity. If you have any blog recommendations, I’m all ears!

Youtube wise, I have SO MANY. Sharon Farrell because she’s one of my best friends and duh, Jaclyn Hill because she’s always excited and it cheers me up, Chloe Morello because she’s so cheeky and also a friend, Lisa Eldridge for grown-up looks and the list goes on and on… and on.

Which do you think is the best concealer for blemishes.. and by blemishes I mean red and inflamed :D?

– Jacklin

Some of my favourite spot concealers, in no order: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (I use SC-3), Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (I use SX07 or SX06) and Dermablend Fluid Corrective (I use Opal). All three are full coverage, it just depends on what texture you prefer. I will be doing a Spot Concealer Smackdown soon 😉

Ask Karima #4 – Olive Undertones, Blemish Concealers and University

What are you studying at uni, and why did you choose to study that?

– Kristin

At 18, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue (heck, I could barely decide what to eat for lunch). I was seeking something versatile so I enrolled in a very sensible Finance/IT double degree. It’s funny, whenever this comes up in conversation, I’m met with apologetic expressions… Hey, I enjoy my degree!

So yeah. I went for (what I perceived to be) the practical route and I don’t regret it. If you’re 18 and clueless, the practical choice ain’t so bad 🙂

I’ve thought about purchasing a white foundation and mixing it in with my current foundation to get it to [a lighter] match, but I don’t know where to start! HALP.

– Mia

There are a few options out there. Two that I’ve used in the past: MAC Face & Body in White (Face & Body has a distinctive fill-forming formula that doesn’t always mix well with other foundations) and Face Atelier Zero Minus (which mixes well with all the foundations in my collection so it’s my preferred choice). Hope that helps 🙂

How were you able to determine your [olive] undertone (i.e. are your veins distinctly green etc.)?

– Katarina

Don’t hurt me but based on my experience, the vein thing is bogus and doesn’t accurate indicate undertone. My ‘olive undertone journey’ went a bit like this… I realised that most foundations on the market looked absolutely absurd on me, either very pink or very orange compared to my neck (this is after trying dozens of brands, FYI).

So I contemplated the possibility of neutral or olive undertones. In desperation, I googled ‘olive foundations’ for a solid three months, purchased everything remotely olive and noticed that these shades looked less absurd on my skin. Even the less-than-perfect matches were in the ‘right spectrum’. Examples of olive foundations: Koh Gen Do Aqua 213, Armani Luminous Silk in 6 and Bourjois Healthy Mix 52.

Ask Karima #4 – Olive Undertones, Blemish Concealers and University

Now I’m aware that this doesn’t sound very helpful and I can’t determine whether you are olive over the internet but for me, the key was trying that first olive foundation – a bit of a lightbulb moment, if you will.

Do you think make-up is bad for the skin and causes breakouts?

– Tina

When I was a kid, I recall people telling me that ‘makeup makes you old, you wear it everyday and then you look old’ – fair sure time makes you old? Maybe this folklore dates back to the days where makeup contained lead and mercury and other toxic substances? Nowadays, makeup technology is very sophisticated so short answer – no, I don’t believe makeup is bad for the skin.

That being said, if you have sensitive skin then yes, certain ingredients may cause your skin to flare up and/or break out (makeup and skincare included). Do you best to determine what ingredients bother your skin and avoid them, common triggers include: alcohol denat, fragrances, essential oils etc. Inadequate makeup removal can also cause breakouts, a quick rinse with a face wash just won’t cut it.

Hope you enjoyed Ask Karima #4 – let’s keep this goin’! Leave your questions for Ask Karima #5 (!) in the comments 😉


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  1. The vein thing drives me nuts. I’ve always thought it was a load of baloney too. I think that most of the tips on the Internet are baloney. I can’t tell the color of my veins and I’m not neutral. I like to wear silver jewelry and I’m not cool. And putting a white piece of paper or white towel next to my face is no help. Don’t get me started at the girls who work at my local makeup counters. For the life of me IDK why they think I’m really pink.

    Koh Gen Do 213 has been a wonderful match for me. Thanks for helping me find it.

  2. Hi Karima,

    I was just wondering which of the lighter shades in the Armani Luminous you use when your on the paler end of the olive spectrum (i noticed you changed quite a bit since you’ve been blogging). I’m starting to think i’m in the green club too as I bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 a while back and it has been the best match I’ve had, but now i’m a little paler the 52 is a touch too dark. Im looking to buy the luminous in a fairer shade which I can deepen up with the 6 when summer comes in the UK, but i’m not sure which of the Armani Luminous shades would work with an olive undertone. Ive asked at the counters and even the consultants here seem confused by the numbering system.

