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My everyday makeup routine which is simple and quick – it only takes 10 minutes! A soft winged liner and fun bun. With just a few products, I amp it up for evening or special occasions. What does your everyday makeup routine look like? 🙂 Let’s chat in the comments!

Videos mentioned: how to prevent your eye makeup from smudging & more about this winged liner technique.

Final Look

EASY Soft Wing – Day to Night Makeup

Nail polish I’m wearing in this tutorial

OPI Live Laugh Carnaval

Complete List of Products Mentioned

MAC – 24 Hour Extend Eye Base (buy here)

Clarins – Instant Concealer in 01 (buy here) (review here)

Koh Gen Do – Aqua Foundation in 213* (buy here) (review here)

Rouge Bunny Rouge – Diaphanous Powder* (buy here) (review here)

MAC – Pearlglide Eye Liner in Black Line (buy here) (review here)

Studio 10 – I Definer Palette* (buy here)

Max Factor – False Lash Effect Mascara* (buy here)

It Cosmetics – Brow Power in Universal Gray* (buy here)

SUQQU – Brow Pen in Moss Green (buy here) (review here)

Surratt – Brow Pomade (buy here) (review here)

MAC – Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare (buy here)

Charlotte Tilbury – Lipstick in B*tch Perfect (buy here)

It Cosmetics – Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil* (buy here)

MAC – Technakohl Liner in Earthline (buy here)

Ardell – 301 Lashes times 2, stacked (buy here)

Burberry – Contour Pen in Medium* (buy here)

NARS – Multiple in Hot Sand* (buy here)


* Denotes products sent for consideration, I only feature products I love 🙂 Some links may be affiliate links.

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  1. Hi Karima,

    I love your videos but i’ve always been so surprised about your love for the urban decay naked concealer. I bought the naked concealer because I was a bit of a sucker for the hype, but found it looked a little flat and dry under my eyes and i’m usually oily so dryness isn’t generally an issue. I love the Clarins you used in this video but I was surprised you found this dry, but not the urban decay. Do you think its possible I had a bad batch if I found the UD dry in comparison to the Clarins. Everyone usually says its great for under the eyes, but I found it to be a bit dull.


    1. Your skintype is also different to Karima’s. She’s more on the dry side. It’s nothing to do with the product itelf. Something that worked for her simply didn’t work for you, and vice versa. Everyone’s skin is different.

    2. Hi, Katie!
      I’m also a lover of the Urban Decay concealer, but I’ve learned something important about application: I have to wear an eye cream under it, or else it goes really dry like you mention. Maybe an eye cream/eye-friendly sunscreen will help! I have combination skin (so maybe not as oil-prone as yours), but I always put an eye cream (nothing too emollient) and then pat some sunscreen on top before I apply the UD. This seems to do the trick.

    3. The Clarins one works for me too. I have dry skin and am lots older than Karima! I don’t let it sit like that though. I blend it in straight away and you don’t need much of it. Any attempt to powder my under eye leads to instant creasing and lines that you couldn’t see before!

      The UD concealer didn’t work for me either Katie! It took me ages to track it down so I was disappointed. I find that one really dry and patchy.

    4. The Urban Decay does have a stronger ‘set’ than the Clarins so I can see how some people would find it dry. I just find the UD to sit nicer on my skin, even though it’s not hydrating.

  2. Hi!

    My everyday makeup routine generally varies from day to day. I general it looks something like this:

    – Light layer of the GA lasting silk
    – Naked skin concealer
    – Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder
    – Bronze moon from ByTerry / a touch of a warm brown in the crease /nothing at all
    – Master precise by Maybelline (I swear by this since I have heavier eyelids and round eyes and find that I need to line my eyes in a certain way in order for the liner to be flattering)
    – Blush from MaxFactor
    – Any random mascara
    – Some days I add a bit of liner to the waterline to bring out my eyecolour

    It takes me anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on how OCD I get about the way my makeup looks 🙂

  3. Thank you for this everyday look. I’m totally going to pull out the eyeshadow out more towards the temples because it really does make the eyes appear more lifted. YES!

    Ok, big questions here:
    Do you have sensitive eyes at all? I’m looking for a black eyeliner to tightline, and I haven’t found a good one that is non-irritating. I tried the Rouge Bunny Rouge, but that thing realllly irritates my eyes (like bloodshot in 10 sec flat). I use the Bye-bye pores and Brow Power from It Cosmetics with no problem, so do you find the gel pen here irritating at all?

    Also, I have light skin (Armani Lasting Silk 4), so do you think the Burberry contouring stick in medium will be too dark?

    And the biggest question: are there different shapes (??) that the wing should be for different eyes shapes? I backed myself into a corner yesterday trying to do a bold wing, and it just looked bad. Maybe a quick explanation of my eye shape might help- the bottoms turn upward (so putting eyeliner under the eyes always makes them appear more down-turned) and the tops are just round. I just can’t figure out a good position for the wing. After that ridiculously long bla bla bla, any tips for wing placement based on eye shape?

    1. Btw, just reviewed the wing liner video you linked here, and the Pixi eye pencils are also a no-go for me due to irritation.

    2. My eyes are not sensitive per se, but tend to water. If you do have sensitive eyes, I’d avoid eyeliners with shimmer. Eye irritation is an entirely different animal so we can’t be certain that the It Cosmetics will work for you given that you can use a face powder from the same brand.

      Have you tried cake eyeliner for tightlining? That might be an option.

      Regarding wing shape – yes! It totally differs depending on eye shape. I can’t quite picture your eyes based on that description, have you got a photo to link?


      1. Thank you for the tip on no sparkly eyeliners. That helps a lot.

        My eye shape is like Julianne Moore’s. Surprisingly, we look a whole lot alike, except I’m a brunette and 28. But my name is Julianna! I’ve looked at her makeup online before, and she has the same issue- if she wears some under-eye liner, her eyes look more down turned. I’m so confused on where to put the wing! 🙁

  4. I’m pretty minimal. It’s all about the natural look: evened skin, undetectable base. Cheek stain. Curled eyelashes. Powder and concealer. You might really like the Tarte smooth operator loose powder (fave powder). It seems similar to the Rouge Bunny Rouge.

  5. I have very hooded eyelids and still haven’t been able to master a winged eye liner that I like. Will give it another go after watching this tutorial. Have to admit, I bought the RBR Diaphanous Powder based on your love for it. I love it, too!