    1. Same question here. As far as I can remember she has a video or blogpost where she lists shade number 4 (I guess when she is lightest) but I am still unsure so would also appreciate to know (since I am her exact shade in all foundations) which Armani Luminous shade she uses in

    2. Luminous Silk doesn’t offer a pale olive shade, unfortunately πŸ™ You might want to check out shade 2, which is neutral. Otherwise, I recommend mixing the Boujois Healthy Mix in 52 with a touch of white.

  3. Karima, I want to thank you for this eyelinet smudging tutorial. I primed my eyes bow aaaaaaaall around for three days and nooo smudging of mascara so far – yaaaaas!
    I have another question, maybe you or someone else can help: I have insanely dry skin (which still is even after being perfectly moisturized, it’s just the genes) and am always on a hunt for the best undereye concealer. I DONT have dark circles, am just looking for something light reflecting, like an illuminator. Something that stays reaaaaaally ‘wet’ consistenzy-wise. Do you know something like that? (What is too dry for me: YSL touche Γ©clat, MAC illuminating concealer something, Maybelline age rewind…..) please halp! My favorite concealer in this section has been discontinued in german drugstores -.-

    1. Your English is lovely! Not Karima, I’m sure she’ll have her own thoughts, but I find the Becca corrector to be fantastic for correcting those bluish purply circles, and providing a good deal of reflectivity. I always use concealer over it, and it works well for me, especially on those days when I haven’t gotten nearly enough sleep! Cheers hope that helps

      1. Oh thank you, I never heard about this one, so I will check it out! And thanks for your kind words about my english skills.. found out it’s better to sit donw in front of a regular computer with a normal keyboard instead of typing in what-is-not-my-first-language via my cellphone. Makes it even worse to spell correctly πŸ™‚
        Greetings from Germany!

      1. Hey InΓ©s, you are so right! I one read about this one and the girl sayed it was ‘soooo greasy and slippery and oily and that she hated it’.. and this sounds perfect to me. Thanks for reminding my, now I have to find a benefit counter to try it out πŸ™‚

      2. Benefit Fake up is very emollient and reflective, love it! Doesn’t do much for color correction, though.

    2. There are a couple of serum concealers out now. Maybe one of them would be good? Bobbi Brown has one and Stila have just launched one. I think Bare Minerals have one too.

  4. Hi Karima,

    Just wanted to mention that Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in #4 also has a great olive undertone. Also, do you have any tips for applying highlighter on textured skin? I love the high sheen but my pores refuse to cooperate. Thanks!

  5. Hey Karima, I’ve been very intrigued by your raves re the Surratt brow pomade. Has anything else worked to really keep your brows in place? I’m using Benefit Gimme Brow at the moment and it does an ok job but my tail hairs are stubborn and sometimes I find them going a bit droopy towards the end of the day πŸ™ I really want something that will leave my brows soft-looking and not stiff/shiny, though!

    1. Also love Gimme Brow! The anastasia clear brow gel offers quite a bit of hold but it does feel a touch hard on the brows. I think an end-of-the-day touchup might be your best bet.

  6. Haha thanks for the ‘olive undertone Journey’. I suspect that I just have to accept that no matter how long I stare at my veins I won’t be able to determine their colour. I feel the whole “too pink – too orange” scenario, been there one too many times. I guess that explains the whole graveyard of yellow (read: orange) and pink foundations.

    Anyway, before this comment gets any longer I want to thank you for making me realize that I too have an olive undertone based on your experience, it makes perfect sense why the greenish foundations looked so good now πŸ™‚

  7. As a white mixer, I recommend Manic Panic’s Dreamtone foundation in white! You can find it on amazon for about $10USD. As a pale girl, I always have to use a white mixer and my bank account thanks me for using such an affordable one. It comes with a pump, doesn’t change foundation texture, and I’ve never had a hard time with it not wanting to mix properly with anything.

  8. Since you mentioned blog recommendations, there’s the very wonderful Caroline Hirons and also Ruth Crilly/A Model Recommends.
    For cute fashion aesthetic there’s the blog A Clothes Horse.

    And then, for obvious shameless self-promotion, my little novice blog Roaming Holiday (beauty and travel)

  9. I’ve been trying to find an under eye corrective concealer but I don’t which one to choose because I don’t hear a lot of people talking about them. Any recommendations?

      1. Hi! Maybe this is just my thinner skin-type, but the Bobbi Brown corrector seemed way too, well, pasty. Even if I used the Bobbi corrector, concealer, and set it with a powder, it never seemed to be able to last an 8-hour day without creasing. My sister (who has slightly thicker skin-I know, probably weird to say) also tried the Bobbi line, but found the same issue. πŸ™ But again, we’ve both got pale rather thin skin!

  10. Thanks again for answering my Q, Karima. I do follow you on Bloglovin and have really started utilizing it lately.
    Some I might recommend are: Honesty For Your Skin (A great blog debunking skincare myths and also sharing loads of scientific information for skincare), Thirteen Thoughts (beautiful, clean blog with reviews), The Beauty Look Book, Emily Loke and Audrey from Frassy.

    As for lightening your foundation, The Body Shop now has lightening drops specifically for that purpose.

    1. Some other white foundations or mixing media: Illamasqua Skin Base in 1 and Rich Liquid Foundation in 100, NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White, Yaby Liquid Foundation in Daisy.

  11. One of my favourite blogs is into the gloss. I love reading about all the celebrity interviews beauty routines and seeing their round-ups for beauty looks for New York fashion week, and the photos are to die for. They also have started a beauty company called glossier which they plug relentlessly but I can look past it πŸ™‚

  12. I don’t really have a question at the moment, but I enjoy these Ask Karima-posts very much so thank you and your readers for asking interesting things! And I totally agree with you on the vein theory! On both wrists I have one vein that is distinctly blue and the other is distinctly green, so it doesn’t work for me either πŸ˜‰

  13. Do you use color correctors? I’ve been trying to find a good one for dark under eye circles, do you have any suggestions?

      1. Hi, in that segment (yippee!), could you mention the differences between orange and pink under-eye correctors? When I was looking to purchase the Armani corrector, I watched literally over an hour of YouTube videos trying to decide which color to buy on the internet- orange or pink. The Armani site description was no help (it says pink is to correct yellow or olive pigmentation-of which I have none), so I ended up going to a store and swatching them on the veins on my wrist. Pink was the super clear winner for my blue-tinted circles, but I’d like to know how it works. I know the color wheel plays a big part, but can you go a little ways into depth about it? Why are some people able to use both pink and orange? Thank you!

    1. Ok, thanks to one of Karima’s vids, I started using the Armani pink corrector. I have insanely big and dark circles (blue-tinted), and this thing is truly magic under the Urban Decay concealer. It’s a thin liquid with a super precise thin brush applicator, and it’s weightless! Without the corrector I used to get like a gray cast in that area (nude concealer over the dark blue circles), and it was super frustrating. However, with the corrector under the concealer you would never guess I have dark circles, and my face always appears lifted as if I slept 10 hours! Another big thanks to Karima!!

  14. Hi!

    This olive skin tone post has sent me on a huge all day search for more foundations that might be a bit more olive that would work for my skin type (oily…ugh).

    Unfortunately I have found none, but what I have found is the blue makeup forever chromatic mix, which comes with either an oil base (for oil and silicone foundations) or a water base.

    Apparently you mix this with foundations that are too yellow and it turns them more olive. I did find a picture which showed it working perfectly turning them into that great olive my Bourjois Healthy Mix has, but I just cant find it again in my internet history.

    Unfortunately it seems pretty impossible to get here in the UK, but I thought you might be interested! For now I think Im going to have to settle with the Luminous silk in 4 and warm it up with the 6 when summer comes.

    1. Hi Katie,

      I’ve been looking at those Make Up Forever Chromatic Mixes and am also in the UK – Guru Make Up Emporium sells em and has online ordering πŸ™‚
      Not affiliated – this place is just a good source of ‘pro’ make up things.

  15. Hey Karima!! Thanks for the post – its been helpful as usual! I was just wondering if you could dedicate a video to olive skintones in general. I’m a medium-dark olive skinned girl – thus i would be around an NC35 in Mac depth but NC35 is too yellow and C4 is a little dark and too, rosy a colour. I’ve also found that Bourjois healthy mix serum in 55 (I LOVE the texture, I absolutely love it) is too beige a colour and my YSL Le teint Touche Eclat in B60 is too dark and beige once again. Which is how I’ve come to self-conclude that I may be an olive. I could really use your help here – would you recommend I purchase the Koh Gen doh in 213 and do some mixing (with the YSL and the Bourjois)? Otherwise I was thinking of trying the MUFE Ultra HD in 123 which is actually quite a good colour match and I love its longevity for the hot country (Singapore) that I live in – however, I cannot get over how unsmoothing a foundation it is (even with primer) πŸ™ I have very similar texture preferences to you haha. Your input would be much appreciated and desired! Love you and many hugs – fellow Uni student here. #embracetheolive

  16. Hi Karima! Speaking of olive skin: any recommendations for very pale olive folks? Does such a foundation even exist? The last thing I tried was MUFE Ultra HD in Y215 – almost a match but it was somehow too pink (!?!). My closest match so far is MAC Face and Body in C1 mixed with white, but I need more coverage right now. Considering NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia, but I’ve tried the formula before and found the formula lacking (THE FLAAAAAAKES *weeps*). Any ideas? Merci!

      1. Ooh, that’s a good idea! And I’ve been looking for an excuse to try the KGD. Thanks so much for the advice, Karima!

  17. Karima, have you tried the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid foundation? They have a shade called “Cashew Milk” which is described as a warm olive, but I’m worried it might be too dark for my NC 20-ish complexion. Any thoughts on this base in general?

  18. Another great segment! Could you maybe talk a little bit about brush/BeautyBlender cleaning and upkeep? Like how to clean brushes correctly and how to take good care of the BeautyBlender? I usually gently wipe my brushes against a Kleenex immediately after use, but some still end up splaying their hairs. Also, only after two months my blender looks like mini rabbits have chewed on it. Yikes! Oh, and how do you travel with your brushes? Are there any good brush travel bags? Thank you! πŸ™‚

  19. I would love to know where you got your glasses from/what brand they are. They’re so cute and stylish! I am a relatively new subscriber but you have quickly become my favorite because you have great content and a wonderful personality that really comes through in your material. The section on olive foundations really resonated with me as I too always seem to only find foundations that look either pink or yellow on me. I just sampled the KGD Aqua in 213 and it’s a perfect match! I also ordered the Bourjois Healthy Mix to see how that works out for me. Thank you for the recommendations!

  20. Hi Karima! Did you buy the new TF cream colour for eyes? Dying for an in depth review Γ‘ Karima (and maybe a tutorial using burnished copper/caviar/platinum <3 ).
    Your blog is THE best

      1. My friend in the states is sending it to me in Sweden, can’t get TF makeup here. First world problems πŸ™‚
        I placed an order at neiman marcus, where the billing adress can be in another country than the US shipping adress (works at Nordstrom too). Thought I would share if anyone else has a friend over there and can’t get the stuff where they live.

  21. Hi Karima! I was just wondering what some of you favourite Australian makeup and skincare brands are and what products from these brands you would recommend. Thanks!

    1. Never mind, I just read the other Ask Karima’s and realised that you have already answered this question, my bad!

  22. Hi Karima! I have NC20-25 olive undertoned skin (similar to yourself) that seems almost translucent. I don’t like to apply foundation all over my skin- only in the areas I need. I find in natural light you can see an obvious distinction between where I’ve applied coverage (eg. concealer under the eyes for lovely Italian dark circles πŸ˜› ) and my bare skin even though the product seems to be the best match for my skin and is usually the lightest colour in the range – any suggestions for better colour matching?

  23. Hey Karima!
    I’ve been wondering for a while if you have any product recommendations for dry summer skin. The heat here in Adelaide is really dry and my face gets so dehydrated, hot and red. Anything too thick and heavy will just sweat off if it doesn’t sink in in the first 2 or so minutes. I want to stress that this isn’t because the cream is too rich for my needs, just that the heat just doesn’t allow it to do its thang. Do you know any product that’s cooling (but not irritating), refreshing, redness reducing and super hydrating?
    Pls halp if you can! My face is dying.
    Xxx Orla

      1. Oops, I was specifically talking about moisturisers but didn’t say! But I’d love to hear your summer makeup recommendations too if possible. X

  24. Hi Karima! I live in a very hot, humid climate and I also have very oily skin (best combo imaginable, yay). Even though I use primer and powder, I still really struggle to keep my makeup looking fresh and natural throughout the day. Any advice on how to combat that? xx

  25. Hi Karima – while we’re on the topic of olive-y skin…do you find there’s anything about it that makes bronzer particularly challenging? My coloring is quite similar to yours, and I find most look muddy or orange.

    BTW the extreme contouring video with Michelle is soooo good! The look on your face when she asks if you’re going to use a shimmery highlight was priceless (“Aw, YEAH!”).

      1. Ha ha, note to self – show a little restraint for better results! πŸ™‚ I’m using a Koyudo BP016 lately…Sonia @ SMT gives it high marks, though not specifically for bronzer – but I’m totally open to ideas.
        This seems like all the justification I need to pick up a luxe bronzer. Is TF Terra in your regular rotation? Or CT Bronze & Glow?
        Thanks for chatting with me!

      2. I’m a big fan of the Chikuhodo Z4 or SUQQU Cheek Brush for bronzers. TF Terra is a tad patchy on my skin… I do like the CT Bronze and Glow on paler skintones. Also a big fan of the Guerlain 4 Seasons Terracotta Bronzers.

  26. Hi Karima! I have a question about skin prep for foundation. My skin is rapid in thickening the epidermis but lazy in shedding. It is dry, sensitive, flaky, prone to congestion and with large pores on and around the nose. Foundation application is a nightmare. The only thing that works is a quick at home-chemical peel (lactic acid 40%) but skin builds up within a day or two. Things that don’t work well: PTR peel pads, salicylic/LHA/retinol/azelaic acid in face products, cleansing oil + washcloth, I could go on.
    Could you recommend an affordable product or a tip on how to keep the flakes and dry patches off my skin?
    Sorry about the long question, I hope you will answer it!
    (I am also battling enlarged sweat glands under my eyes. Looks like milia. Any non-invasive suggestions?)
    Xoxo from Sweden

    1. Hey Camilla,
      What does the rest of your skincare routine look like? Lactic Acid 40% on frequent basis sounds excessive so I’m wondering if there is another way to address the flakiness.

      1. AM – mild gel cleanser, skinoren in t zone, dr hauschka revitalizing mask around eyes and the rose day cream from the same brand on the rest of the face. Spf 50 on top.
        PM – oil cleanser + mild gel cleanser. Some days I will massage gently with a damp cloth. Night treatment varies between regular moisturiser, skinoren, differin, neostrata smoothing lotion 15 and dr hauscha moisture mask. The actives are applied in t zone and areas with pigmentation.

        My doctor gave me (yes, gave <3) a full size of LRP effaclar duo to try as it might be less drying than the skinoren. I have used it for a week and I don't find it drying at all while it is very effective in clearing out pores (must be the LHA!).
        I am still flaky though. I find it difficult to know how to treat my skin because it is a mixture of all skin types. The same area can be extremely dry, oily, clogged and red from irritation at the same time.

      2. I think it’s possible that one or more of your product is irritating you although I cannot say which. Typically my advice is to simplify the routine to cleanse and moisturise (both bland products) and slowly introduce products back in.
        That being said, if the irritation and flakiness is substantial, might be worth seeing a dermatologist. It could be some form of dermatitis.

      3. Thank you for replying. I have excluded skinoren, differin and neostrata completely for now. I have kept the spf and gel cleanser since they are hypoallergenic. Dr Hauscha products are also currently excluded and I use hypoallergenic products instead. I will try sticking to this for a period and follow your advice by introducing one product at a time.
        I actually have perioral dermatitis, but is has been “quiet” for years and only pops up around ovulation.
        Anyways, thanks a bunch!

      4. Thank you for the tip! I will look into it. I prefer the feel of oil- and cream cleansers on my dry skin but have not found one that washes of without leaving a residue.

      5. Don’t know it you get notifications on comments, just wanted to say that my skin is fixed!
        My new dermatologist suspected mild rosacea and prescribed rozex cream and a 5% sulfur cream. I don’t know wich cream did the trick but for the first time in years I ,ade it through a menstrual cycle with zero breakouts. My skin is calm and I can once again use chemical exfoliants without redness and breakouts.

  27. You may have already tried this, but I received a sample of the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid foundation in Cashew and it is totally olive. It may match you well.

      1. I am probably NW15/20, although I am strongly considering the possibility that I am pale olive because I have not been able to find really good foundation matches. The way I use the RBR foundation in Cashew is to mix the smallest dab with my favorite sunscreen, Biore Sarasara (here: to counteract the white cast. I’ve done this with lots of other dark foundations in the past, but when I wear the RBR mix, I just think – wow, that looks *better* than the others. I don’t wear any other foundation. My skin is generally good, and I have found that my face just doesn’t accommodate a lot of base makeup. I have tried so many foundations and application methods, and when I wear foundation as foundation (instead of as a mixer) it just looks obvious, even when I am ever so light handed.

        Cashew would definitely be too dark for you. You would have to mix with something lighter, but I think it is very green.

        (I am a different Natalie than the one who wrote about pores above. :))

        Thanks! I love how thoughtful your blog and videos are.

  28. Hi Karima! Could you give me advice on how to deal with uneven skin texture? I have tiny little “bumps” that form under my skin (most specifically on my chin and on my forehead), and I think that can often times make my foundation look a bit uneven and dull.

    Thank you! x

  29. What’s are your favorite products to reduce the appearance of pores? I struggle with many of these products because I have very large pores around my nose but also dry patches πŸ™

  30. Hello Karima! You’re my favorite beauty guru because you are informative and creative πŸ™‚ I was wondering about skincare. My face looks just awful two hours after I wash my face and apply my makeup. There are dry patches on my cheeks and nose, yet my nose and forehead get so oily and cause my makeup to look muddy, it’s kind of gross haha. My pores are also a little large and I’ve been breaking out a lot lately, although I’m not sure why; and my skin texture has been gross for years! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and what I could be doing to help it, heck I don’t even know if I’m combination or oily or something is wrong with my skin. I’d appreciate the help, thank you so much!

    1. hi! I think I may be able to help…Do you exfoliate regularly? Both chemical and mechanical?
      Dry patches can be remedied with a manual exfoliant like a microdermabrasion scrub (VERY small round beads) weekly.
      Oiliness can be helped with moisture! Your skin is compensating for the lack of moisture by creating oil. So moisturize, dear! Start maybe with a gel moisturizer, so you don’t overwhelm your skin. I would also recommend incorporating a light glycolic acid toner into your routine to help with texture, I think Mario Badescu may have one. You can also check out the Peter Thomas Roth Complexion Correction Pads, (to help with texture and pores) and Makeup Artists’ Choice. MUAC has a WONDERFUL(!!!) customer service team that can help you address your issues. (No, I am not affiliated, I have used their products myself and have seen really great results!) If you have any more questions, you can DM me on instagram @rtheiss πŸ™‚ hope that helped!

  31. I have been looking into the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation for quite a while now but, since the price is very steep, I have not had the courage to order it since I am not sure about the shade. I was wondering, since you own both GA Lasting Silk in 4.5 and KGD Aqua in 213 if you could compare the two shades? I own the afore mentioned and I find it just a touch too warm/dark and wonder how KGD Aqua in 213 compares?

    1. Hey Katarina,
      I’m not at the studio right now so I can’t swatch side by side but if I recall correctly, the KGD is a touch deeper and more olive than the GA Lasting Silk in 4.5.

      1. Hi!
        Sorry for harassing you regarding olive undertones but I just wanted to tell you that I took the plunge and ordered the Koh Gen Do in 213. Although it is a touch deeper than GA in 4.5 on first glance, I find that the GA oxidizes quite a bit making it appear very orange-y and dark on my skin. I am extremely happy about the Koh Gen Do as it is the best match I have ever found in a foundation! It has the perfect amount of green that makes my (flushed) face and neck look like they are the same colour!

        Thank you for your awesome reccomendations and for your wonderful blog/channel!


  32. I had to go through the exact same struggle to figure out I have olive undertones too! After lots of orange and pink faces, hundreds of dollars and failed foundation shades later, lo and behold I am olive. Feel your pain from thousands of miles away…
    ***would LOVE to see your shade recommendations for hair, clothing, lip colors, blushes, bronzers… (errrythang)..I’m still figuring this whole “olive” thing out..** I am having a really difficult time figuring out what looks good, what doesn’t…

    Been loving your blog and videos for a long, long time! (Even before finding out we are skin twins!)

    Hugs from Pennsylvania!

  33. Thought to put it out just for fun, there are Shade Adjusters by Temptu and in their range they have yellow, red, white, violet, black, and of course green.
    That’s how I mix the perfect match for myself (an olive toned) and my models.

  34. Hi Karima, have you tried Rouge Bunny Rouge’s new brow products already? Or are you planning to do so? (What are you think of them?)

  35. hii!
    karima, does the essence eyeshadow in ‘my favorite tauping’ looks anything like the chanel notorious? they look similar to me in photos!
    sorry about the english, i’m from brazil πŸ™‚

  36. Hi!

    Have you ever tried Estee Lauder Double Wear? Do you maybe know if their warm shades go with olive skintone?